How to Remove Double Chin using Face yoga

how to remove double chin

How to get rid of double chin naturally

We will talk about the double chin reduction Exercise in this article. I will tell you the 5 best exercises to reduce double chin. 

Posting Selfies on social media is very Fashionable these days like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. we all upload selfies- in which our face is more focused and our double chin shows in it. which is very irritating for girls and boys.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin in 1 week?

Guys, it is extremely impossible for anyone to banish their double chin in one week. guys, you can reduce your double chin in one week but it needs lots of effort.

Get rid of a double chin overnight is impossible for anyone. yes, you can remove your double chin overnight but it needs lots of money. 

you can reduce your double chin by double chin surgery which is much more expensive for middle-class family women and men. 

double chin causes irritation when we click our picture on social media.

Let's talk first- How and Why was DOUBLE CHIN produced?

The main reason for the double chin is- the inactiveness of the platysma muscle. Platysma muscle starts from the mandible (lower jaw) and attaches to the collar bone.
When the platysma muscle becomes weak and the skin becomes loose, then it appears as a double chin.

 Double Chin Remove exercise -1

In the first face yoga exercise, First of all, you have to turn your head towards the roof. Now you have to bring your lips to an O shape, putting stress on your lower jaw.

You have to try to kiss the roof, this posture we also call kiss a baby or roof kiss position.

You have to stay in this position for at least 25 to 30 seconds.

You have to do this exercise at least 2 times, you will feel a very good stretch on your jaw and lower chin.

Remove Double chin Exercise -2

In our second Double Chin Reduction Exercise, we will use our cheeks and lips.

You have to use your jaw muscles, contracting your jaw and pulling your cheek in.

During this time, the shape of your lips should be like the English letter O.

Holding this position for some time, bring your face back to the previous position.

These face workouts have a great effect on your platysma muscle, causing your double chin to disappear in a few days.

The third Exercise is the Chewing Gum exercise-

In the third exercise, we will chew fennel seeds, fennel seeds are quite healthy.

It helps in improving your health as well as getting your jaw in shape.

You have to chew fennel seeds for 2 to 3 minutes after eating food every day.

The saunf is a bit tough due to which your jaw has to work very hard to chew it.

Because of this we remove the extra fat from your jaw face.

And your face looks beautiful

Fish face double chin removal exercise-

suck your cheeks and lips inward and try to see as a fish face. Holding that face and must try to smile. you will feel the heat in your cheeks and jaws. 

hold this position for 1 minute. relax and repeat that exercise 5 times.

mouthwash double chin removal exercise-

girls, this exercise is pretty impressive and you all do it regularly after doing the brush. This exercise strengthens your jaw and helps to glow your face. 

now let's talk about how to do it, fill your mouth with water, now transfer water from one corner to another corner similar to cleansing your mouth.

continue this process for 1 minute and repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times each and every day. 


guys, today I have been talking about how to remove the double chin. guys if you continuously practice my method you will get rid of double chin in 1 week. 

you will find the result in double chin exercises before and after effect after 1 month. guys, genetic double chin takes lots of time to get rid of because they are transferred by the parents. 

today I have a talk about home remedies for double chin which solves your question about how to get rid of double chin naturally. 

These 5 exercises will help to reduce double chin.

Question and Answer Related to How to Remove Double Chin using Face yoga -

Q1) Does face yoga reduce double chin?

Ans - Yes, practicing face yoga regularly can reduce your double chin.

Q2 ) Which yoga is best for double chin?

Ans - Surya Namaskar and Bhujangasana are good for Double Chin.

Q3 ) How can I reduce my face fat?

Ans- Yes, you can reduce your face fat through Faceyoga and Yoga.

Q4) Can face yoga reduce face fat?

Ans - Yes, by doing face yoga, the extra fat deposited on your face starts reducing gradually.

Q5) How can I lose my double chin naturally?

Ans - Yes, Face Yoga helps to cure your Double Chin Naturally.

Q6) Does Face Yoga Help You Sharpen Your Chin?

Ans -  Yes, Face Yoga Reduce Extra Fat from Your Face and Sharpen Your Chin.

Q7) Does Chin Yoga Actually Work?

Ans - Yes, if you are consistently working on it, it will really show positive results to you.

Q8) Can face yoga fix a double chin?

Ans - Yes, face yoga helps in fixing your double chin problem.

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