How Many Types of Asanas are there in Yoga

How Many Types of Asanas are there

Friends, There are 84 types of yoga poses in our Vedic Culture. Yoga asanas play a very big role in 
keeping our bodies healthy.

If we talk about our Ancient Time, then according to 84 lakh yonis, 84 lakh asanas are considered.

These poses are practiced according to the structure of the body and its functioning. It is believed that if you practice these yoga poses well then all your mul chakra get activated.

Some yoga exercises are simple but some are advanced. Their simplicity and rigor depend upon their practice.

In today's article, I will explain to you about 84 major 7 major yoga exercises in detail.

Let us now begin with How Many Types of Asanas are there in yoga.

List of yoga asanas-

Let me tell you the names of some major Yoga asanas.

1) Sarvangasana              11) Malasana                 21) Garudasana       31) Vajrasana
2) Balasana                     12) Siddhasana              22) Makarasana      32) Padmasana
3) Trikonasana                13) Monkey Pose          23) Bhadrasana      33) Dhanurasana
4) Chakrasana                 14) Virasana                  24) Dandasana       34) Naukasana
5) Kagasana                    15) Fish Pose                 25) Sirsasana         35) Singhasana
6) Bakasana                    16) Lord Dance Pose    26) Ustrasana
7) Mayurasana                17) Halasana                 27) Vrikashasana
8) Gomukhasana             18) Shavasana              28) Paschimottanasana
9) Tadasana                      19) Kursiasana             29) Vrischikasana
10) Padhastasana              20) Sukhasana             30) Bhujangasana

Top 7 Yoga poses-

Let's be friends, let's discuss 7 of the top poses above.

1) Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)-

Sarvangasana is also named as shoulder stand pose. This yoga poses has lots of Health benefits, this asana provides agility and strength to our body.

This asana strengthens our shoulders. This is also called an inverted pose because your blood will be circulating in the reverse direction.

Which means from your lower body to your head. This asana is very effective for glows in your skin. These types of yoga poses are very effective for your hair growth.

Let’s start with the shoulder stand pose, first lay down over the mat, and then lift your legs towards the Upward Direction.

Now lift your leg perpendicularly and balance your body with the help of your elbow and neck, stay at this position for at least 1 minute.

During this asana, your elbow should be firmly pushed on the ground. Now release from this position.

2) Halasana (plow pose)-

Halasana is also known as plow pose. This is a counterposed of headstand pose. 

This pose strengthens and flexible our shoulder. By practicing this posture, your spine will be flexible. 

This posture is good for headaches and it's good for people, who are suffering from insomnia.

Let's start plow pose,

First, you lay down on the bedsheet. Now again took your leg in the inverted position. 

Support your hipline with your hand and place your elbow firmly on the mat.

move your leg behind your head. Hold it for 2 minutes. During this asana, stretch your toes outward. 
Finally, move to the original position.

3) Paschimottana asanas-

Ayurveda says that 90% of our fitness depends upon our digestive system. 

If our digestive system is bad then our food does not break down and our body did not get sufficient nutrients. 

By practicing the different types of yoga poses, we generate Agni in our body which helps our body to digest the food.

Paschimottanasana is one who helps in our digestion system.

Let’s start the posture, now sit in a position where you can stretch your leg forward. 

Now press your heel on the mat and turn your toes toward your mouth.

Now tight your belly and slowly grab your Foot toe with the help of your hand.

When you breathe, look forward and exhale, look down.

Repeat this process at least 5 times.

4) Chakrasana (wheel pose)-

This is also called the wheel pose. When we practice this posture, This will strengthen and flexible our spinal cord.

To do this, you lay down on the mat. Turn your knees up to 90 degrees. 

Now place your palm parallel to the shoulder.

Press your feet and hand firmly on the ground and push your stomach upward. 

Now stay in that position for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, release this position.

5) Padhastasana-

In padhastasana first, you stand on your feet then slowly moves your hand upward. 

Tighten your torso and slowly move your hands in a downward direction. 

Try to grab your foot toe, when you grab the toe then Hold it for 1 minute.

After that slowly leave your toe and moved back to the original position.

This Kinds of yoga asana is very good for our heart and for your brain. Because during practicing this asana, lots of blood circulates towards our brain, and your brain functions efficiently.

6) Trikonasana-

Trikonasana, which is also known as a triangular pose is good for our health. in this posture, we will be standing in a triangular position.

First, you stand up and then turn your right heel to 90 degrees and your left foot to 45 degrees.

Align your feet in a straight line, Now stretch your arm outward. Slowly move downward from your hipline.

move downward and grab your right foot. Your vision should be at your left-hand finger. Your left hand should be straight and at 90 degrees towards the sky. 

Stay in this position for 5 counts.

7) Shavasana-

Lay down on your back, there must be little difference between your feet. 

Your hands are completely relaxed. Free your body as free as possible.

Now mentally observe your body parts. We start from legs, we relax our legs. We relax our torso and now we relax our minds.

Now enjoy this state of relaxation.

Slowly move your fingertips and your foot toes. Move very slowly get your legs together. 

Fold your legs and take a turn on the right-hand side, now you are in Shri Krishna mudra.

Conclusion on how many types of asanas are there in Yoga-

Friends, I hope you have found your answer to the question “How Many Types of Asanas are there in Yoga"

In reality, there are 84 kinds of yoga posture but I have discussed only the top 7 yoga asanas. 

I have tried to give you a list of all types of Yoga. Hope you liked today's article.


Q1) What are the 3 types of asanas?

Ans - These are Meditative Pose, Relaxation Pose, and Cultural Poses.

Q2) How many asanas are there?

Ans - According to Vedic culture, there are 84 Asanas in Yoga.

Q3) Who is known as the father of yoga?

Ans- Lord Shiva is known as the father of Yoga

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