Garudasana (Eagle Pose) steps benefits and limitations

Garudasana steps benefits and limitations

Garudasana steps benefits and limitations-

Friends, today we will talk about Garudasana. Friends, this is a very nice pose.

While doing this pose, we fold our entire bodies. Like turning both our hands in each other and both our legs in each other.

By doing this, our entire body becomes flexible. This pose makes our hands and feet strong and flexible like rubber.

To perform this pose, we have to learn the balance of our entire body. By balancing, our brain establishes coordination with the body.

It also increases the power of the brain. By doing this, the brain becomes very sharp.

Friends, I have told you some benefits, in the post, I will tell you about Garudasana steps benefits, and limitations in detail.

Beginning of Garudasana-

English Meaning-        Eagle Pose

Hindi Meaning-           गरुड़ासन

Sanskrit Meaning-   Garudasana

It is composed of two Ancient Sanskrit Words

Garuda-     Eagle

Asana-        Pose

That’s why it is known as the Garudasana or eagle pose.

Inside this posture, we rotate our hand legs in such a way that our posture looks like Garuda.

How to do Eagle Pose-

Preparatory pose-

This posture is a bit difficult if we do not do a proper warm-up, then we are at risk of muscle injury of our hands and feet.

To avoid injuries, you should do trikonasana and Tadasana before performing an eagle pose.


1) First of all, you should stand up straight, the difference between your two legs should be the same.

2) First of all, I will teach you the hand position. You put one of your elbows on the upper part of the other elbow.

3) Now turn your lower hand and hold the palm of the upper hand with the finger.

4) It ends your hand position. Now we will explain to you the foot position.

5) First, you place the lower part of one knee above the other knee.

6) Now you turn your upper leg towards the lower leg and touch the upper part of the foot on the back of the lower leg.

7) This is the last position of your leg. Now try to balance your body.

8) Stay in this position as much as possible.

9) Slowly came out of this position.

Follow up poses-

1) Padhastasana

2) Suryanamaskar

3) Makarasana


1) Beginners -      10 to 30 seconds

2) Intermediate-   45 to 1 minute

3) Expert-              1 minute to 2 minutes 

 Garudasana Beginners Tips-

This pose is a bit difficult, you will feel trouble in three places.

First, you will have difficulty doing a full twist of your hand. Secondly, there will be trouble in making legs twist, and the third balance.

You practice the twist slowly, do not twist suddenly, as time passes you will keep becoming an expert in it.

Eagle Pose Variations-

1) Open leg Garudasana- 

In this, our legs are open there is sufficient distance between them. Our hand position is the same as the original pose.

2) Tadasana Garudasana-

In this, our legs are twisted like the original pose and our hand position is similar to the Tadasana pose.

Benefits of Garudasana-

1) Garudasana makes our whole body flexible. The muscles of our hands and feet become very flexible.

2) It helps a lot in balancing the body and mind.

3) Asana is very beneficial in reducing your stomach, love handle Fat.

4) Helps to speed up children's memory and improve concentration.

5) This pose reduces your hand fat, leg fat, and thigh fat.

6) It helps to develop your immunity during the coronavirus period. This pose boosts your immunity.

7) Stomach problems such as gas, indigestion, constipation, and gastric juice, will cure all.

8) This asana treats back problems or cervical pain.

9) Corrects the skin problem and brings a glow to the skin.

10) The eagle pose makes the whole body stiff and shapely.

11) By doing this pose, there is an improvement in the flow of blood in your body.

12) This pose improves the metabolism rate.

13) This asana improves the flexibility of your Shoulder, Knee, and Joints.

14) By doing this asana, you do not get heart disease.

Eagle Pose Limitations-

1) Pay special attention to the twist of the hand while performing Garudasana, there may be an injury in the hand if it is twisted in the wrong way.

2) While doing Garudasana, pay special attention to the twist in the leg, there may be an injury in the leg if it is bent in the wrong way.

3) While doing this asana, pay attention to the balance of the body, if the balance is disturbed then there can be an injury.

4) Those who have back pain, headache, and migraine problems should not do Garudasana.

5) Pregnant women do not pose because this pose has a wrong impact on the child.

6) Piles and fistula patients should not do this pose.

Final words on Garudasana steps benefits and limitations-

Friends, this pose helps in making the body flexible. It comes under the category of advanced yoga. This pose is a bit difficult but it gives you more benefits than other yoga poses.

Today we read Garudasana steps benefits and limitations.

Questions and answers related to Garudasana -

Q1)-  What is the meaning of Garudasana?

Ans - Garudasana has a different meaning for a different reason but in India, it means Eagle Pose because our body looks like the eagle.

Q2)- What is Eagle Pose good for?

Ans - Eagle pose is good for strengthening our hands and legs.

Q3)- Which is the best asana for back pain?

Ans - Best pose for backpain is salabhasana and marjariasana.

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q5) What is the ideal duration of Garudasana?

Ans - Ideal Duration of Garudasana is 40 to 50 seconds

Q6) Best Time For Garudasana Pose ?

Ans - You Should do this pose in the Morning.

Q7) Who should not perform Garudasana?

Ans - Friends, if you have pain in your hips, back, and shoulders, then you should avoid this pose.

Q8) Why is the eagle pose good for you?

Ans - Because it improves your balance and focus.

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