Diabetes exercise plan- Complete workout Program

Diabetes exercise plan- Complete workout Program

Diabetes exercise plan- 

Whenever we got a disease, our doctors and friends suggest we exercise. The question arises of how to plan our exercises. Today, I will suggest you the best diabetes exercise plan. Hope you are helped to a great extent.

Diabetes has become a disease that can affect anyone. It neither looks at the young person nor the old man.

After suffering from this disease, a person has to live his life harshly. He can neither eat well nor drink well.

He had to spend his whole life tasteless eating and drinking.

But you should not worry, in today's article, I will tell you some excellent exercises, and following them will change your life.

Diabetes exercise guidelines-

1) Our first Exercise is Squat-

You all will be aware of the name Squat. This is one of my favorite exercises.

Remember a few things before you start squatting. Do not exceed your capacity and wherever you feel you are out of your limit, leave it.

Tighten your belly first. Then there should be an equal difference between the two legs.

Now you stretch both arms and up and down your body. While doing up and down, do not let the pressure on both the knees.

You have to do this workout non-stop for 40 seconds.

Remember you have to keep exchanging breaths.

2) My next Workout is Knee Raise-

The first thing you need to do for a knee raise is to stand upright. Then you have to tighten your stomach.

Now you have to bring your right side knee to the chest. Similarly, the left side knee is brought to the chest.

When you bring the knee to the chest, then the breath is to be taken in and taken out the breath while going down.

Motivation is required to do physical exercise. Motivating yourself is essential.

You have to do a workout for at least 40 seconds.

3) Workout Number Three is Boxer Punch-

If you have gone to the gym, the gym trainer must have made you practice boxing there.

The boxing punch is exactly like that. You have to practice side boxing in it.

To do this you first came into the boxing stage. You punch with your right hand like a left. Your right heel should rotate to the right while punching.

Repeat the same way to the left. You also have to do this workout continuously for 50 seconds.

4) Next Exercise is lunges-

To do the lunge, you stand on the right side. Hold your waist with both hands.

Now move your left leg forward. Put all your body weight forward.

Lower your body until the right foot is parallel to the ground and your right thigh vertical.

Now you press on the earth and return to the previous status.

Similarly, repeat on the other side.

5) Next workout is Side Step-

Our next exercise is the sidestep. First, you stand upright. Now move once to the right and once to the left.

When you move from right to left, then move both hands up and down. This exercise will strengthen your body and along with it is a panacea for your diabetes. This exercise reduces your blood sugar and improves your health.

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Diabetes workout routine

6) Hip abduction-

In this workout, we move our right leg parallel to the right side, similarly, we move the left leg to the left.

This exercise looks like a pendulum of a wall clock. This workout strengthens your hips, glutes.

Increases blood circulation in your body and controls your diabetes.

7) Hamstring curls-

First, make a distance of 3 feet between your two legs. Keep both your hands at the waist.

Put all the weight of your body on the right foot. Now bend your left leg and bring the heel to the hips. Keep your thigh parallel.

Slowly bring your foot below. Similarly, 13 to 14 reps were applied.

Do the same with the other leg.

8) Heel Tape Workout-

In the next exercise, we will bend the hips slightly. Now both hands will hold the love handles.

Now take one of your legs forward and tap the heels on the ground, similarly, get the other leg out and tap it on the ground.

You practice this exercise for 60 seconds.

9) Front kick-

To practice, the front kick came in the fighting stance posture.

Now try to kick your straight leg forward.

The kick angle should be 90 degrees. Now bring your foot down slowly and kick with the other leg.

Summary of Diabetes Exercise Plan-

Friends, as I have already told you. Diabetes is one that does not see age.

You should make a fixed routine plan after consulting a doctor. In this program, you add the exercise I have mentioned.

If you exercise regularly then I am sure you will have a good life.

Regular exercise will reduce blood sugar and you will get rid of diabetes.

Question and Answer Related to Diabetes Exercise -

Q1) What is the best exercise for diabetics?

Ans- Squat, Dance, and Swim are the best exercises for Diabetes.

Q2) What is the best time to exercise for diabetics?

Ans- Friends, the Morning is the best time for Diabetic Reduce Exercise.

Q3) What foods can reverse diabetes?

Ans- By eating Avocado, Eggs, and Beans, your diabetes starts to reverse.

Q4) What exercises should diabetics avoid?

Ans - Exercising running and jogging helps in avoiding diabetes.

Q5) How many minutes a day should a diabetic exercise?

Ans - You should exercise daily for 20 to 25 minutes.

Q6) Should Old People Can Do These Exercises?

Ans - Yes Offcourse but they should first consult with their doctor.

Q7) What exercises should diabetics avoid?

Ans - You should avoid Heavy Lifting and straining types of exercise.

Q8) Can exercise reduce diabetes?

Ans - Yes, diabetes starts reducing by doing daily exercise.

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