Face Yoga for lines Around lips || Best face yoga for Lips

Face Yoga for lines Around lips

Face yoga for lips-

Hi Friends, welcome to our Blog, Today we will learn Face Yoga for lines Around lips.
Do you put stress on your lips while exercising, if yes then today I am going to share some tips to care for your lips as you age?
This tip helps lots of my clients personally and I will share with you some of my findings. You know when we age we lose our definition and volume and we get these lines all around the mouth.
We should take care of our lips like we take care of our faces. You will find the Best results for lip exercises before and after exercise, now start Face yoga for lips.

How to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth naturally-

1) When you are in the gym in general you are lifting weights. During lifting weight, you pull your lips. It is something habit of some people and some people do to generate power. 
When you do this after a time, the distance between your nose and lip increases, and that is a sign of aging. The more is distance, the older you look, So please avoid this during the gym.
2) When you are at home or you are free, you and all have a common habit of biting lips. This is a common habit but it results in losing the elasticity and firmness in your lips so your lips look droopy. 
To avoid this habit and one more common mistake peoples do is to fidget with their lower lips which are also the result of droopy lips.
3) Do You know the sun also damages your lips. You paste sun cream all over your body, so why do you skip lips. Please paste sun cream on your lips also so that your lips will protect also them from dehydration from the sun.
4) A fourth tip I share with you is a lip balm that actually hydrates your lips. You have to mix 20 ml of glycerine with 5 ml of lemon juice and refrigerate in a small bottle. 
Every night when you sleep you dip a little cotton into this mixture and just rub it on your lip for 1 minute.
5) In the fifth tip you have to scrub your lips horizontally with the help of sugar and olive oil? Scrubbing horizontally naturally helps you to vanish your vertical line on the lips. Please use powdered sugar instead of cube sugar.
6) The next tips are to massage your lips with the help of a lip liner.

Exercises for bigger lips-

You have to do a simple exercise to get bigger lips. Do Monroe by puckering up your lips, pressing them firmly against your hand for 3 seconds or more, then pulling your hand and blowing a kiss into the air. 
Repeat this process 20 to 25 times and Keep your forehead smooth when doing this.

How to plump lips naturally -

1) The next lip exercise is quite simple you can pulp your lips overnight by doing this. You have to form an O with your lips and blow air outside. Repeat this process 20 times each and every single day.
2) The next exercise is to clamp your lips shut, screwed them into a spoiled princess pout, hold for 20 seconds, and relax repeat 10 times for better results.
3) To give your face a lift, smile big, part your lips, and open your eyes wide. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat this exercise 10 times.
4) To plum lip, suck in air through your nose, and then hold your breath as you blow air one and side of the cheeks. You will do this process for 15 seconds then exhale like you're blowing a horn.
5) In the face yoga exercise, step tap your lips with the help of the finger 6 times to bring out some red color.

Conclusion of Face Yoga for lines Around lips-

Today we have learned some General exercises for lips. What thing we should do is avoid aging our lips. We also learned some exercises for bigger lips. I think this article helps women to avoid wrinkles on the chin and around the mouth. 
So final findings of face yoga for lips are to take care of your lips like other parts of your body.
Hope you like Today's Article Face Yoga for lines Around lips.

Question and Answer Related to Face yoga -

Q1) How do I get rid of the lines around my lips?

Ans - Friends, you have to do regular face yoga, gradually the lines near your lips will disappear.

Q2) What is best for lip lines?

Ans - Glycerine and Ghee are good for your lip lines.

Q3 ) How do I get rid of smile lines around my mouth?

Ans - You can reduce the smile lines through face yoga and massage.

Q4) What exercises get rid of vertical lip lines?

Ans - If you stretch your lips upwards in face yoga, then it is very good for your vertical lip lines.

Q5) Can Face Yoga get rid of wrinkles?

Ans - Yes, by doing face yoga, your wrinkles start reducing.

Q6) Does face yoga make the skin tight?

Ans - Yes, doing face yoga makes your skin brighten and tight.

Q7) Does face yoga work for lips?

Ans - By doing face yoga, your skin becomes tight and your lips grow without any treatment.

Q8) What is the best exercise for lip lines?

Ans - Upper lip exercise is best to clear lip lines.

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