5 Best Yoga poses for beginners- Top 5 yoga Asanas

yoga poses for beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners -

Friends, today we will learn the top 5 Best yoga poses for beginners. Friends, These yoga asanas are very helpful for a newbie who want to learn the Basics of yoga.

5 Best Yoga Asanas for Beginners-

1) Vrikshasana-

vrikashasana or you can say tree pose is good for concentration. 

Let's start with posture.

First, stand up, now slowly rotate your right thighs and put all your weight on the left side. 

Now place your right heel on the knees of the left leg. Now slowly move your hand up and make the namaskar position. 

Hold this position for at least 1 minute and come back to the original posture.

2) Cat-Cow poses-

 Come on to your mat, lay on the stomach side, and press the ground with your legs and hands.

 what we are going to do is drop the spine down as you lengthen upwards with the chin and the tailbone on the exhale.

 You’ll round through the shoulders pull the belly in, and bring your chin to your chest as you look at your navel a few more times.

inhale a deep breath in as you drop your spine down and look up to the ceiling and exhale around through the shoulders. 

pull the belly in a squeeze as you look at it.

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3) Downward-facing dog-

 make sure your fingers are separated and pressing equally into the floor and take your hip a little more back.

upward your spine and down your face. your stomach should be stretched.

in the final position,  your face should be down and your spine should be lengthened. keeping your butt upward towards the ceiling.

hold this position for 10 counts.

These yoga poses are very easy for beginners.

4) Bridge pose-

 Begin this pose by lying down on your back and placing your heels as near as possible to your hip.

grab your ankles and make sure your toe is facing outside. slowly inhale and lift your butt all the way up.  try and reach as high as possible but your inhale should be normal and keep in this position for five deep breaths.

5) Bhujangasana-

First, lay down on the ground.

align your hand near to your shoulder. press down the mat with the help of your wrists.

Transfer your body weight to your palm, breathe in, and pull your head towards your back.

Hold for 5 seconds.

These yoga poses are very effective for a newbie. This yoga posture strengthens your spine.

Benefits of yoga pose for beginners-

There are many mental benefits of yoga. By practicing yoga posture your mind becomes calm and stable. 

By practicing asanas the human mind becomes creative and aware and his memory power is also boosted.

Benefits of yoga posture in the morning - 

By doing yoga in the morning, a person becomes energetic for the whole day and his mind feels refreshed.

Yoga asanas for back pain-

 By doing yoga Regularly, our back pain problem is also cured. Friends, By continuously practicing the bridge pose, the back pain will be corrected within several months.

My simple view of 5 best yoga poses for beginners-

Friends, in today's article, we learned the Top 5 best yoga poses for beginners. By practicing them continuously, you will become proficient in yoga. 

Friends, initially I told you about what is yoga, and after that, I explained how many types of yoga. You can read all these articles by going to the blog's main page.

Question and Answer Related to Yoga Poses For Beginners-

Q1) What are the 5 asanas?

Ans - Friends, there are trikonasana, Sukhasana, Bhujangasana, Shirshasana and Balasana.

Q2) Who is the father of yoga?

Ans - Where is Lord Shiva known as the Father of Yoga.

Q3) Which yoga is best for fitness?

Ans- Friends, Naukasana and Sukhasana are the best yoga for fitness.

Q4) Which yoga pose is best for beginners?

Ans - Tadasana, Balasana, and Plank Pose are good for beginners.

Q5) What yoga pose should I do every day?

Ans - You can do Tadasana, Balasana, and Tree Pose daily.

Q6) Practicing which yoga gives mental peace?

Ans- Friends, if you practice Sukhasana, Savasana, Vajrasana, etc., then you get mental peace.

Q7) Does Yoga Increase Your Flexibility?

Ans - Yes, practicing yoga increases the flexibility of your body.

Q8) Which yoga is best for the body?

Ans - Padmasana is considered the best pose for the body

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