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Yoga postures for mental health : Refresh your mind

Yoga postures for mental health
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Yoga postures for mental health -

Today we are doing some yoga postures for mental health which will give us mental peace and improve our mental strength.

In this pollution-filled life of today, our mind is completely spoiled. We suffer from diseases like memory loss, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Every day, someone is suffering from mental illness. A survey by the World Health Organization revealed that these 26 million people suffer from mental illness.

Today in this article, I will teach you some simple yoga poses. Using them will protect you from mental illness to some extent.

Let's start yoga practice first.

Yoga asanas for mental illness-

First, you need to stand with butt-width gaps, loosen your shoulders.

Your palm should be pressed to the thighs.

Breathe in and lift your shoulders up. With a roll-up, your body should move upward.

While exhaling, you move your shoulder backward and bring it down slowly.

We will repeat this shoulder motion 10 to 13 times.

Keep in mind that breathing and exhaling are important in yoga. So don't forget to breathe in and out.

You can reverse the process.

This process is like we are cycling. But not this time with legs. We are using our shoulders for paddling.

By practicing this yoga you are relaxing your shoulders which will calm your mind and which is the source of relaxation in your mind.

Bingo, we have finished our first exercise.

Yoga asanas for mental health-

In my next yoga posture to improve mental health. Inhale and raise your hand upward.

Breathe out while you bend your right elbow behind your back. Use your left palm to push your elbow backward.

Keep breathing in and out. Stay here for a couple of minutes.

Hey, you have seen a guy in a casual position. This posture is similar to look like that.

This yoga pose relaxes your shoulder. Slowly this calms your mind and improves your concentration.

Now guys, change the side and repeat the same process.

Are you enjoying this posture?

Yoga postures for mental health (Tadasana) –

This is a very common yoga asana and I have discussed it a lot of time in my articles.

But the importance of this asana always forces me to write about it.

Let’s start it.

Inhale and interlock your finger, just above your crown chakra. While breathing in, pull your arm upwards, and go on your toes.

Breathe out, slowly moves down.

Quiet a simple exercise, this exercise reminds me of my childhood days. When I was a child I used a rubber mat to jump up and down.

Remember, breathing is necessary during yoga. 

I already explained the uses of Tadasana. This yoga will improve your brain health and reduce the chances of depression.

Yoga for brain blood circulation (Dangling pose)-

In this yoga asana, Inhale, bend your knees, and breathe out while you bend forward.

Make sure the spine is straight and slowly loosen your hands downward.

Drop your head also. Try to keep your knees straight, exhale while you went deeper.

Try to touch your head on your knees.

Breathe out, come halfway up. Loosen your knees and go back to the position.

This time hold your opposite elbows and move side to side.

Relax your palms, come halfway up. Place your palm on the floor.

From here we are moving to the next asana.

Keep your feet backward and then shift your bodyweight equally. Press your one heel onto the floor and pull up another heel.

The heel you pull up, bend that knee. Now paddling.

We will do these exercises a couple of times.

Are you still with me?

Yoga exercises for mental health-

In my next yoga postures for mental health.

Turn your knees, place your knees on the mat. Join your feet by placing them on each other.

Place your wrist under your shoulder. Inhale, loosen your spinal cord. Push your hip line upwards and now your chin up.

Breathe out, while you roll you're pelvic in, and pull your stomach in. move your back toward the ceiling and tuck your chin toward your chest.

Breathe in, and return to the original position. Repeat the same process.

Now make the gap between your knees. Move your wrist in a forwarding direction.

Exhale, while you push your hipline and sit in between the gap of your heels.

We are relaxing in this position.

This position calms our mind.

Yoga sequence for mental health-

Now we sit in the Vajrasana position.

Keep your left palm ahead of your right knee and just twist. Do it on the other side.

Inhale, while exhaling we are twisting towards our right side again come to the center and turn to the left side.

This simple twisting refreshed your mind.

My view on yoga postures for mental health-

In today’s article, I have covered the below point.

1) Yoga exercises for mental health 

2) Yoga sequence for mental health

3) Yoga asanas for mental health    

4) Yoga postures for mental health

5) Yoga asanas for mental illness 

6) Yoga for brain blood circulation

Friends, we should make yoga a part of our life to freshen the mind and for the right blood flow to the brain.

Friends, millions of people suffer from mental illness every day. It is coming out as a serious illness day by day.

The only cure I can see is continuous yoga practice. With yoga practice, you can correct any diseases of your knees, waist, and body.

Do yoga daily.


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