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Advanced Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions

Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions

Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions-

Today we will be discussing Bhadrasana. Guys this asana is very beneficial for women.

Guys after Pregnancy women gain a lot of weight. Mostly Her legs and thighs become chubby.

They tried lots of exercises but it requires continuous efforts to lose weight. 

But through Bhadrasana They can easily thigh and leg fats. This asana also helps in reducing belly fats.

I am not saying this pose is only for women, men will also be benefited from this pose.

Today in this article we will learn about Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions in detail.

Bhadrasana Deep Information- 

English Meaning -       Gracious Pose

Hindi Meaning-            भद्रासना

Sanskrit Meaning-    Bhadrasana

 It is composed of Two Vedic word 

Bhadra   meaning -        Gracious

Asana     meaning-          Pose

That’s why it is known as a gracious pose in English.

In this pose, we keep both our legs in the same position as the quartet but do not fold the legs, but sit with your sole connected to each other.

How to do Bhadrasana-

Gracious Preparatory Pose-

Before doing this pose, we must warm up our legs for this we do some stretching exercises. 

Mostly I recommended Trikonasana, vajrasana, and bhujangasana because these poses open up your legs. 

This will reduce the chances of injury.

Bhadrasana Steps-

1) First of all, you should sit in Bhujangasana.

2) Spread your legs forward.

3) Now bend your legs from the knees and connect both ankles to each other.

4) Place both hands on the knee and touch the ground with the finger.

5) The spine should be straight and look forward.

6) Now Continuously take deep breaths.

7) stay here as long as possible

8) Slowly release the posture and move to the Bhujangasana position.

Follow Up Poses- 

1) Gomukhasana

2) Trikonasana

3) Camel Pose

Bhadrasana Beginners Tips-

Initially, you face problems with bending your legs because your thigh muscles are not fully open up.

So initially you bend the half leg and gradually increase the twisting. When your legs are completely open up then do the full-twisting of legs.


Duration is different for different people depending upon their yoga level.

The beginner should do at least 30 seconds.

Intermediate may do for 45 to 60 seconds

The expert should do more than 60 seconds.

Gracious Pose Variations-

1) Baddha Konasana Blocks

In this posture, we put two-block under our Thighs to support our legs. 

2) Baddha Konasana Arms Behind-

This posture is similar to the original bhadrasana only difference is that we take both hands backward and put our palms on the floor.

3) Parivrtta Baddha Konasana Hand Variation-

In this posture, our lower body is similar to the original asana. We twist our upper body towards the left side and put one hand on the knee. The other hand stretches outside.

Bhadrasana Health Benefits-

1) The most precious benefit of Bhadrasana is this will open up our Muladhara chakra.

2) The second most benefits of the gracious pose are it will reduce our whole body fat. It will reduce our leg, thigh, and belly fat.

3) After eating food, if we do this mudra for at least 5 minutes it will help to digest the food.

4) This Pose will fasten the function of the inner body parts like the liver, pancreas, intestine, and lungs.

5) Common diseases like gas, acidity, food indigestion will cure through Bhadrasana.

6) This yoga poses Flexible and strengthens your spine.

7) Bhadrasana will improve focus, concentration. The students who have the problem of poor memory will also do this pose.

8) This yoga is also helpful for respiratory diseases like asthma.

9) This yoga poses to develop positive energy in our whole body. This positive energy will show in daily works.

10) This yoga pose is very beneficial for the thyroid gland patient and it will improve the functioning of reproductive systems.

Bhadrasana Precautions-

1) The person who has a leg and thigh injury does not do bhadrasana.

2) Slowly do the pose, fasten will lead to critical injuries.

3) Always understand your limit, do not cross your limit because it will lead to severe injury.

4) Pregnant women, High BP patients, Hernia patients, and cervical patients stay away from the bhadrasana.

5) Headache, Insomnia, Heart patient will take extra precautions while doing the gracious pose.

Final words on Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, the maximum benefit to Bhadrasana is similar to Vajrasana because this pose has arisen from Vajrasana itself.

You can purify your entire body by doing this pose. Therefore, this pose is also known as Disease destroying posture.

I hope this post will benefit you a lot in staying healthy. Today's topic was Bhadrasana steps benefits and precautions.


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