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Garudasana (Eagle Pose) steps benefits and limitations

Garudasana steps benefits and limitations- Friends, today we will talk about Garudasana. Friends, this is a very nice pose. While doing this pose, we fold our entire body. Like turning both our hands in each other and both our legs in each other. By doing this, our entire body becomes flexible. This pose makes our hands and feet strong and flexible like rubber. To perform this pose, we have to learn the balance of our entire body. By balancing, our brain establishes coordination with the body. It also increases the power of the brain. By doing this, the brain becomes very sharp. Friends, I have told you some benefits, in the post, I will tell you about Garudasana steps benefits, and limitations in detail. Beginning of Garudasana- English Meaning-        Eagle Pose Hindi Meaning-           गरुड़ासन Sanskrit Meaning-   Garudasana It is composed of two Ancient Sanskrit Words Garuda-     Eagle Asana-        Pose That’s why it is known as Garudasana or eagle pose. Inside this posture, we
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Quick Anjaneyasana Steps Benefits and Disadvantages

Namaskar friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips, today we will learn about Anjaneyasana's steps benefits, and disadvantages. Friends, this is a simple and advanced level yoga. It is easy to see, but when you do practical, there is a lot of difficulty in doing it. Talking about the physical appearance of this posture, your lower body is bent and the upper body is tilted towards the backside. The special thing about this pose is that it strengthens your body both internally and externally. By doing this pose, your hips, back, shoulder, stomach, and mind all get strength. There is extra fat on the hips and stomach which helps in reducing the posture. If we talk about its internal benefits, then it massages all the organs of your stomach. This makes your internal organs flexible and strong. Another main advantage of internal benefits is that it refreshes your mind, so that there is no problem of depression and anxiety. It also helps a lot in boosting memory power. Let us now understan

Makarasana steps benefits and precautions || crocodile pose variations

Makarasana steps benefits and precautions- Friends, you must have heard about blood circulation. Do you know what is blood circulation and what are its effects on our body? Friends, why are we talking about blood circulation, let me clear it first. Friends, the posture we are going to do today improves blood circulation in our body. Before understanding poses, we understand blood circulation. Blood circulation means the flow of blood throughout the body. If there is blood flow in our entire body, then all the parts of our body work well with it. Our skin glows and the heart works well. With the help of Makarasana, we can improve our blood circulation. This asana purifies the blood, thus correcting all minor diseases. In today's article, we will read the makarasana steps benefits, and precautions in detail. Makarasana in Detail- English Meaning -        Crocodile Pose Hindi Meaning-             मकरासन Sanskrit Meaning-         Makarasana It is made of two words Makar -   Crocodile

Advanced Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions

Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions- Today we will be discussing Bhadrasana. Guys this asana is very beneficial for women. Guys after Pregnancy women gain a lot of weight. Mostly Her legs and thighs become chubby. They tried lots of exercises but it requires continuous efforts to lose weight.  But through Bhadrasana They can easily thigh and leg fats. This asana also helps in reducing belly fats. I am not saying this pose is only for women, men will also be benefited from this pose. Today in this article we will learn about Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions in detail. Bhadrasana Deep Information-  English Meaning -       Gracious Pose Hindi Meaning-            भद्रासना Sanskrit Meaning-    Bhadrasana  It is composed of Two Vedic word  Bhadra   meaning -        Gracious Asana     meaning-          Pose That’s why it is known as a gracious pose in English. In this pose, we keep both our legs in the same position as the quartet but do not fold the legs, but sit with your sol

Dandasana steps benefits and precautions || How to do Staff Pose

Dandasana steps benefits and precautions- We are mostly sitting, or lay down. If we lie down, then we run the phone and our lying position is completely wrong. When we sit, we tilt the waist, which causes the structure of our body to deteriorate. Nowadays, the young man's hips come out and his back is bent. They begin to look very old at a young age. Our sitting and lying determine the shape of our body. But some people have this type of job, they have to sit all day, so how can those people improve their body shape. I would recommend those people and young people to do some asanas. But if they do daily Dandasana, his body will be healthy and his body will become beautiful. Today we will read Dandasana steps benefits and precautions. Meaning of Dandasana- English Meaning-       Staff Pose Sanskrit Meaning -     Dandasana Hindi Meaning-           दण्डासना It is made up of Two Sanskrit Words Danda -   Staff Asana-    Pose When we add these words then it will become Staff pose. It i

Mayurasana benefits and precautions || Peacock Pose Steps

Mayurasana benefits and precautions- Nowadays a trend is going on among the boys. They need strong and firm shoulders and the forearms should look strong and muscular. To fulfill this desire, they spend 5 to 6 hours in the gym. In the early days, they work hard but when the results are not found, they give up exercise. Some boys get results but they do not last long and their shoulders and forearms again become the same. Many boys get shoulder and hand injuries. The knot comes out in someone's hand because they exercise in the wrong way. Today, I will tell you a yogic way that if you do it every day, then you will get permanent strong shoulders and forearms. This yogic posture is Mayurasana. Today we will read Mayurasana benefits and precautions in detail. Basic Knowledge of Mayurasana- English Meaning-          Peacock Pose Hindi Meaning-             मयूरासन Sanskrit Meaning-     Mayurasana It is composed of Two Vedic Words Mayur-   Peacock Asana-    Pose Hence it is known as m

Sirsasana steps benefits and precautions|| How to do Headstand

Sirsasana steps benefits and precautions- Today I will talk to you about two common problems. The first problem is the weak learning power of children. Another major problem is the loss of hair at the young age of man. Today's atmosphere has gone something like this. Children are unable to remember books. Children read a chapter today and forget it till tomorrow. The second problem is that man's hair falls at a young age. By the age of 30, a man becomes bald nowadays. Men start getting older at a young age. But you do not have to worry. Today, I will tell you the solution to both these problems with one posture. The name of this pose is the headstand. Today we will read sirsasana steps benefits and precautions in detail. Shirshasana in detail- English meaning-       Headstand Hindi Meaning-          शीर्षासना Sanskrit meaning-  Sirsasana It is made up of two Sanskrit word- Shirsh  -    Head Asana -     Pose That's why it is called a headstand in the English language. Hea