Modern Ustrasana benefits and precautions: How to do camel pose

Ustrasana benefits and precautions

Ustrasana benefits and precautions-

Nowadays men and women are very much disturbed by their lower body fat. As our age increases, our lower part fat begins to accumulate.

The entire body of most people looks fine. But they have fat on their lower abdomen and waist.

If you are also suffering from lower body fat, you can reduce your fat in a few days by doing this posture.

Today I will tell you about Camel Pose. This asana will reduce your lower body fat and make you attractive.

In today's article, I will tell you Ustrasana benefits and precautions.

What is camel pose-

English Meaning -    Camel Pose 

Sanskrit Meaning -   Ustrasana

Hindi Meaning-         ऊष्ट्रासन

It is composed of Sanskrit Two words

Ustra -    Camel

Asana-    Pose

Because of this, it is known as Camel Pose.

Ustrasana is actually an inverted pose. In this, we are on our knees bend our upper body backward, and grab our ankles with our hands.

How to do Camel Pose-

Preparatory pose for Ustrasana-

Before performing this pose, we practice Vajrasana and Padmasana. By doing this, our entire body's stress is relieved and the chances of injury are reduced.

 Camel pose steps-

1) First, sit in the Vajrasana pose. Now slowly come on Your Knees.

2) make sure that the width between your knees and shoulder is equal.

3) Now Face your toes outward and Grab your waist with your hand.

4) Slowly bend backward and try to grab your right-hand heel with your right hand and left with your left hand.

5) Slowly drop your neck backward and your face should be directed towards the sky.

6) Now continuously inhale and exhale. And stay here for as long as possible.

7) Slowly release this pose.

Follow up poses-

1) Chakrasana

2) Tadasana

3) Bhujanagsana

Beginners Tips-

People who are doing this asana for the first time. They will have difficulty in back bending.

So you first stay on your knees and bend them lightly and slowly inflate the bending daily. You will be able to back off well when you are an expert.

Camel Pose Variations-

1) Ustrasana Variation One Leg In Front-

In this pose, we stretch one leg outward.

2) Ardha Ustrasana-

This is similar to the complete camel pose. The only difference is we stretch our one hand Parallel to the ground.

3) Ustrasana Variation Unsupported Arms-

In this, we are on our knees and back our upper body backward but this time stretch you're both hands parallel to the ground.


A beginner should stand for 60 seconds

Intermediate should stand for 60 to 120 seconds

The expert should stand for more than 120 seconds

Camel pose benefits-

1) Ustrasana Strengthens Our back, hips, shoulder, spine, and neck.

2) Through regular practice, our body flexibility will increase.

3) This yoga pose is very beneficial for Thyroid patients.

4) Camel pose strengthens the Kidney of our body.

5) Ustrasana Solves the problem of digestion and constipation.

6) This yoga pose improves the functionality of the brain. This pose Improves the concentration of students.

7) This yoga pose reduces lower body fat.

8) This yoga pose is Helpful in reducing Sudden Weight gain.

9) Women have menopause problems this yoga is very helpful to cure this problem.

Ustrasana Precautions-

1) While doing this asana, keep the distance between your legs equal.

2) We should not hold our heels directly with our hands. While doing this asana, we should move both our hands from front to back and then hold the heels.

3) While doing this asana, we should move our stomachs forward.

4) We should do this asana according to our body. Should not put too much effort.

5) Pregnant women and asthma patients should not do this pose.

6) The person who has neck, back, and hip problems should not pose.

7) Cervical patients and hernia patients should not do this asana.

8) High BP, headache, and migraine patients should also not take this pose.

Questions and answers related to Ustrasana -

Q1) How many times can I do Ustrasana?

Ans - You can do Ustrasana 2 to 3 times a day. You will not suffer any kind of loss.

Q2) What is the main benefit of doing Ustrasana?

Ans - Flexibility and strength of your body increase by doing Ustrasana.

Q3) Should children do Ustarasana?

Ans - Yes, children can but under the guidance of parents or trainers.

Q4) How long should you hold Ustrasana?

Ans - You should do this pose for at least 30 to 40 seconds.

Q5) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q6) Who Should do Ustrasana ?

Ans - Everyone Including Children, Men, Women, and Seniors Can do Ustrasana.

Q7) Does Ustrasana reduce belly fat?

Ans - Yes, if you practice Ustrasana Yoga daily, then your belly fat starts decreasing.

Final view on Ustrasana benefits and precautions-

Friends, this is the best modern yoga practice. This makes your body disease-free.

The best thing about this exercise is that it also increases your body's immunity so that your body can fight against diseases like a corona.

It exercises your face, stomach, and legs. You should practice this daily.

Friends, today I have taught you Ustrasana benefits and precautions.

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