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Pro Vrischikasana benefits: vrischikasana steps and contraindications

Vrischikasana benefits and vrischikasana steps and contraindications.

Vrischikasana steps and contraindications-

Most people dream of developing a strong and good-looking shoulder and body.

They spend a few hours in the gym but cannot achieve the dream. The main reason behind this is the lack of proper exercise for the shoulder.

But the question is, will you still have this dream?

My answer is yes. You will still develop a good-looking shoulder. You will achieve this dream through yoga.

To fulfill this Goal we will practice vrischikasana. Today I will take you to the ride of Vrischikasana benefits and vrischikasana steps and contraindications.


English- Scorpion pose

Hindi- bichuasana

Sanskrit- Vrischikasana

It is composed of two words 

First-word Virschik- Scorpio

Second Word Asana- Pose

That’s why it is sometimes known as a scorpion pose.

It got its name Scorpio pose because when we do this pose, our posture looks like a scorpion sting.

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How to do Vrischikasana-

Preparatory poses-

1) Bhujangasana

2) Padmasana

3) Downward facing dog

4) Camel pose


1) First of all, keep both hands parallel to the floor. Interlock the fingers of both your hands.

2) Now place your head between the interlock fingers of both hands.

3) Now try to do a headstand. To do this pose you should know how to do a headstand.

4) Now slowly remove your palms from near the head and keep them parallel to each other on the ground.

5) Now bend your knee. Now your feet look like some scorpion stings.

6) Now open your chest and raise your head up.

7) Now stay in this situation for some time. Remember, keep breathing continuously.

8) Now place your head on the ground and again, comes in the headstand position.

9) Slowly release your body from the posture.

Follow up poses-

1) Sirsasan

2) Vrikashasana

Beginner Tips-

To perform this pose you must first have knowledge of the headstand. If you do not know the headstand, then it will be a bit difficult to pose.

Therefore, you must first practice the headstand thoroughly and then practice the scorpion pose. 

Durations -

1) Beginner - more than 30 seconds

2) Intermediate - between 30 to 60 seconds

3) Expert - More than 60 seconds

Vrischikasana Variations-

1) Peacock pose-

In this posture do not bend your knee backward. We keep our feet like a headstand but will bend the waist lightly.

2) One leg bent scorpion pose-

In this pose, we only turn one leg backward.

3) Sayanasana-

This Asana is exactly like Pinch Pose. We just place both our elbows on the ground in this pose.

Vrischikasana Benefits-

1) Vrischikasana increases the beauty of the face because when we do this pose, the flow of blood on our face becomes faster.

2) This suddenly increases your confidence. The disease of depression ends and mental confidence is increased.

3) By doing Vrischikasana, the stomach-related disease is eliminated. Digestion improves and hunger for food begins.

4) Urine-related diseases are also cured by this asana. Such as - Urine obstruction and urinary tract irritation.

5) A lot of concentration is required to perform this pose. If children do this posture, then their intelligence develops.

6) Balance has to be made to perform Vrischikasana, so every part of the body is stretched and the body becomes strong.

7) This asana makes your shoulders and forearms strong. Which makes your body look attractive.

8) If you want to avoid cervical pain and back pain, then this pose is a panacea.

9) This asana makes your spine and neck flexible and strong.

10) This pose develops immunity in the body. Which gets the power to fight all kinds of diseases like a corona.

Vrischikasana Precautions-

1) Initially resort to the wall to perform this asana. This pose is difficult if you do not take support then it will lead to a severe back injury.

2) While doing this, only stay for 20 seconds. If there is more trouble, you can leave before 20 seconds.

3) People who have heart disease, TB, ulcers, or hernia. They should not do this pose.

4) Do not do this asana if you have high blood pressure and stomach-related diseases.

5) Pregnant women do not practice Scorpion pose because it causes problems in childbirth.

A final thought on vrischikasana steps and contraindications-

Friends, I have told you a lot about Vrischikasana Benefits. Friends, this is a posture that increases energy and confidence even in a weak person.

In the complete knowledge of Yoga, it comes under the most difficult posture. But as hard as it is, it also has its benefits.

The more you practice this pose, the more your body will benefit.

Today we have thoroughly understood the vrischikasana steps and contraindications in this article. I hope this article will benefit you very much.


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