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Face Exercises for Sagging Cheeks: Top 7 face workout

face exercises for sagging cheeks

Face Exercises for Sagging Cheeks-

Women after 30, having a problem of sagging cheeks. To solve this problem, today we are doing face exercises for sagging cheeks.

I am a big believer in face exercising and the benefits of it. My technique of face yoga and facial exercises, slow down the effect of aging.

In my personal life, I found better results with my body because of these two things.

Strength training and yoga.

I add resistance even to my yoga poses to get that extra muscle engagement. The result is very clearly seen in the way my body tones, looks firm, and still to be very flexible.

I applied the same logic to my face yoga as well. I am happy with the result as well.

So how about strength training for your face but how can lift the dumbbell with your cheeks.

Let's start weight training for your face.

Exercise for firmer cheeks-

Water is going to be the First training equipment for our face.

First I will fill water in my mouth. Fill water in one Side and push your cheek up.

Try this face workout with or without water you will see how much more the resistance water gives.

If you do the same exercise with coconut water it will clean out all bad bacteria from your mouth.

My second face exercises for sagging cheeks-

In my second face exercise fill water again. Fill your mouth and lay back on the edge of your bed or drop your head backward on a chair.

When you throw the head backward. You are actually going against the earth's gravity.

The weight of the water will actually lift your face up. You can do it for 30 seconds or longer.

My third exercise for firmer cheeks-

In my third exercise, again fill your mouth with water.

Twist your head left to right and let the water push the walls of your cheeks.

Do this till your head start spinning? No, I am joking.

Do it for 15 seconds at least because if you do it any longer your head really spin.

Fourth workout for face-

In my fourth workout, you have water in your mouth. Push water on your right cheek and tilt your head to your right side.

Now use the resistance of a finger to push the middle of your cheek.

Do it 10 to 25 times.

Lift your head and tilt your head to the other side while water still fills in your right cheek.

Do not let the waterfall into your left cheek.

This exercise benefits your double chin and jawline.

Repeat the same process for the other side.

Fifth exercise for firmer cheeks-

 Use the resistance of your finger to hold your eyebrows in place and now try to raise them.

This will tighten up your forehead and save you from getting from those horizontal lines.

What happens when you do it without holding your eyebrows?

Do this work out 20 to 30 times.

Sixth exercise for sagging face-

Now for those vertical lines getting deeper day by day.

Stretch out your upper lips so that you can feel the upper lip line firm.

Use the resistance with your two or three-finger to push your lips back.

Use the strength of your lips to fight that resistance.

Do this about 5 to 10 counts.

Seventh face exercises for sagging cheeks-

Shut your mouth and let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth.

In your mouth, the tongue touches the roof of your mouth and back down,

Do it for 10 counts.

My view on face exercises for sagging cheeks-

Guys, today we have learned 7 types of cheeks workout. This face yoga will help you to tighten your face skin. 

It will also help in improving your eyesight. I will teach you some facial exercises for your eyes also. I am definitely sure you will get positive results before and after face yoga. 

Face posture also helps you to reduce your face fats and it also helps you get rid of the depression issue.

Guys, I will make more articles on face yoga. I am sure by continuing to practice my face workout technique. Your face will change within a short period of time.


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