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yoga Asanas for Hair Growth

yoga poses for hair growth-

Today I am going to discuss the hair problem. Hair loss, hair thinness, and hair whiteness are common problems in today's life. 

This problem is due to stress, hormone imbalance, pollution, and lack of nutrients in our diet. Today we will do some yoga asanas which will help your Hair Growth very Fastly.

Let's Start Our Journey of Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth.
Let's do our First asanas which is known as the Camel pose.

1) Camel pose For Hair Growth-

To do the camel pose, first, you kneel, I will show you the same sidewise. Maintain a distance of 5 inches between your knees. 

I will teach you 2 variations of these asanas. You will choose which is more suitable for you. While inhaling, use both hands to support your lower back. 

Your thumb must be at supporting your waistline and your finger should be facing downward. Now again inhale, and bend slightly backward, and your hipline must be outward and at the same time, your chest must be facing upward.

Now how you do it, deep inhale, lengthen your spine, keep on pressing your hipline towards the front, inhale deeply, and slowly you can drop your head backward. After 10 counts, come back to the original posture.

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2) Second Yoga poses for hair growth-

Now in the second posture, inhale deep, take your one hand up, and at the same time grab your left heel. Similarly, grab your Right heel. 

Open your chest again and push your hips upfront. Inhale deeply and then exhale and drop your head back. After 10 counts leave this posture and come back to the original position.

These 2 asanas are very good for hair because when doing this asana blood circulates into your hair and it helps him to regrow the hair.

3) Exercise to grow hair faster-

The next yoga asanas are the Rabbit pose. The rabbit pose is basically counterposed to the camel pose. Let’s do it, now sit in the position of Vajrasana, now grab your heel with your palm by a notice that your thumb is outside and your finger should be inside.

Now inhale deeply as you exhale, fold forward. Make sure that your head should be on your knees. Exhale completely, when you inhale, lift your buttock toward the ceiling.

 Now pull your heels like you trying to lift your feet. During this pose keep breathing continuously. Remain in this position for 15 counts and then come back to the original position slowly.

This pose helps you to regrow your hair and it will blacken your white hair.

4) Exercise to grow healthy hair-

My next pose is Headstand, in Hindi we all know this is shirsasana. Today, I will teach you the step to do a headstand. Let's start the headstand. The first step of a headstand is to start with a child pose because when we do a headstand our blood flow will be the upside. 

So, we always start with the child pose and end with the same. First, hold your elbow with the opposite arm. and then keep them right in front of your knees not far but right in front. 

Now interlock your finger and place them on the floor. Now make crown chakra with the finger. Now slowly lift your hips up, place, and your crown in that frame.

Tuck your toes and start walking. Be sure that your spinal cord is inline and then bend both of your knees and slowly raise your knees up and then your legs. Now stay in this position for 1 minute at least for better results. After one minute slowly come back to the original position.

In the headstand, your blood is totally inverted which means blood will directly flow to your head. This is why this yoga pose is very healthy for hair growth. This asana is also beneficial for your skin glow.

5) Vajrasana For Hair Growth -

To do Vajrasana, first, you have to sit with your legs folded from the knee.

Your back should be straight and your face should be forward, now you have to keep both your hands on your knee and keep your focus on your breath.

6) Balasana For Hair Growth -

To do Balasana, you have to first sit in the posture of Vajrasana and stretch your upper body forward.

Your abdomen should be touching your thigh and your face should be above the floor.

You have to spread your hand forward and touch the palm above the ground.

Question and Answer Related to Hair Growth -

Q1) Which yoga is best for hair growth?

Ans- Kapalbhati and Sarvangasana are the best yoga for hair growth.

Q2) Is it possible to grow hair through yoga?

Ans - Yes, Yoga helps in the regrowth of your hair.

Q3) Does yoga cure baldness?

Ans- Yes, if you do regular yoga practice then your baldness starts decreasing.

Q4) Is Yoga Good For Your Mind?

Ans - Yes, By Doing yoga Flow of Positive Hormones increases in Your mind which is Good for Your Mind.

Q5) Can yoga increase hair growth?

Ans - Yes, by practicing yoga, your hair growth becomes faster.

Q6) What is the best yoga for hair growth?

Ans - Sirsasana is considered to be the best yoga for hair growth.

Q7) Is it possible to regrow hair on a bald spot by yoga?

Ans - Yes, by doing yoga it is possible that hair can grow on your bald hair.

Final Words On yoga Asanas for Hair Growth-

Friends, I have told you the top 4 yoga poses, with the help of which you can grow your hair again.

Yoga is a process by which you can cure any disease in your body.

But it also has a condition that is consistency, if you practice yoga daily, then I guarantee you that you will not get any type of disease.

Therefore, I tell all my readers that they should all practice Yoga daily.

Hope you liked today's post-yoga Asanas for Hair Growth.

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