Naukasana Benefits and Precautions : How to do Navasana

Naukasana benefits and precautions

Our spinal bone adds beauty to our body. Now, how can we make our spine straight and powerful? Naukasana is the answer to this question. Today, I will tell you in detail about what is Naukasana and Naukasana benefits and precautions.

What is naukasana?

Naukasana is known as Boat Pose Yoga in English. It is made up of the sum of two words. Nauk means boat and asana we all know as a yoga pose. For this reason, it was named Boat Yoga Pose or Naukasana.

When we practice this yoga, our body looks like a boat.

Naukasana is an amazing posture because we can do it both in the back and prone position.

Naukasana is a panacea for our stomachs. It makes our core strength and keeps the kidneys, pancreas, and stomach juices in balance.

How to do naukasana-

Preparatory Poses-

1) Balasana
3) Padhastasana


1) First came in the state of Dandasana. Now place your hip firmly on the ground.

2) Bend your legs with the knee and lift them in the air. The position should be like you are sitting in the boat, but the feet should be in the air.

3) Keep your hands straight in the air. The position of the hands should be in the direction of the face.

4) All your body weight is on your hips

5) You have to be in this state for at least 30 seconds

6) Now leaving the breath came down slowly.

7) Repeat the pose again.

Follow Up Poses-

1) Lolasana

2) Tulasana

3) Shalabhasana

Types of Boat yoga pose –

According to my knowledge and practice, there are 3 types of naukasana poses.

Paripurna Navasana

Ardha navasana

Ek pada navasana

The yoga pose stated above is called Paripurna Navasana.

Ardha navasana-

Ardha navasana is composed of a combination of two words. Ardha meaning half and navasana means boat pose.

This posture is very good for our abdomen. It strengthens our stomach muscles. If our stomach muscles become strong, all movements will become easy for us.

To do the Ardha navasana first sit in the position like you are in the boat.

Grab your thighs with your hands. Keep in mind that your spine should be straight during practice this posture.

Now lift your leg. The whole weight of the body should be on the hip bone.

Your legs should be parallel to the ground. Stay in this position for 35 to 40 seconds.

Slowly leave the position.

One-legged boat pose –

To do Ek pada navasana. First of all, sat in Dandasana. Now bend one leg and hold it with both hands.

Lift your other leg at a 30-degree angle in the air. Your spine should be straight and have breath control.


1) Beginners -  less than 1 minutes

2) Medium -  between 1 to 2 minutes

3) Expert -     More than 1 minutes

Beginner Tips -

Friends, our belly and spine engage while doing this yoga pose.

That is why we must exercise our core and spine to strengthen so that we do not have an injury.

Naukasana benefits and precautions-

Naukasana Benefits-

1) Naukasana practice increases meditation and confidence. This posture is very beneficial for students.

2) This posture brings firmness, flexibility, and balance to the body. It reduces obesity, which creates 6 pack abs.

3) Regular practice of boat yoga poses helps in getting rid of diseases like fatty liver. It eliminates fatty liver from the root.

4) It reduces tension and anxiety and also helps to strengthen your nervous system.

5) It helps in treating slip disc and also helps in eradicating your heart disease.

6)  Boat yoga pose reduces abdominal fat. This pose is a panacea for the stomach. With its regular practice, you can get rid of belly fat soon.

7) This yogasana keeps our digestive system right. If our digestion is correct, then we can get rid of 1000 diseases.

8) The organs present in the abdomen, such as the kidney, pancreas, intestine, liver, and gastric, correct the disease and make the body healthy.

9) Navasana cleans our intestines and destroys the diseases occurring in the urine.

10) This posture makes the spinal cord and backbone flexible and strong, which makes the person walk straight even in old age.

Naukasana Precautions-

1) If we do Naukasana incorrectly, then there is an increased risk of a hernia.

2) A person suffering from asthma should not perform this asana.

3) If you have problems with the spinal, then do not do yoga as it increases your risk of spinal injury.

4) People suffering from heart disease skip this asana.

5) A person who has a chronic injury in the hip should not do this yoga pose.

6) The person who has problems with high blood pressure and migraine should not do this asana.

7) Pregnant women and those who have neck injuries should avoid this posture.

8) Breath control is also very important while doing boat yoga poses.

Conclusion on Naukasana benefits and precautions-

Today in this article I have discussed Naukasana, its types, benefits, and precautions.

I hope this article will give you the answer to all the questions related to your boat yoga pose.

You practice this asana every day and help in making the whole world healthy.


Q1) What are the benefits of Naukasana?

Ans - By doing this yoga, our abdominal muscles are strengthened and it also makes our spine flexible and strong.

Q2 ) Is Naukasana and Navasana same?

Ans- Yes, both are the same. There is only a slight difference between the two.

Q 3 ) Why is it called Boat pose?

Ans -  it is called the boat pose because in this the position of our body looks like a boat.

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