Will Bananas make you Gain Weight or help in losing Weight?

bananas make you gain weight

Friends, I have a simple question for you Will bananas make you gain weight or not

If you answer yes, then why, we have also heard this in many articles and videos, eating bananas also causes weight loss.

Friends, in today's article, I will analyze a lot of banana recipes, so that we will know whether we actually gain weight or lose weight from bananas.

Do bananas give you belly fat?-

Let us first analyze the banana. If we talk about a single banana.

Sodium - 0 g

Potassium - 452 g

Glucose - 19g

Fiber- 3g

Carbohydrates - 30g

Protein- 1g

But if we talk about total fat, then a banana contains 0g. So, friends, you can guess from it.

If you eat a single piece of banana daily then you will get 0 g fat only.

Friends, you get 110 calories from bananas, but if we talk about fiber. we get about 3 g of fiber by eating a banana.

Which is quite good for us to lose weight.

So guys, if you consume a single piece of banana every day, me, you will lose weight.

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Will banana Smoothie helps in weight loss-

Guys, I will analyze a simple banana smoothie ingredient in detail.

In a simple banana smoothie, we will take 1 banana, take about 250 gm of almonds, take half a cup of spinach, and take half a cup of ice.

If we analyze smoothies in detail then we get this information.

There are 175 calories inside the smoothie, and fat, and fiber is 2, 5 g.

You can clearly see from the above data that fat is very low in a banana smoothie. 5 g of fiber is enough for weight loss.

According to me, if you consume a banana smoothie, then you will not have much trouble with weight loss.

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Will banana shakes help us with weight gain?

Friends, to make a banana shake we need 3 main ingredients.




When we mix all three in an appropriate quantity, our banana shake is ready.

Let us now check their nutrition facts.

A glass of banana shake gives us 350 calories, 3 g fiber, and 7 g fat.

Friends, I do not need to tell you what will happen if you take the banana shake.

The number of calories and fat already told us that we will gain weight by consuming the banana shake.

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Other Advantages of Banana-

1) Banana Consists of some special ingredients like potassium and it has zero grams of sodium so that's why it is good for our heart.

2) As we know banana consists of potassium. Another benefit of potassium is, it helps in maintaining High blood pressure.

3) If you consume Banana with Isab ghol bhussi it will help you to cure your chronic constipation.

4) Banana Consists of a rich quantity of iron, as we know that Deficiency of iron causes Anemia. The banana will fulfill this deficiency.

5) If you have weak eyesight then a Banana is helpful for you because a banana consists of vitamin A which is good for the eyes.

6) Banana maintains healthy digestion. If you consume 1 banana each and every day then you never suffer from digestive problems.

7) If you consume one banana each day then you never face a lack of energy.

8) banana consists of B6 which is very good for the brain. It will improve your concentration and focus.

9) banana consists of a special type of protein that will help our brain to reduce our anxiety.

10) if you consume a banana shake then it will help you to gain weight, but if you take a single piece of banana then it will help you to lose weight.

Final opinion on bananas make you gain weight-

Friends, we did a lot of analysis today, and after that, we got some results, and I will tell you those results again.

If we consume a single piece of banana every day then we lose weight because bananas contain 0g of fat.

Smoothie consumption also helps us in weight loss because the amount of fiber in smoothies is high.

But if we consume banana shakes then we will gain weight because the fat is very much in the banana shake.

Friends, hope you liked this article today. Today we learned will bananas make you gain weight.

Questions and answers related to Banana -

Q1) Do bananas make you gain belly fat?

Ans - Friends, if you eat bananas in the proper amount then your belly fat will never grow.

But if you consume more bananas than required, then it will have a wrong effect on your body.

Q2) Are bananas good for losing weight?

Ans - Friends, bananas do not contain fat and protein, bananas are the appropriate source of carbohydrates.

This is why they produce energy in your body. But when it comes to weight loss, it is not so helpful.

Q3) How many bananas can I eat to gain weight?

Ans- You should eat at least 2 Bananas daily if you want to gain weight.

Q4 ) Will I gain weight if I eat a banana every day?

Ans- Yes, if you eat bananas daily with milk, you can gain weight in a few days because there is enough fat in milk to start gaining weight.

Q5 ) Which fruits cause weight gain?

Ans - You can gain weight by eating bananas and avocados.

Q6) Do bananas increase weight?

Ans - Yes, if you eat a banana with milk then your weight can increase.

Q7) What Best Time To Eat a Banana For Weight loss ?

Ans - You Can Eat Banana in the Morning this will cause you weight loss.

Q8) Can I eat 3 bananas a day?

Ans - Yes, yes, the nutritional value of Bananas is very good, so you can eat 3 bananas a day.

Q9) Is bananas good for you to lose weight?

Ans - Yes, you can lose weight through bananas.

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