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Pro Dumbbell chest workout without bench

Dumbbells chest exercises no bench-

Dumbbell chest workout without bench

Hello Guys, Today we will discuss Dumbbell chest workout without bench.

Friends, a trend is going among the youth in 2020, to stay fit. In this pandemic situation, gyms and all fitness centers are closed.

But we have to exercise because staying fit is also very important.

 For this, I am paying more attention to home workouts. So I have thought why not teach some workouts along with yoga.

Guys, if you see a man, what do you observe first, the face or his body.

I know, our eyes are first to go on the body, mainly on the chest because it is the chest that makes a person's personality.

Guys, keeping this in mind, I will tell you some chest workouts today, the special thing about this workout is that we will use a dumbbell.

So guys, let's start a Dumbbell chest workout without bench.

Chest workouts with dumbbells without a bench-

Friends, I will tell you about 5 to 6 exercises where you will use a dumbbell without a bench.

1) Around the World Fly -

Friends, this is a very lovely exercise, inside this exercise, you lie on the mat.

Now hold the dumbbell in both your hands.

You have to bring the dumbbell on top of your chest while swinging forward and make the dumbbell touch each other.

Now swing back and take it behind your head and make the doubles touch each other.

During this process, you bring the clockwise dumbbell once and once anticlockwise.

In Clockwise you bring the dumbbell by swinging it above your chest and in anticlockwise you move it behind the head.

You have to do 6 sets of this.

This exercise has a tremendous effect on your chest, causing the chest to move forward.

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2) Dumbbell Press-

Friends are a great exercise to train your lower chest.

In this exercise, we lie down on the mat. The most noticeable thing is your arm position.

You grab the dumbbells according to your capacity in both your hands.

Now hold both your hands parallel to each other in the air, the position of your hand should be 90 degrees compared to your torso.

Bring both your hands down and up the shoulder line.

Remember that your movement should be the same on both shoulders and elbows.

For good effect, do at least 10 sets.

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3) Unilateral Static Fly-

Guys, similar to the previous exercise, the only difference is we use only one hand for Fly and our other hand remains static.

The name of the exercise also gives us many clues.

Unilateral - means single

Static - fix

Fly- movement

This is a very simple exercise, but during training, it will give you a very good result.

Now I am telling you step by step how to do this exercise.

As we are on a mat and we have dumbbells on both hands. Now static your left hand and do a parallel fly on the right hand.

Similarly, Fix your Right hand and do the same repetition by the left hand.

Keep remembering that this same as the previous exercise.

4) Touch Dumbbell Press-

Very good exercise for beginners, to do this workout we are lay down on a floor.

Now grab the dumbbells in your hand and touch both dumbbells sideways.

Keep note that you must bend your knee.

now up and down your dumbbell with your hand while your elbow should be at 45 degrees with respect to your torso. 

do this repetition for 10 to 15 times.

5) Decline Dumbbell Press-

First, you lay on the floor and lift your upper body from the pelvic bone.

Now balance your upper body on the upper back.

Now grab the dumbbell and raise your hand to parallel to each other.

 Make sure that you will balance your body in this position.

Now slowly down the dumbbell till your elbow touch the ground, and now slowly raise the dumbbell and breath out.

do this repetition 10 to 13 times.

6) Dumbbell Pullover-

lay on the floor and hold a single dumbbell on your both hand.

slowly take the dumbbell to your back of the head until your dumbbell near the floor.

Stretch and lift your dumbbell forward while bending your elbow.

Stay here for a couple of seconds and then again repeat the exercise.

My view on Dumbbell chest workout without a bench-

Guys, today we have learned a lot of dumbbell exercises, you can do this exercise right at home.

Initially, you will have a lot of difficulty in doing these exercises, but if you do these exercises regularly, you will find it easier and will also give you a lot of benefits.

Hope you liked today's article.

Today we have discussed a Dumbbell chest workout without the bench.


Q1)- How can I build my chest without a bench?

Ans -  you can do Chest Exercises like Push-ups, Pull-Ups, cable crossover, etc. 

Q2)- Is it OK to do push-ups every day?

Ans - No, There is no issue but slowly increase the repetition.

Q3) - How can I build my chest without a bench?

Ans - Pushp Ups is always the last option to build up the chest without a bench.


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