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Tadasana steps benefits and precautions: what is Tadasana?

What is Tadasana and its benefits-Children are afraid of not increasing height after the age of 16. Young and elderly complain of waist lock and pain. Today, I will explain Tadasana's steps benefits and precautions.So that you get rid of back pain and height problem. Along with the How to do Tadasana, I will also explain the benefits and precautions so that you get a complete guide in one place.What is Tadasana-We also know Tadasana as Mountain Yoga Pose. It is derived from Sanskrit vocabulary.Tada means in English is mountain and asana means in English is pose, hence Tadasana Means Mountain pose.In this Posture, we stand like a palm tree, hence it is called Tadasana in Hindi.This Asana provides stretching to our body and the main objective of this exercise is to increase height.We also know Tadasana by the name of Samasthiti.Tadasana steps-1) First, you stand at a distance of the hip line. Both of your hands should be along with the thigh.
2) Now take both your hands up and Interl…
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Naukasana Benefits and Precautions : How to do Navasana

Our spinal bone adds beauty to our body. Now, how can we make our spine straight and powerful? Naukasana is the answer to this question. Today, I will tell you in detail about what is Naukasana and Naukasana benefits and precautions.What is naukasana?Naukasana is known as Boat Pose Yoga in English. It is made up of the sum of two words. Nauk means boat and asana we all know as a yoga pose. For this reason, it was named as Boat Yoga Pose or Naukasana.When we practice this yoga, our body looks like a boat.Naukasana is an amazing posture because we can do it both on the back and prone position.Naukasana is a panacea for our stomachs. It makes our core strength and keeps the kidneys, pancreas, and stomach juices in balance.How to do naukasana-1) First came in a state of Dandasana. Now place your hip firmly on the ground.2) Bend your legs with the knee and lift them in the air. The position should be like you are sitting in the boat, but the feet should be in the air.3) Keep your hands str…

Diabetes exercise plan- Complete workout Program

Diabetes exercise plan- Whenever we got a disease, the doctors and friends suggest us to exercise. The question arises on how to plan our exercises. Today, I will suggest you the best diabetes exercise plan. Hope you are helped to a great extent.Diabetes has become a disease that can affect anyone. It neither looks at the young person nor the old man.After suffering from this disease, a person has to live his life harshly. He can neither eat well nor drink well.He had to spend his whole life by tasteless eating and drinking.But you should not worry, in today's article, I will tell you some excellent exercises, following them will change your life.Diabetes exercise guidelines-1) Our first Exercise is Squat-You all will be aware of the name Squat. This is one of my favorite exercises.Remember a few things before you start squat. Do not exceed your capacity and wherever you feel you are out of your limit, leave it.Tighten your belly first. Then there should be an equal difference bet…

How to strengthen ankles for running: My 5 Exercises

How to strengthen ankles for running-When we start running, then our feet, ankles, and toe become very susceptible to injury. So the question comes how to strengthen ankles for running? Don't worry, I have 5 Top class exercises that provide strength to runners' feet and ankle. The pen is necessary for the writer. Similarly, his feet and heels are necessary for the runner. The runner should pay attention to his body as well as his heels. Today we are going to get the little foot nice and strong so that you can run without any problems. Foot strengthening exercises for runners-The first exercise of foot strengthening is named ankle circles. In this exercise, you have to rotate your foot back and forth. To do this exercise, you lift your right leg in the air and support it with both hands. Now you rotate your feet. The best way to rotate is to draw a large circle. You can do this clockwise and anticlockwise. My advice to you is this, you put 10 rotation clockwise and 10 rotation anticlockw…

List of Aerial yoga poses: What is Aerial yoga?

List of Aerial yoga poses-If you are a yoga lover then you must have heard the name of Aerial Yoga. Yes, today's topic is what is aerial yoga and the list of aerial yoga poses.
If you have come to this page, you will have many questions in your mind. Like how aerial yoga is different from a simple yoga.
How antigravity Yoga can benefit our bodies. What is the different aerial yoga poses names? Don't worry, you've come to the right place. Today, I will answer all your questions one by one.
Today's topic will answer various questions. What is aerial yoga? Types of antigravity yoga poses? Benefits of Aerial yoga?
Are you excited to go on a beautiful antigravity posture journey? What is Aerial yoga?Aerial yoga, which we also know by the name of antigravity yoga. There is not much difference between antigravity yoga and mat yoga. In antigravity yoga, we all do asanas with the help of a silk hammock.
This silk hammock is hung from the roof, on which we all practice various postures of …

Yoga postures for mental health : Refresh your mind

Yoga postures for mental health -Today we are doing some yoga postures for mental health which will give us mental peace and improve our mental strength.In this pollution-filled life of today, our mind is completely spoiled. We suffer from diseases like memory loss, depression, anxiety, and stress.Every day, someone is suffering from mental illness. A survey by the World Health Organization revealed that these 26 million people suffer from mental illness.Today in this article, I will teach you some simple yoga poses. Using them will protect you from mental illness to some extent.Let's start yoga practice first.Yoga asanas for mental illness-First, you need to stand with butt-width gaps, loosen your shoulders.Your palm should be pressed to the thighs.Breathe in and lift your shoulders up. With a roll-up, your body should move upward.While exhaling, you move your shoulder backward and bring it down slowly.We will repeat this shoulder motion 10 to 13 times.Keep in mind that breathing…

Waist exercises for females: Top 5 Workouts

Waist exercises for females-Nowadays all the women are unhappy with their waist size. Today, I will explain some Waist exercises for females. After doing this, the waist of the female will become slim.
Earlier people used to think that the problem of love handles is only for women. But now it is not so, man is also suffering from this disease.
In this article, we will do some workouts that will make your body strong and flexible and also slims your waist. Exercises to shrink waist-Stand with a distance of 2 feet between your legs. Your stomach should be straight. Pull the muscles of both legs and also pull the cap of both your knees.
Give rest to the hands. Now while breathing, raise both hands upwards. Hold the fingers of both hands in each other.
While exhaling, fold the palms upwards. Now you have to lean towards the straight hand as much as you can.
Now you start feeling the strain on the waist of the inverted hand. And on straight hand, you will feel the bend.
Now you have to slowly bend…