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How to do face yoga for eyes: Best Eyes Yoga

face yoga for eyes- Friends, nowadays we spend more time in front of computer, mobile, and television. As a result of which our eyes become weak. Guys, you people will not believe that even small children wore Glasses these days. The reason for this is on computers and TV. Today's environment has also become something due to which our eyes are getting weaker. In today's environment, so much pollution has occurred that our entire body has been affected by it. Eating and drinking is also the second reason for weak eyes. There is no longer that nutrient in our food, due to which our eyes are getting weaker.  But friends, do not worry, I will tell you some such face yoga for eyes , with the help of which you will be able to increase the light of your eyes. This yoga is very beneficial and you are going to get immense benefits from them. In today's article, I will tell you different types of face yoga for the eyes . I will also explain in detail what are the benefits of them and
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Bitilasana steps benefits and disadvantages

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will learn Bitilasana steps benefits and disadvantages. Friends must have heard about your marjariasana, if you have not heard, I have written about it in detail, first, you should read that post. Friends, Bitilasana is somewhat like that, in one movement we will repeat marjariasana. The biggest advantage of this asana is that if you want to practice any type of Advance yoga, then this pose helps you to warm up. This asana actually warms up your spine. Warm-up increases the flexibility of your spine. Talking about other advantages, this pose gives benefits to your lower abdomen both externally and internally. In external benefits, this asana reduces your lower body fat and creates hip shape. In Internal Benefit, this pose massages your internal organ and cures basic diseases such as gas, indigestion, and constipation. So today, you have to learn carefully because it provides you with 2 benefits. Bitilasana History – Friends, now

How to Get Bigger Forearms Without Weights at Home

How to Get Bigger Forearms Without Weights- Friends, boys want bigger biceps, but if your forearms are weak with respect to big biceps, they don't look good at all. So guys, keeping this in mind today, I will cover this query of how to get bigger forearms without weights. Guys, my special focus will be that the exercise I can tell you does not involve the use of weight or machines. Friends, before learning the exercise, we discuss a little bit why we need bigger forearms. Guys, if you are a fitness lover then you will know that along with biceps, your forearms also need to be trained. Because if your biceps become strong, but your forearms are thin then you will look absolutely odd. The second main reason is to strengthen your forearms, if your forearms are weak and you do heavy-weight biceps exercises then your chances of getting an injury in your forearm are increased. How to build forearms without weights- The name of the first exercise is to squeeze my hand as intensely as po

How do you practice Yoganidrasana?

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will learn yoganidrasana steps benefits and precautions. Friends, Yoganidrasana is also known as Yoga Sleep pose. It falls under the category of the sleeping pose. It is a yoga of Advance level. Before doing this yoga, we should practice Basic Yoga for at least 5 to 6 months. This is a Tough yoga pose because it involves a complete turn in the lower part to the backside of our body. If you do not have flexibility then you will not be able to do this posture by any means. All the parts like the spine, thigh, shoulder and hip should be well flexible only then you will be able to perform it well. Now let me tell you a little bit about its benefits. This posture pushes the limit of your body. Due to which a sense of courage is developed in you. The most important thing about this pose is that this pose reduces your body's extra fat and makes your body rough and tuff. Let us now try to understand the other main aspects of this asan

Does chewing Gum strengthen your Jawline? Real or Myth

Does chewing gum strengthen your jawline- Guys, the maximum of my friends ask me this question, does chewing gum strengthen your jawline . I have done a lot of analysis, only after this, I am writing this article. You will see the extract of my research in this article. Friends, I have tried to find the maximum of these questions in my research. Does chewing gum improve jawline? Does chewing gum give you a jawline? Guys, you don't believe I have found lots of methods through which you will sharpen your jawline. In today's article, I will definitely give you the Best tips through which you will get a chiseled jawline. I will also uncover the question does chewing gum strengthen your jawline. Does chewing gum help your jawline? Guys, According to my deep Analysis, I have found that chewing gum really helps you to sharpen your jawline. Now you have definitely think how? Guys when you chew chewing gum then jaw muscles are engaging and which reduces the extra fiber from your face.

Garbha Pindasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will learn Garbha Pindasana Steps Benefits and Precautions. Garbha Pindasana, which we also know by the name of the embryo in the womb pose. It is a yoga asana of the Challenging and Advances level. This posture is very challenging for beginners to practice because your body should be very flexible in it. Otherwise the chances of injury in your body increases. So if you want to avoid injury, first you have to focus on the basics and then perform this pose. This posture is more helpful for those who want to reduce their lower body fat in less time. This posture has a tremendous effect on your lower abdomen, hips, thighs, all of which reduce the excess fat on your lower body. This is considered the best yoga asana for both women or men. Therefore, you should add this asana to your routine from now on. While doing Asana, you have to take special care that this posture should not harm your body. Let us now learn to do this pose step b

Will Bananas make you Gain Weight or help in losing Weight?

Bananas make you Gain Weight - Friends, I have a simple question from you Will bananas make you gain weight or not If you answer yes, then why, because we have also heard this in many articles and videos, eating bananas also causes weight loss. Friends, in today's article, I will analyze a lot of banana recipes, so that we will know whether we actually gain weight or loss weight from bananas. Do bananas give you belly fat?- Let us first analyze the banana. If we talk about a single banana. Sodium - 0 g Potassium - 452 g Glucose - 19g Fiber- 3g Carbohydrates - 30g Protein- 1g But if we talk about total fat, then banana contains 0g. So, friends, you can guess from it. If you eat a single piece of banana daily then you will get 0 g fat only. Friends, you get 110 calories from bananas, but if we talk about fiber. we get about 3 g of fiber by eating a banana. Which is quite good for us to lose weight. So guys, if you consume a single piece of banana every day, according to me, you wi