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Padahastasana benefits and precautions|| Steps and Beginner tips

Padahastasana benefits and precautions

Padahastasana benefits and precautions-

We have already learned about 10 to 12 Yoga Mudras. All these come in Beginner Yoga. The yoga practice we will talk about today is advanced-level yoga.

The name of this yoga practice is Padahastasana. This yoga will make you mentally strong and it is beneficial for your stomach and waist disease.

In today's article, we will cover Padahastasana benefits and precautions, and steps.


English Meaning -      Hand under Foot Pose

Hindi Meaning-          पादहस्तासन

Sanskrit Meaning-   Padahastasana

It is made up of 3 words

Pada- Foot

Hasta- hand

Asana- pose

When we compose these three words then it became a hand under foot pose.

In this posture, we are bend from the waistline and Try to touch our hand to the floor. In the meantime, we also trying to touch our heads to the knees.

How to do Padhastasana (Steps)-

Preparatory pose-

1) Tadasana

2) Trikonasana

3) Tree pose yoga


1) First, stand straight, Maintain equal distance between the foot. Keep the spine straight and the shoulder should be in line with the legs.

2) Now take a deep breath and bend your upper body from the hipline.

3) touch your palms on the floor and stay here for some time.

4) When you feel comfortable then take a breathe and move your head towards the knee.

5) Stay here for 10 seconds. Now breathe out and move your head away of knees.

6) Do it 5 to 7 times.

7) for releasing, slowly lift your body upward and comes back to tadasana.

Follow up Poses-

1) Chakrasana

2) Camel pose

3) Downward facing dog

Padahastasana Beginner Tips-

The first problem we face in performing Padahastasana is bending. The solution to this problem is to bend slowly and practice daily.

The second main problem we face is to touch the hands on the ground. There is also a cure for this, practice slowly and regularly.

The third problem is getting the head to touch. For this, on the first day, you should bend the head lightly and then slowly increase the bending of the head.

Durations -

The beginner should do for at least 30 seconds

Intermediate do for 30 to 60 seconds

Expert should do for more than 60 seconds


1) Forward Fold Flow-

In this posture, we bend half and put our hands on the knee.

2) Half Forward Fold Hands-On Floor -

In this, we again bend half but this time we place our hand on the floor.

3) Aerial Padahastasana-

We use a hammock to do padahastasana.

Padahastasana Benefits-

1) This yoga posture strengthens your Spine, back, shoulder, legs, and neck.

2) It also increases the flexibility and endurance of your muscles.

3) For students, it increases focus and helps to improve memory.

4) It improves the function of abdominal parts like the pancreas, liver, and intestine.

5) It also improves the brightness of the skin because as we bend blood flows towards our face.

6) This asana also helps in reducing the excess fat off our hips and waist.

7) This posture improves our digestion and cures the disease like gas and intestine problem.

8) Padahastasana is very beneficial for Diabetes patients and improves liver functions.

9) This asana increases physical and mental awareness.

10) By regular practice, A person never suffers from back pain, knee pain, and neck pain.

Padahastasana Precautions-

1) This asana should be avoided by persons who have knee, back and neck problems.

2) Hernia patients also avoid these poses.

3) During Practice Don't give extra pressure to your knees and spine.

4) Breathing during asana is mandatory.

5) Pregnant women should avoid this pose.

6) High blood pressure and heart patients take extra precautions when performing this pose.

7) If you have a headache and migraine problem then avoid this pose.

8) Patients with cervical spondylosis should avoid this pose.

The final word on Padahastasana benefits and precautions-

Padahastasana is the yoga of the advanced level. This yoga has many benefits. This yoga gives many benefits to your body.

This yoga strengthens all the muscles of our body and also improves our endurance. This pose is a panacea for the neck, waist, hips, and spine.

This asana is very beneficial for diabetes patients, heart patients all.

In today's article, we have read about Padahastasana benefits and precautions.


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