Balasana steps benefits and precautions|| Child pose for glowing skin

Balasana steps benefits and precautions

Balasana steps benefits and precautions-

The beauty of women is known by their faces. Women use many beauty products to make their skin glow.

This product makes your skin look beautiful for some time. But with continuous use, it takes away the natural beauty of your skin.

So what to do now. So that our skin looks beautiful and we do not have to use harmful skin products.

The answer to this question is Balasana. This is a good type of yoga. If you practice this yoga, it will benefit your entire body with your skin.

Today we will understand in detail about Balasana steps benefits and precautions.

Basics of Child Pose-

English Meaning – Child Pose

Hindi meaning-      बालसाना

Sanskrit meaning- Balasana

It is made of Sanskrit words

1) Bala  -   child

2) Asana-   Pose

When we combine these two words then it will become a Child pose.

It is also known as 

1) Garbhasana 

2) Shashankasana

We begin this pose with Vajrasana. Later, we bend our upper body forward and try to make our head touch to the ground.

How to do Balasana-

Preparatory pose-

Before performing this asana, we should practice Bhujangasana, Vajrasana and Padahastasana.

Bhujangasana and Vajrasana make the warm-up of our feet, and the padahastasana warm up our back and spine.


1) First, sit in the Vajrasana posture.

2) Now straight the spine and straight the head.

3) Take a deep breath, and bend your torso from the hipline.

4) Slowly move your upper body down towards your knee.

5) When you down your head, at the same time place your hand backward.

6) The inverted part of your hand should touch to the ground.

7) Now try to touch your head to the ground.

8) This is the final position of Balasana. In this position, you look like a child in the womb of the mother.

9) Stay here for 15 seconds if you are a beginner and for an expert at least 1 minute.

10) Slowly return to the origin position.

Follow up poses-

1) Chakrasana

2) Navasana

3) Dhanurasana

Durations -

1) For beginner Less than 30 seconds

2) For intermediate more than 30 seconds

3) For Expert More than 120 seconds

Child pose Beginner Tips –

This posture is quite easy, but initially, the muscle of our waist is not open due to which we have difficulty in bending forward.

For this you do not bow down at first, bend only half. And try to bend slowly every day. Do this for 2 weeks, you will not believe that from the third week you will be able to lean forward.

Balasana Variations- 

1) Balasana Bolster-

In this, we use a pillow to bend forward. in the final position, our head is on the pillow and we grab the pillow by our hands.

2) Ardha Kurmasana-

In this, we stretch our hands forward.

3) Balasana Variation Both Arms To Side-

In this, we sit in vajrasana and bend our torso forward. In the final position, our both hands are stretched forward and parallel to each other.

Balasana Benefits- 

1) Balasana Strengthen our calves, thigh, leg, and abdomen muscles.

2) This yoga pose activates your body and the stress level of the mind reduces.

3) Child pose relieves fatigue of our body and mind.

4) Through this asana, blood flows throughout the body, which is beneficial for sugar, BP, and heart disease.

5) This asana relieves the stress of your knees, wrist, neck, and shoulders.

6) Child pose improves your digestion. A problem like constipation, gas gets cured through this pose.

7) This asana relief from the pain during periods of women.

8) This asana glows on a women's skin because when she bends forward then blood circulates towards her face.

9) This also cures Skin diseases like pimples, acne, fine lines, and dark circles of women's faces.

10) This yoga reduces belly fat, and loves handles.

Child pose Precautions-

1) When we bend forward do not put any extra stress on our spine.

2) Your head should touch the ground completely while leaning forward.

3) Your hands should be backward and touch the ground inverted.

4) Do not bow for more than 30 seconds.

5) Pregnant women, high BP patients, heart patients, hernia sufferers, and cervical patients should not do this asana.

Questions and answers related to Balasana -

Q1) Who should not do Balasana?

Ans- The person who has back pain should not do this yoga.

Q2 ) What are the benefits of child pose?

Ans - By doing this yoga, your flexibility increases, and your back pain is reduced.

Q3) Should Teenagers do this pose?

Ans - Yes, you can do it under the guidance of Parents and Instructors.

Summary of Balasana steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, this posture got the name Balasana because its final status is like a child growing in a womb.

This pose is very useful for women. This asana corrects all skin-related diseases of women.

If a person has very chronic constipation, then that too will be eradicated from this asana.

Friends, today we read Balasana steps benefits and precautions.

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