Top yoga poses to reduce Thigh fat naturally

yoga poses to reduce Thigh fat

Yoga poses to slim thighs Fat-

Today we are doing yoga poses that will help you lose thigh fat, and get really toned thighs.

Lets we Learn Top yoga poses to reduce Thigh fat naturally.

Let’s start with our first yoga pose, which is called utkat asanas.

To do utkat asanas you should first stand in samasthiti with both feet together. Then, we will do Utkat asanas in a very different way today.

Keep your toes, especially the thumb, joined together. Place the heel away from each other.

Inhale, bring your arms perpendicular to the shoulder, and while exhaling sit on an imaginary chair behind you.

The knees should be joined together. Chest up, belly engaged. Your stomach should be engaged, and sit as comfortably as you can.

Keep note that your knees should not Exceed onward.

You must be able to watch your toes clearly. Sit backward while exhaling and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.

Normal breath.

Your toes should be visible. And keep a constant watch on your knees so they don't move forward.

You should not feel any pressure on your knees, it should be on your thighs. If you want to make it a little more intense then raise your arm while exhaling and bend back a little more.

Belly engaged, chest up. Inhale, slowly come up, and then release while exhaling.

This is a very good asana, and you will feel a burn on your thighs while doing it.

Yoga poses for legs and thighs-

My next yoga pose is Virabhadrasana.

We are going to do virbhadra asana. Let’s do it.

First, get about 4 feet gap between your feet. The right toe should face the Right wall. Both feet are level now, and the knee cap brings up.

The leg behind should lift its arch, the outer edge of your feet should be well grounded on the floor and all the mounts should be pressed on the ground.

Your hip line should also be toward the right. Inhale, arms overhead, and bend your right knee while exhaling.

Bend as comfortably as you can. Make sure that you don't go backward, and that your spinal cord is straight. Move downward as comfortably as you can while exhaling.

Hips should be square towards the right, and your knees should not extend beyond your right foot.

Stay here for the duration of 7 long breaths or 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Yoga poses to lose thigh fat-

Now we will move to our next asana called malasana.

The gap between your legs should exceed beyond your hips, just a little though.

The heels should be placed inside, the toes outside. Namaste on your heart center.

Inhale deeply, bend your knees and sit in malasana while exhaling. Now try to open your knees sideways with the elbows.

This very good asana for your inner thighs and outer thighs. Keep on breathing. Make sure that you don't collapse like this. So keep your belly engaged.

Your stomach is engaged, the heart is open and your elbow is constantly pressing the knees outward. Stay for 2 minutes.

Yoga Poses to slim thighs-

The next yoga pose we will do is upavistha konsana.

To do this yoga pose, Sit on your mat and open your leg sideways. To shift your sit bones properly, press your palms to the front and back.

And shift your sit bones so that you are sitting comfortably, which is very important. Here you have to focus on how to move your toes.

First of all, your face should be facing toward your face. Inhale deeply, and place both hands right in front of the mat.

Make sure your arm is straight and you are not bending. Inhale deeply, and slide your palms ahead while exhaling.

Slowly, as far as your capacity allow you to, and if you can go all the way then even better.

Make sure that the toes of both your feet are towards your face, and the part behind your leg is pressing the ground. Slowly changes the side of your leg, of your toes.

Now toes should be pointed outward, and keep on breathing. And slowly, side back up, and relax.
So I have discussed my top Yoga poses that reduce thighs and hips at home naturally.

Questions and answers related to Yoga For Thigh Fat -

Q1) Can yoga slim your thighs?

Ans - Yes, by doing regular yoga practice, the fat on your thigh starts decreasing gradually.

Q2) Can we reduce thigh fat in 7 days?

Ans- Yes, you can do it, it depends on your dedication and consistency.

Q3) Can Walking reduce thigh fat?

Ans- Yes, by doing regular walks your Thigh fat starts decreasing gradually.

Q4) Best Yoga Pose To Reduce Thigh Fat?

Ans - Trikonasana, Balasana, and Kagasana are the best pose to reduce Thigh fat.

Q5) Can thigh fat be reduced by yoga?

Ans - Yes, if you practice yoga on a daily basis, then your thigh fat starts reducing.

Q6) Can I lose thigh fat through yoga?

Ans - Yes, you can reduce your thigh fat to a great extent by doing yoga poses.

Final Words on Top yoga poses to reduce Thigh fat naturally-

Friends, Yoga is really an effective practice through which you can control your whole body weight.

I have taught you my favorite yoga, hope you will practice it on a daily basis.

This yoga practice helps you in reducing your thigh fat. By practicing this yoga, hope you will slim your thighs.

Hope you like today's Article Top yoga poses to reduce Thigh fat naturally.

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