Makarasana steps benefits and precautions || Crocodile pose variations

Makarasana steps benefits and precautions

Makarasana steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, you must have heard about blood circulation. Do you know what is blood circulation and what are its effects on our body?

Friends, why are we talking about blood circulation, let me clear it up first. Friends, the posture we are going to do today improves blood circulation in our body.

Before understanding poses, we understand blood circulation. Blood circulation means the flow of blood throughout the body.

If there is blood flow in our entire body, then all the parts of our body work well with it. Our skin glows and the heart works well.

With the help of Makarasana, we can improve our blood circulation. This asana purifies the blood, thus correcting all minor diseases.

In today's article, we will read in detail the makarasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Makarasana in Detail-

English Meaning -        Crocodile Pose

Hindi Meaning-             मकरासन

Sanskrit Meaning-         Makarasana

It is made of two words

Makar -   Crocodile

Asana-    Pose

Hence it is called Crocodile Pose.

In this posture, we are laying on our abdomen side and placing our forehead on our folded forearms.

How to do Makarasana-

Preparatory pose-

This pose is quite easy to perform but my personal experience says preparation is always mandatory.

You can do a plank, Bhujangasana, and simple stretching exercises.

Makarasana Steps-

1) First, lay down on your stomach side.

2) Join your foot to each other and direct your toe outside.

3) Place both elbows together and place your face between the two palms.

4) Now fold your hands. This means your elbow should touch the floor and you press the ground with your palms as shown in the picture.

5) Place your forehead on the palm and stay here for a couple of seconds and minutes according to your comfort.

6) Keep breathing and repeat this posture a couple of times.

7) Finally out from the position.

Follow up poses-

1) Chakrasana

2)  Gomukhasana

3) Tadasana


Beginner -          30 to 45 seconds

Intermediate-    45 seconds to 1 minute

Expert-               1 to 2 minutes

Beginner Tips-

This pose is very simple. You, people, should not have any problem doing this.

But people who have back pain. They cannot keep their forehead in their palms and keep it on the ground.

Or they can interlock their finger and place their forehead in it, this will cause less stress on their back.

Crocodile Pose Variations-

1) Supported Ardha Bhekasana-

This poses I personally love it because in this pose we place a cushion under our body and grab it like we hug our mom.

2) Advasana Head Sideways-

 So simple and many of us practices, it when we are asleep. In this, we place our hand side to our thighs and your half face should touch the ground.

3) Prone Triceps Roller-

We use a roller to practice the makarasana.

Makarasana Benefits-

1) Spine - This pose is very good for our spine bones. It makes our spine flexible and strong. This poses cures all the problems related to the spine. A very good posture for slip disk problems.

2) Neck- makarasana cures all neck-related problems like neck pain and cervical spondylosis. This pose relieves any stiffness in the neck.

3) Face- By doing makarasana, the flow of blood is towards the face, which makes the problem of the face like - acne, and pimples dullness, all get cured.

4) Blood Circulation- Makarasana improves the circulation of blood in our body which makes our body healthy. It also purifies the blood which improves the function of the heart and other vital organs.

5) Cure Depression- This pose is also beneficial for people who are suffering from anxiety and stress problems. By doing this positive hormones are secreted which will reduce the depression-related problem.

6) Improve Concentration- This posture also improves the focus and concentration of students.

7) Improve Digestion - This pose improves the acid level of your body. Due to this your Digestion Improves and you do not have the stomach-related disease.

8) Improve Metabolism Rate - This posture also improves the metabolism rate of your body. Which helps you in losing weight.

9) Helps to Make an Attractive Body - This pose also helps in making your body beautiful. With regular practice, the beauty of your body starts increasing.

10) Make Attractive Shape - This pose also makes the shape of your body attractive.

Makarasana Precautions-

1) Initially, we place our faces between the palms. The position of the elbow should not be too far or not too close.

2) Cervical spondylosis Patient, Neck pain patient does these poses under the instruction of a doctor or yoga instructor.

3) Pregnant women take extra precautions while doing this posture.

4) High Bp patient, Hernia patient, if you have a headache, or insomnia please do not do this pose.

5) Do the crocodile pose According to the duration I have suggested to you above.

6) if you are suffering from piles and fistula problems then avoid this pose.

Summary of makarasana steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, this is a very simple posture. If you want to start yoga now, you can start with this mudra.

It helps to make your whole body flexible and strong. Helps greatly in increasing blood circulation in your body and also removes skin-related problems.

Friends, tell me how you felt about today's topic makarasana steps benefits, and precautions.

Questions and answers related to Makarasana -

Q-1) Who should not do Makarasana?

Ans-  Pregnant Women, Injured Persons, Cervical and Migraine Patients.

Q2) Which part of the body is benefited from Makarasana?

Ans- Makarasana Benefited the Spine, Shoulder, Back, and Stomach of our body.

Q3)- What is the meaning of Makarasana?

Ans- Makarasana is Known as a Crocodile pose in which we lay down on the mat and shape our body like a crocodile.

Q4) What is the Ideal Duration of Makarasana?

Ans - Ideal Duration of Makarasana should be 30 to 40 Seconds.

Q5) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q6) What is the Meaning of Makarasana?

Ans - Makarasana Means Crocodile pose, it is a modern-day yoga that is good for health.

Q7) Which part of the body is benefited from Makarasana?

Ans - This pose helps in strengthening the back muscles of your body.

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