Sukhasana (Easy Pose) procedure benefits and contraindications

Sukhasana procedure benefits and contraindications

Sukhasana procedure benefits and contraindications-

Friends, today we will talk about Sukhasana. Its work is as it is named. It provides happiness to our entire body and mind.

Today's atmosphere has become such, that everyone is worried about something. For example, the tension of studies for children, jobs for youth, and the tension of the future for children.

This concern goes ahead and gives rise to great disease. That's why I always give this advice to everyone, do yoga only then life will be happy.

To get rid of Tension, we can practice straightforward yoga called Sukhasana.

In today's article, I will tell you about Sukhasana in detail. Today we will cover sukhasana procedure benefits and contraindications.

Basic Information of Sukhasana-

English Meaning-      Easy Pose

Hindi Meaning-         सुखासन

Sanskrit meaning-   Sukhasana

It is derived from Sanskrit words.

Sukh-    Pleasure, enjoy, and peace

Asana-   Pose

That’s why it is known as Pleasure or easy pose.

In this posture, we sit in an ordinary quartet and calm our minds completely.

How to Do Easy Pose-

Preparatory poses-

Very simple pose, you will not need special preparation in this. But the person who suffers from knee pain.

They should first warm up their knees. They should do their knee exercises and stretch so that the knees do not get hurt.

Sukhasana Procedure-

1) First of all, you should sit in an open field or open space.

2) Now you sit with a quartet.

3) Your waist should be perfectly straight and your face should be forward.

4) Place both your hands on the knees.

5) Close your eyes and start breathing and exhaling.

6) Now focus all your attention on the breath and slowly eliminate the thinking from your mind.

7) Slowly, your eyes and brain will be cooling.

8) This is the last state of Easy Pose, now remain in this state for at least 1 minute.

9) Now slowly come out of this posture.

10) Practice Sukhasana at least 5 to 10 times daily.

Follow Up poses-

1) Bhujangasana

2) Vajrasana

3) Garudasana


Beginner-         40 to 45 seconds

Intermediate-   1 to 2 Minutes

Expert-              3 to 5 Minutes

Easy pose Beginners Tips-

This asana is very simple, you may have trouble with only two things.

For the first few days, if you do not get a quartet, then for that you fold your legs as much as you can.

Second, you will have difficulty concentrating. In the early days, your attention will wander here and there. Whenever meditation is here and there, you practice again.

Sukhasana Variations-

1) In the first variation, you will sit in the normal posture, but the position of your hand will be slightly different, you will make the salutation posture with both your hands.

2) In the second pose you lift both your hands in the air and connect the palms to each other.

3) In the third variation, you turn to your right keep your hands on the ground and support your body.

Benefits of Sukhasana-

1) This asana is beneficial for your mind. It calms your mind.

2) Students must do this pose as this pose develops their mental development and improves their memory and concentration.

3) This pose is very beneficial for the skin of women. A different type of glow begins to appear on the woman's face.

4) This posture develops positive energy in the body.

5) This Pose, whether it is stomach or foot, eliminates all types of disease from the root.

6) This pose acts as a preparatory pose in mediation learning.

7) This pose is very important for pregnant women, it removes stress from their brains which makes the baby healthy.

8) This pose is very helpful in correcting all minor diseases.

9) This pose eliminates stress and anxiety from the root.

10) This posture improves the circulation of blood in your body.

11) By doing this Asana, your Metabolism Rate Improves.

12) This pose also helps you in weight loss.

Easy Pose contraindications -

1) A patient with knee complaints should do this yoga carefully. Knee pain may increase if precautions are not taken.

2) patient with headaches and insomnia should not do sukhasana as it affects their mind.

3) Patients with piles, fistula, and hernia should not do the easy pose.

4) High BP patients should pay special attention while performing Sukhasana.

5) If you have pain in your neck and back, do not do sukhasana.

6) Pregnant women should do this pose on the advice of a doctor.

My Words on Sukhasana procedure benefits and contraindications-

Friends, we have read Yoga very deeply so far, we have read about Advance and Simple Yoga in the last few articles.

Sukhasana falls under the category of ordinary yoga. It is a very simple yoga and it has many benefits which we have read in detail above.

You should do this yoga daily. Today we have read Sukhasana procedure benefits and contraindications.

Questions and answers related to Sukhasana -

Q1)- What is the other name of Sukhasana?

Ans - In the English Language, Sukhasana is also known as Easy Pose.

Q2) - Who should not perform Sukhasana?

Ans- The Person who has knee, back, Hip, and Spine pain problems should not perform this pose.

Q3)- Is sitting cross-legged good?

Ans - I think yes Because it opens up your Knee joint.

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q5) What is the ideal duration of doing Sukhasana?

Ans- Friends, you should do this pose for at least 30 to 50 seconds.

Q6) Is Sukhasana and Padmasana Same ?

Ans - Both are Crossed leg Poses but they are different in approach.

Q7) How long can we sit in Sukhasana?

Ans - You can sit in this pose as long as you feel comfortable.

Q8) What is the importance of sukhasana?

Ans - Doing Sukhasana increases the strength of your knees and ankles.

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