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Yoga Asanas for Glowing skin: Best Yoga For Skincare

Yoga Asanas for skincare- Friends, who do not want to have glowing skin. Today I will tell you some yoga asanas for glowing skin , which I am sure by doing, your skin will start glowing like the sun in a few days. Today we will learn some yoga poses for glowing skin by practicing regularly your skin will glow naturally. Yoga asana for glowing skin- Padhastasana for skincare - To do this first, you will stand Straight. legs should be 1 foot apart and parallel to each Other.  Now breathe in, take both hands up, and while leaving the breath, bend from the pelvic move the upper body to the bottom and press the fingers of hands under the toes of the feet.  Now move your head towards the knees and stay in this position for a few seconds.  slowly remove the fingers of hands from the toe of the feet and now press them under the back of both feet.  Breath in and take the face away from the knees and while exhaling, bring it towards the knees.  By practicing this asana, there is good circulati
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Best yoga poses for anxiety and stress- Most Effective Asanas

Yoga poses for anxiety and stress- Friend, today we will learn the Best yoga poses for anxiety and stress . We have no time for ourselves in our busy lives. Being busy, we are falling away from our family. Because of this, we are becoming lonely. Gradually, this loneliness turns into depression and stress. For this, I will tell you some stress relief yoga and meditation practice. So that you will be able to cure your depression and anxiety Of this stressful life. Role of yoga poses in reducing stress- Friends, first we have to understand the role of yoga in reducing stress and anxiety.  Guys, Yoga is a technique by which we learned to control our breath.  Breath maintains the supply of oxygen in our bodies. If there is a lack of oxygen in our brain, we have anxiety attacks. If we follow yoga daily then we have a 14% less chance that we have anxiety or depression. Pranayama for anxiety attacks - Friends, anxiety attack has become a major problem In the world.  About 70% of the world

5 Best Yoga poses for beginners- Top 5 yoga Asanas

Yoga Poses for Beginners - Friends, today we will learn the top 5 Best yoga  poses for beginners. Friends, These yoga asanas are very helpful for a newbie who want to learn the Basics of yoga. 5 Best Yoga Asanas for Beginners- 1) Vrikshasana- vrikashasana or you can say tree pose is good for concentration.  Let's start the posture. First, stand up, now slowly rotate your right thighs and put all your weight on the left side.  Now place your right heel on the knees of the left leg. Now slowly move your both hand up and make the namaskar position.  Hold this position for at least 1 minute and come back to the original posture. 2) Cat-Cow poses-  Come on to your mat, lay on the stomach side, press ground with your legs and hands.  what we are going to do is drop the spine down as you lengthen upwards with the chin and the tailbone on the exhale.  You’ll round through the shoulders pull the belly in, and bring your chin to your chest as you look to your navel few more times. inha

Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I will tell you about Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions. Friends, Ananda Balasana means Happy Baby Pose. This asana got its name because of its posture. In this asana, our body looks like a newborn baby. This pose is a variation of Balasana. Balasana is a sitting pose while Happy Baby Pose is a sleeping pose. The most important thing about Ananda Balasana is that you get multiple benefits by doing this pose. I will give you information about some benefits now and will tell you the rest in the article. Friends, the most important thing about this asana is that it reduces the weight of your lower body very quickly. The main reason for reducing your lower body fat is that your whole body's stress is on your abdomen. Due to this, your body starts losing weight very quickly. This pose also reduces the weight of your hip and thigh. By doing regular exercises, the shape of your hip and thigh appears attractive. Let us now s

How to Make Ajwain Water for Weight loss

Hello friends, welcome to our health blog, today we will learn how to make ajwain water for weight loss. ajwain which we also know as carom seeds is a spice. These are the spices used in Asia. In India, carom is used in many ways. It is used to enhance the taste of food. It is believed that if you have pain in your knee, then you take ajwain and your pain will go away. Consumption of carom in spite of burning sensation in the chest, burning sensation disappears. Inside Ayurveda, ajwain is used as a medicine. According to Ayurveda, ajwain is a beneficial herb for the last 100 years or earlier. It is believed that if you consume water made from carom seeds, then your weight also decreases rapidly. Let us now learn how to make ajwain water. Nutrients of Carom seeds- Carom seeds are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which greatly benefit our bodies. There is a compound named thymol inside ajwain which helps you to eliminate all your digestive problems from the root. The effect of

How Many Types of Asanas are there in Yoga

Friends, There are 84 types of yoga poses in our Vedic Culture. Yoga asanas play a very big role in  keeping our bodies healthy. If we talk about our Ancient Time, then according to 84 lakh yonis, 84 lakh asanas are considered. These poses are practiced according to the structure of the body and its functioning. It is believed that if you practice these yoga poses well then all your mul chakra get activated. Some yoga exercises are simple but some are advanced. Their simplicity and rigor depend upon their practice. In today's article, I will explain to you about 84 major 7 major yoga exercises in detail. Let us now begin with How Many Types of Asanas are there in yoga. List of yoga asanas- Let me tell you the names of some major Yoga asanas. 1) Sarvangasana              11) Malasana                 21) Garudasana       31) Vajrasana 2) Balasana                     12) Siddhasana              22) Makarasana      32) Padmasana 3) Trikonasana                13) Monkey Pose         

Basic Siddhasana steps benefits and precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips, today I have brought you new yoga practice. Today's title of yoga is siddhasana steps benefits and precautions . In today's post, I will cover all the facts of siddhasana very briefly. Friends, siddhasana, also known as a perfect pose, is one of the basic postures of yoga. A lot of people, of which I am also one, make this resolution daily that we will start meditation from today. But the day passes, but this resolution is not complete. So, friends, that's why I did a lot of research and found out how we could meditate. After a lot of research, friends, I came to know that siddhasana is an asana that is the basis of all poses. If you want to start meditation then you should start with the perfect pose. Now I will explain to you in detail how you can do siddhasana. What is Siddhasana- Friends, siddhasana which we also know in English by the name of perfect pose is a basic yoga practice. This pose is considered the basis of med