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How push ups will change your body: 100 push-ups a day

How push ups will change your body

How push-ups will change your body-

Today a person asked me the question of how push-ups will change your body. So I will try to answer the same question today with this article.

That person asked me if we do the same exercise every day, like push-ups and pull-ups then what will change in our body after 1 year.

I liked his question very much. In today article I will cover

How push-ups will change your body

How to do push-ups

Benefits of pushups

Things to remember when doing push-ups.

I will tell you all these things in detail.

Push-ups every day for a month-

If we do pushups daily, will our body be formed? Will cut develop on our body? Will our bodies become muscular?

Friends, we have to talk at some point to answer this question.

1) Muscles Improvement

2) Muscle endurance

3) Growth of muscles

After understanding these three points, we can know what will be the affect our body.

First of all, we are talking about muscle growth. If you are a novice and start applying 100 pushups daily.

Initially, your body will show growth in muscles. Then a time will come that the growth in your body will stop.

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Friends, when we workout, there is a breakdown in our muscle tissue.

When we take a good diet, then our tissue is repaired and its size is more than before. Due to this, there is growth in muscles and the body is formed.

Friends, if we apply 100 pushups daily, then the same quantity of muscles will be broken and the same quantity will be repaired.

You can understand if muscles will break and build up in the same amount every day. So a time will come when growth will stop in your muscles.

The simple answer is, your muscle growth will stop but the endurance of your muscles will increase.

Now the question comes, what is muscle endurance?

This means your capacity or you can say your stamina.

Like when you start pushups, then you can do 10 on the first day, 15, then 20, 30, and 40 the next day.

When you do 100 pushups daily, then you will easily put 150 to 200. This is called endurance means your stamina.

How to do push-ups-

If you want to grow your chest then push-ups are for you. Now I am telling you step by step process of how to do push-ups.

The first thing to keep in mind, How to place your hand position.

Before doing push-ups, you should keep an equal distance between the two hands. Your hand should be in the shoulder line.

If you are a beginner, place your knees on the ground and fold both legs.

Now slowly push the body. Do this for a few days.

When you start doing a little bit better. Then you came to the plank position. Combine both legs.

Squeeze your hips. Slowly up and down the body.

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Push-ups benefits-

1) Friends, if you are thin and your food is not digested properly. If you do daily push-ups, your food will digest well and your body will also grow.

2) Those who are obese should also do pushups in the morning and evening. At first, they will get trouble in doing pushups but if they do it continuously then there will come a time when all their body fat will be gone.

3) If a person has problems with weakness, fatigue, and low energy, if he uses push daily, then his low energy problem will be corrected.

4) If you want to become a sportsman then you should apply push-ups daily. Doing workout increases flexibility and endurance in your body which is very important for a sportsman.

5) The person who has trouble breathing should push up daily. When he exercises daily, is breathing problem is over.

6) Push-ups make your body look attractive. The body of a person whose body structure is bad becomes beautiful.

7) Friends, if you have a headache, and hair loss problems, then do push-ups daily, doing this will speed up the blood circulation in the head, and all the problems of your head will go away.

8) This is an exercise that you can do anywhere. It is a very compact and flexible workout.

Things to be taken care of while doing pushups-

1) The first mistake that every new person makes is the distance between the shoulders. Always follow your shoulder line.

2) The second big mistake we make is our hip position. We either lift the hip or lower it. Always keep your hip straight as we apply plank.

3) The third major mistake we make is your head position. We actually either lift the head up or down. You have to place your head along the body line.

4) The next mistake we all make is to do fast pushups. We should do slow push-ups, this leads to the quick growth of our muscles.

5) The next mistake we all make is the distance between the legs. We should open the legs according to the distance between our hands.

Final opinion on how push-ups will change your body-

Friends, today I have given you information on fitness. What will be the effect on your body if you do push-ups? In this article today, I have tried to cover all the things.

If you push up daily, then your stamina will become too much. By pushing up, the muscles will form on your body and you will look beautiful.

Hope you got relevant information.


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