Yoga for knee pain in old age: Top 5 poses for arthritis

yoga for knee pain in old age

Yoga for knee pain in old age-

Many old people are suffering from knee pain. In today's article, we will learn Yoga for knee pain in old age. 

These yoga poses will strengthen your leg muscles, but also increases their flexibility as a result you will get relief from the knee pain.

lets we Start our today's topic yoga for knee pain in old age.

Yoga poses for strengthening knees-

Let's start with our first asanas which are utthita Trikonasana.

Trikonasana yoga for knee pain in old age-

To do this asana maintain a decent gap between your legs. The gap should be more than 3 feet.

Directed your left leg toe towards the left wall and keep your Hips straight.

Breathe in, your hand should be in a row with the shoulder.

Breathe out, and twist your torso on your left-hand side.

Keep in mind, your chest should be open.

Bend comfortably as possible as can. Keep note that both your knees are pulled up.

Don't lock your knee cap, keep them straight. If you feel this your limit then stop here.

Bend down as much as possible and look up toward your right hand and hold here.

You can use a wood piece because it is tough for a senior to perform this posture.

Exhale look down. Twist your left knee. Come all the way up while breathing in. now do on the other side.

This yoga pose is very good for arthritis.

It is not mandatory that pain in your knee is due to any injury. This can be due to rigid hamstrings. So these particular yoga poses build-up your leg muscles. This yoga for knee pain in old age also increases flexibility.

Yoga for bad knees (parvatasana)-

To do this pose, you should stand at the corner of the mat.

Breathe, take your right leg back. Maintain a distance of two and a half feet between your legs. Move your right toe at a 45-degree angle.

your legs should be straight. Pull your knees up while performing the asana. Make Namaste behind your back.

The chest opens up.

The breath out and slowly bends forward. If you Found this your limit then stops here.

Breathe in and slowly come up. Take your leg together and drop your hand.

Repeat this asana on the other side.

This posture is brilliant for seniors who are suffering from bad knees.

This yoga for bad knees will strengthen your knee cap, hamstrings, and your ankle.

Yoga for seniors with arthritis-

Next asana is Utkatasana using block piece. To do this pose, stand at a hip-width distance. Take a wood piece and place it between your thighs.

Breathe in, and as you breathe out, sit in a chair pose slowly. if you feel any difficulty while performing this asana, then stop. 

Keep your knees and toe in line. Press the block piece with your thighs. Keep your hands in line with your shoulder.

Hold here for 15 counts, breathe in and come up.

Make sure that you still pressing the block piece.

Again sit in the kursi position and stay for 15 counts.

This posture is good for seniors who are suffering from arthritis.

Yoga for seniors with bad knees-

Let’s begin our next posture.

To do this asana, stand at a Hip width distance. Heels inward and Foot and knees outward.

Breathe in, and as you breathe out, come in the squat posture.

Keep your hands in a pressing position at your chest. Press your knee outward with your arm joint.
Chest open.

Keep in mind that you are not falling in the asana.

This is a very good asana for our inner as well as outer part of the thighs.

Knee pain can occur due to stiffness in your outer and inner thighs also. This yoga posture will tighten your butt also.

My last yoga poses for strengthening knees-

First, lay down on your sheet. Breathe in, raise your left leg. You can even use a belt also.

wrap the belt with your foot and slowly move your legs towards your chest.

As you breathe in lift your upper body.

as Breath out, bring it down. Keep in mind that your leg must be straight. Your knees are pulled automatically and your quadriceps get engaged.

If you don't want to use a belt.

You can hold your calf muscles or your leg whatever. Bring it straight to your chest.

Breathe out and go off your left leg.

Repeat the same pose on the other side.

Questions and answers related to Yoga For Knee Pain -

Q1) Which yoga is best for knee pain?

Ans- Chair Pose, Triangle Pose and Tadasana Yoga are the best yoga for knee pain.

Q2) Can yoga help with arthritic knees?

Ans- Yes, if you practice yoga properly then you get help in Arthritic Knees.

Q3) Is walking good for knee pain?

Ans- Yes, if you walk regularly then you get relief in Knee Pain.

My conclusion on yoga for knee pain in old age-

These yoga poses are very good for your knee joint. As I told you earlier, it works on the back of your leg muscles. This yoga poses for joint pain in old age strengthens your quadriceps. These asanas are very good for pelvic bone as well.

If you feel discomfort while doing these yoga poses then you can completely avoid these asanas.

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