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Advanced padmasana benefits and precautions with Steps

padmasana benefits and precautions

Padmasana benefits and precautions-

In today's time, everyone is unhappy with the increase in weight, most of the people have a perfect body, but fat accumulates on their thighs and waist, due to which those people do not look good despite looking good.

If you are also a victim of the same thing then you have come to the right place.

Today, I will tell you a posture that will solve your problem. This pose is padmasana I will tell you steps, Padmasana benefits and precautions.

Padmasana is made up of two words. The Padma means lotus ( kamal) and asana means pose that's why we call it lotus pose.

Steps of padmasana-

1) We will practice some preparatory poses before performing Padmasana.

2) First of all, place the heel of your right foot on the knee of the left foot. Place the heel of the left foot under the knee of the right foot. Sitting in this posture for some time. This causes stretching of your leg and thigh.

3) After preparation, our feet are ready to come into Padmasana.

4) First set the quartet and sit down. Put your right leg on your left thighs. The foot should be like this, the heel is near your stomach.

5) Similarly, place the left leg on the right thighs.

6) Straighten your waist and place your hands on your knees.

7) Close your eyes and go into deep meditation.

8) Breathe in and out.

9) Try to spend as much time in this posture as possible.

10) To get rid of the posture, first, leave your body loose and then one by one, lower your legs down from your thighs.

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Padmasana beginner tips-

The beginner has the most difficulty keeping his feet on the thighs.

The solution to this problem is that first, you have to learn to set a quartet.

To put a quartet, first of all, put your right foot on the knee of the inverted leg. If you have difficulty in doing this, then put a pillow under your right thighs.

Tilt your body forward so that your legs are flexible.

Similarly, practice the other leg.

Slowly, the vein of your foot will open and you will start doing Padmasana.

Lotus pose variation-

1) Vikasita Kamalasana

2) Baddha Padmasana

3) Utthita Padmasana

4) Ardha Padmasana

5) Ardha Padmasana Raised Arms

6) Ardha Padmasana Side Bend

7) Ardha Padmasana Twist Raised Arms

8) Urdhva Padmasana

9) Urdhva Kukkutasana

10) Ardha Padmasana

Lotus pose Benefits-

1) If you want to meditate but are unable to apply, then Padmasana is such a yoga method whose posture will help you to meditate. This pose is very helpful for meditation.

2) This asana helps you in weight loss, if you practice this method for a long time, then the weight of your waist and thighs will be reduced by 2 times.

3) Children's brainpower is intensified by the constant practice of this asana. Children remember books quickly and understand things easily.

4) Padmasana is very beneficial in spine pain and back pain.

5) Those people who have knee pain and heels pain or whose knees are locked, Padmasana removes their problem.

6) If you have migraine, headache, or blood pressure problems, then practice Lotus Pose continuously, you will soon be free from these problems.

7) Padmasana corrects your digestive system and also cure your constipation disease.

8) Padmasana provides peace of mind, it acts as a panacea in stress and anxiety.

9) Infertility disease is also overcome by the practice of Padmasana.

10) If the lady continues to practice Padmasana, it helps a lot in her childbirth.

11) This pose increases the energy level in your body.

Padmasana precautions-

1) Do not perform Padmasana if you have a knee injury or if your knee muscle is torn. 

2) If you have ankle pain then avoid lotus pose.

3) Do not do even if you have an injury to your back and spine.

4) Practice under the supervision of a good yoga teacher.

5) The pregnant woman should not do this asana.

6) Do not do this asana even if you have a problem in your joint or hip.

Some thoughts on padmasana benefits and precautions-

Friends Padmasana falls into one of the main 4 asanas. If you have observed then you must have found that all our Gods also meditate by sitting in the posture of Padmasana.

Once you see all the pictures, all the Gods will be found in this state.

Friends, there are many benefits of Padmasana, someone has said that if you have done Padmasana for a long time, you have done all yoga.

In today's article, I have told you what is Padmasana and its steps and padmasana benefits and precautions.

If you like the post, then come back.


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