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TOP 5 face yoga for glowing skin/slimmer face naturally

face yoga for glowing skin

Face Yoga for glowing skin-

Exercises are good for our body, it provides strength and builds muscles. Exercise builds our bodies so that we look beautiful and charming. Why we are not applying the same formula to our face. 

Why we are not giving proper exercise to our face. I think yoga for face glowing will be a proper exercise for our face. We are trying massages and face wash for glow but how much time this thing lasts.

Today I will give you some secrets that every celebrity follows to remain young. In today's article, I will give you some valuable tips to form up your cheekbone and your jawline. 

In this article, we have 2 goals first is to lift the cheekbone area and the second is to cut the fat of the cheeks area.

Face yoga for glowing skin Exercise no.1

It’s a simple Face exercise you have to do nothing. You can do it everywhere where you feel this is comfortable for you. 

Now, what have you to do, simply open your mouth and fill your mouth with air? your mouth should look like a balloon? 

Hold this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds for beginners. When you became an expert then hold this position for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

The most beautiful benefits of these exercises are due to the filling of air in our mouth your cheeks got tired and lose fats.

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Yoga mudra for a beautiful face ( exercise no.2)-

The second yoga for face is similar to the first one but a little bit different. In the second face yoga exercise, you will fill your mouth with air. 

But in this case, you have to move air on the one side of the face and hold for 1 minute and similarly move to the other side and hold it for 1 minute. 

Repeat this process for 10 to 15 times each and every day.

Yoga for glowing skin Exercise no.3-

I think the next exercise will be loved by every woman. This Exercise we call kissed face yoga. 

In this yoga for the face, you have to blow 100 kisses. Simply do 100 kisses. 

You know what happens when you do 100 kisses, you move your lips forward and backward which strengthens your jawline and you lose fat from your cheek.

Face yoga Exercise no.4-

This is quite a simple exercise for glowing skin. In the next yoga for the face, you stretch your lips outward and blow air.

You know this face yoga my mother was performed when I was a kid. When you feed some hot food to your kid then you always blow air outward to cool it down.

Repeat this Face skin exercise 10 to 15 times each and every day.

Exercise for glowing skin exercise no. 5-

My final yoga for face exercise is quite simple. You don't have to do anything. We all are chewing chew gum since our childhood. 

Now replace this chewing gum with fennel seeds. Now you all-girls chew fennel seeds because they are hard and help your cheeks to do some exercise. 

There are lots of benefits of fennel seed, they are good digesters, and they are good mouth freshener. You should replace chew gum with fennel seeds. It really helps you to reduce your face fat.


Ladies, today I have cover yoga for glowing skin or you can say that exercise for glowing skin. 

Face skin yoga will really help you to uplift your cheekbone and slim your jawline. Yoga for face really helps you to banish your double chin. 

I think you guys always typed on the internet how to tighten face skin naturally at home. I have covered this answer through my article. Don't worry I have lots of articles for the face yoga.


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