How to strengthen ankles for running: My 5 Exercises

How to strengthen ankles for running

How to strengthen ankles for running-

When we start running, our feet, ankles, and toe become very susceptible to injury. So the question comes how to strengthen ankles for running?

Don't worry, I have 5 Top class exercises that provide strength to runners' feet and ankles.

The pen is necessary for the writer. Similarly, his feet and heels are necessary for the runner.

The runner should pay attention to his body as well as his heels.

Today we will get the little foot nice and strong so that you can run without any problems.

Foot strengthening exercises for runners-

The first exercise of foot strengthening is named ankle circles.

In this exercise, you have to rotate your foot back and forth.

To do this exercise, you lift your right leg in the air and support it with both hands.

Now you rotate your feet. The best way to turn is to draw a large circle.

You can do this clockwise and anticlockwise.

My advice to you is this, You put 10 rotations clockwise and 10 rotations anticlockwise.

You can practice these ankle stretches on warm-up before running in the morning.

Ankle exercises for runner number two-

The workouts of this foot are also called ankle pumps.

To do this exercise, we will again lift our legs.

Just as we pump our biceps, we will also pump our ankles.

We will take our ankle one time down and then bring it up.

Remember that when you take your foot down, then your toe should indicate toward the ground.

When brought up, its direction should be towards the sky.

You can do at least 10 pumps. When you complete your last pump, hold it for some time.

It is very beneficial in strengthening your foot joint.

Toe exercises for weak ankles-

I will try to walk on my toe in the next exercise.

This is why I do ankle circles and ankle pumps for the first time so that I could warm up my feet.

Now you try to stand on your toes. Remember that the weight of your entire body is on your toes.

Now try to walk slowly on your toes.

This workout makes your toe, ankle, and foot joints strong and flexible.

By doing this exercise, it gives strength to your feet.

You can practice 10 to 20 steps daily.

Foot strengthening exercises for runners

Foot and ankle strengthening exercises-

Earlier in the workout, we were walking on our toes. But in the next exercise, we will walk on our heels.

When we walk on our heels, it affects all the muscles of our feet.

To walk on the heels, lift the front part of your foot and the whole body weight should be on your heel.

Now you are standing on the heels. Now try to walk slowly. Walked at least 20 steps.

You must be feeling very stressed about your leg. Don't worry, this pressure will make your feet strong.

I think my first 4 exercises would have had a huge impact on your leg. Sure, if you practice it regularly then your sprint will be quite good.

Ankle strengthening exercises for trail running-

My next exercise name is single leg hop. According to me, everyone played this game in childhood.

Remember how you used to play this game. We first bend one leg and then try to walk with the other leg.

But I am not going to tell you this easy workout. Now I will show you how to do it.

You put a cloth on the ground. Now you knead one of your legs.

You have to jump once in front of the clothes, once back. Have to jump once to the right side and once to the left.

Jump 5 times forward, 5 times backward, and 5, 5 times right and left. Switch to the other side after completing one side set. Repeat the same exercise on the other foot as well.

Questions and answers related to How to Strengthen Ankle for Running -

Q1) How can I make my ankles stronger for running?

Ans- Regular Ankle Exercise strengthens your ankles and makes you ready to run.

Q2) Does jogging strengthen your ankles?

Ans- Yes, by doing regular jogging, the strength of your ankle increases.

Q3) Why are my ankles so weak?

Ans- Friends, because of not doing regular exercise and not walking, the ankles are weak.

Q4) How do runners strengthen weak ankles?

Ans - By doing proper exercise on ankles, you can make them stronger.

Q5) Why are my ankles weak when I run?

Ans - If you do not train them properly then they start becoming weak.

Q6) Is Practicing Running Increase our Physical Strength?

Ans - Yes, Practicing Running Increases our Physical as well as Mental Strength.

Q7) Can weak ankles be strengthened?

Ans - If you do proper training and exercise of your ankle, then your ankle can be strengthened.

Q8) Why are my ankles so weak when I run?

Ans - If you place your feet in the wrong way or your ankles keep getting hurt then they start becoming weak.

Summary on How to strengthen ankles for running-

Friends, today everyone runs in the morning to maintain their fitness.

But we do not give enough warm-up to our foot and ankle, which increases the chances of injury to the foot.

If you get an injury in the leg, it will keep you off track for a long time.

Therefore, a proper workout should be given to your ankle and toe so that you can protect yourself from injury.

Through today's article, I am sure you have found the causes and solutions for your ankle pain.

hope you like Today's article How to strengthen ankles for running.

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