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Yoga poses for cervical spondylosis || cervical spondylosis

Yoga poses for cervical spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis Exercises-

Hello friends, welcome to health tips, today I will teach you some yoga poses for cervical spondylosis.

These yoga asanas help you a lot in reducing cervical pain.

If you have neck pain or shoulder pain, this posture is very beneficial in reducing your pain.

If you have any kind of disease in the body, then yoga is a medicine that helps you in removing all the diseases from your body.

Today I will tell you some such yoga, after which your cervical pain will be reduced by 100%.

Yoga asanas for the cervical spine-

The first yoga asanas we talk about is called crocodile yoga pose. To perform makarasana, first lay down on the side of the stomach. 

Now make some settings of hand first. First stack your elbow. If you are not feeling comfortable, then place your palm on another palm. 

Now open your leg to the shoulder level. Now press your toes outward and your heel must be inward. 

Now inhale, when you exhale then move your head downward and place it over the palm. 

While resting in position, you should regularly take a deep breath inside and exhale.

Repeat this process 10 times. This process is very good for cervical spondylosis.

Yoga asanas for back and neck pain-

Sit on the floor with your leg stretch out in the front. Fold the left leg and bend the left heel under the left buttock. 

Similarly, fold your right leg under your buttock. Now inhale and raise your hand above the head keeping them straight with shoulder-width apart.

Exhaling bend forward extending from the hips, keeping arms and head straight and in line with the trunk. Again inhaling, raise the arm, and repeat the process 10 times.

Yoga mudra for cervical spondylosis-

The next yoga pose I will teach you is sukhasanas. In this yoga pose first, you cross your leg. Now sit straight means your spine should be straight from the cervical bone to the tail bone. 

Now place your palm on another palm. In this posture, you can do meditation and you can sit for a long time. You must sit for at least 10 minutes each and every day. 

This yoga pose is very effective for neck pain.

Yoga for spondylosis (neck pain)-

In the next cervical spondylosis yoga, stand in a comfortable position, now gradually take your handstand in front and pressing your palm gently. 

While inhaling, stretch your hand outward, and while exhaling stretch your hand inward. Keep in mind that during this exercise your spine must be straight. 

You can repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times every day.

Yoga for neck pain and headaches-

In the next yoga poses, interlock your finger and rest the palms on the chest. The elbow should be freely dropped. Make sure that your shoulder and neck are totally relaxed.

Now inhale and slowly raise your interlock palm upward. Hold for 10 seconds, when you exhale slowly drop your hand downward.

 Repeat this process 10 to 13 times.

This exercise is very good for cervical spondylosis. If we perform this exercise every day you will get good results in 3 weeks.

Yoga poses for neck and shoulder tension-

In the next yoga asanas, Sit on the mat with bend knees. Keep the knees shoulder-width apart, in this condition the same distance maintained between your wrists and slowly come on your palms. 

Between your wrist, your knee, and ankle are almost the same width. Now keep the spine in a straight line and the neck is very relaxed. 

As you inhale drop the waist smoothly and steadily, softly lift the chest. When you exhale, pull the abdomen, drop the head, and raise the spine. Repeat this process 5 times.

Conclusion on Yoga poses for cervical spondylosis  -

Friends, cervical is a disease that causes pain in your face and neck.

This pain gradually becomes unbearable, so whenever you begin to have pain, you should start the above-mentioned yoga at the same time.

Yoga is the best treatment to get cervical relief. Therefore, you should not leave yoga practice.

To avoid cervical you should not put too much stress on your neck.

You should take proper care while watching the phone, tv, etc.

Hope you liked today's post Yoga poses for cervical spondylosis.


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