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How to Get Bigger Forearms Without Weights at Home

How to Get Bigger Forearms Without Weights-

How to Get Bigger Forearms Without Weights

Friends, boys want bigger biceps, but if your forearms are weak with respect to big biceps, they don't look good at all.

So guys, keeping this in mind today, I will cover this query of how to get bigger forearms without weights.

Guys, my special focus will be that the exercise I can tell you does not involve the use of weight or machines.

Friends, before learning the exercise, we discuss a little bit why we need bigger forearms.

Guys, if you are a fitness lover then you will know that along with biceps, your forearms also need to be trained.

Because if your biceps become strong, but your forearms are thin then you will look absolutely odd.

The second main reason is to strengthen your forearms, if your forearms are weak and you do heavy-weight biceps exercises then your chances of getting an injury in your forearm are increased.

How to build forearms without weights-

The name of the first exercise is to squeeze my hand as intensely as possible.

You have to do the same way as this exercise is named, you have to squeeze your hands very firmly.

Now let me tell you step by step, how to perform these exercises.

First, you stand up straight. Now raise both your hands to shoulder height.

Now squeeze both of your palms as firmly as possible. Guys, this is a power game, the better you squeeze, the better you will get the result.

Squeeze your palms at least 50 times daily.

Precautions - If you have an injury in the palms, ignore this exercise.

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Forearm workouts at home without weights-

Friends, the name of the second exercise is forearms curl. Guys, this is a very good exercise. In this workout, you have to rotate your wrist properly.

It is a very powerful exercise, if you regularize it, then your wrist will become strong in a few days.

Let us now learn to do this exercise. First of all, you stand up straight and keep both hands parallel to each other near to the stomach.

Now rotate your forearms, once you rotate clockwise and once anticlockwise.

Perform this exercise for as long as possible.

Precautions - Do not do this workout if you have a forearms injury.

Build forearms without weights-

Friends, in my third exercise you have to twist your wrist upward.

Guys this workout is a short-term fast result workout if you regularize it I am sure you will see better results in a few days.

Come on guys, let's learn to do this workout.

First of all, lift both your hands up to shoulder height, remember the direction of your palms should be upward.

Now make both your hands fist, now upward your fist, and relax after holding 1 second.

Repeat this process repeatedly.

Precautions - Do not perform exercises if you have a shoulder or wrist injury.

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Forearms workout using no equipment-

Guys, in my next exercises we have to twist our entire from triceps to wrist.

Very effective workout because it will benefit your entire hand especially your forearms.

Let's learn how to do this workout.

First, stand up straight and stretch your hand forward. Make sure that your hands are parallel to each other.

Now slowly twist your hand from the forehand clockwise, you will notice that your elbow is also rotated with your forehand.

Now feel a nice stretch and rotate your hand anticlockwise.

Repeat this process, until you feel tired.

Precaution- This quite a tough workout so be careful while performing these will lead to a serious injury.

Forearm workout using homemade Equipment-

Guys, for this you need nothing, you go to your storeroom and took a bamboo stick and 4 kg weight of anything.

now tie this 4 kg block with your bamboo stick. grab the stick and raise it to your shoulder height.

Slowly fold the rope by rotating the bamboo clockwise when the rope is completely folded and the block is near to bamboo then hold for a couple of minutes.

Now slowly rotate the bamboo anticlockwise and untie the rope.

Repeat this process a couple of times.

this is the best workout if you have no machine in your home.

Final words on how to get bigger forearms without weights-

Friends, today we have learned 4 workouts without weight and how we can exercise with homemade equipment.

Friends, for a good personality it is necessary to have good biceps as well as good forearms.

I think with the help of today's article, you will become a good wrist.

Today we learned how to get bigger forearms without weight. 


Q1) How can I get bigger forearms naturally?

Ans - Friends, you can make your forearms by regular train from home appliances like - Dumbbells, Rods or other things.

Q2) How can skinny guys get bigger forearms at home?

Ans - You can make your forearm in less time with a regular diet and daily forearm exercise.

Q3) How can I grow forearms without equipment?

Ans - You can make forearms without equipment through chin-ups, push-ups, and hand twists.


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