Kagasana (Crow Pose) steps and benefits

Kagasana steps and benefits

Kagasana steps and benefits-

Friends, the name of yoga that we are going to talk about today is Kagasana.

This exercise is very interesting and you will enjoy doing it.

Friends, if you have pain in the hips or pain in your spine, then this yoga is best for you.

This pose also improves blood circulation throughout your body.

If you practice it regularly then you will start feeling its benefits in a few days.

Today we will read kagasana steps and benefits in detail.

What is Kagasana-

English Meaning-       Crow Pose

Hindi Meaning-           कागासन

Sanskrit Meaning-    Kagasana

It is composed of two well known Sanskrit words

Kaga   -   Crow

Asana-     Pose

Hence in English, it is known as Crow pose.

When we do this posture, our body looks like a crow. That is why we also call it Kaga Pose.

How to do Crow Pose-

Preparatory Poses-

While doing this asana, there is more emphasis on our hips and spine. That is why we do stretching of hips and spine.

Such as -plank, Chakrasana, padhastasana.

Kagasana Steps-

1) First of all, stand up straight and join the feet together.

2) Raise both your hands to shoulder level, making sure that the hands are not too high or too low.

3) Now inhale and sit slowly bending the knee.

4) make sure that your hips do not touch the ground. You are fully sitting on your legs.

5) Slowly place your hands on the knee or you can hug your knee with your hands.

6) At this Position, Your spine must be straight and your chest should be open up and your face must be straight.

7) Spend maximum time in this position.

8) Try to squeeze your stomach inside and keep breathing.

9) Finally, leave the pose and come back to the original position.

Follow up poses-

1) Vajrasana

2) Gomukhasana

3) Chair Pose

Kagasana Durations-

Beginners-           1 minute

Intermediate-       2 minutes

Expert-                 3 Minutes

Beginners Tips-

Initially, you will have difficulty sitting, for this, you should make some sets.

Like - Initially, you make a habit to sit for 15, 15 seconds.

As the durability of sitting in this position will increase. In the same way, you will become an expert in this pose.


1) If you have difficulty sitting with your hands on your knees, then you can place your hands on the ground.

2) In the second variation, you can apply a cushion under your hips, this will help you sit.

Kagasana Benefits-

1) This yoga pose is very beneficial for weight loss. Eliminates unnecessary fat from the stomach and reduces the fat of thighs.

2) Crow pose plays an important role in curing the Pain of the Spine, leg, and knees.

3) It improves the blood circulation in our body which results in the filtering of blood and improves the glow on our face.

4) Critical diseases like Heart disease, kidney dysfunction, constipation, and stomach problem get cured through this pose.

5) This yoga also provides the standard shape to your body through this, you look attractive.

Crow pose Precautions-

1) If you feel Uncomfortable while sitting then try to avoid this pose or you can take advice from a yoga instructor.

2) The person has critical Back pain or has cervical issues, they should also leave this pose.

3) You will use the support (wall, cushion) to do this pose.

4) Back pain, Hernia patients must not do this pose because it will lead to some serious injury.

5) Pregnant women should avoid Kagasana because this pose directly affects the stomach.

Conclusion on Kagasana Steps and benefits-

Friends, if you are more worried about weight gain then Kagasana is very beneficial for you.

This pose helps in reducing the critical weight of the stomach. If you want to reduce weight quickly, then do crow pose.

It also makes the legs and spine flexible. This pose is very beneficial for Beginners.

My personal advice to you is that you add this yoga to your daily routine.

Today we have learned Kagasana Steps and benefits.


Q1)- How do you do Kagasana?

Ans - Kagasana is a simple sitting pose in which you are sitting on your bend knees and fold hands to cover your knees.

Q2) Benefit of Kagasana?

Ans - One of the best Benefit of kagasana is this pose reduce your lower body fat.

Q3)- Best Active hour of Kagasana?

Ans - If you do this pose at the morning than this pose helps you a lot.

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