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3 best dumbbell shoulder exercises at Home

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises-

3 best Dumbbell shoulder exercises

Friends, if you are reading this article then you will be 100% interested in exercise.

 Most of you will be working and you will not have time to go to the gym.

So friends, don't worry, I will bring such workouts for all of you, which you can do at home.

Practice these exercises will keep your body fit. In this series of workouts, today we will learn the 3 best dumbbell shoulder exercises.

Friends, today I will cover shoulder exercises which will make your shoulders strong and your body will look attractive.

Shoulder Workouts at Home-

Friends, first we try to understand the texture of the shoulder. Our shoulder is made up of 3 muscles, which we call Deltoids.

The front muscles of the shoulder, we call Anterior Deltoids which are also called front delt.

The middle section of the shoulder is called lateral deltoids or middle delt.

The back of the shoulder is called posterior deltoids or rear delts.

To give good shape to the shoulders, we should train all three.

Friends, if you train the front and rear delt but ignore the middle then it can cause very serious injury.

Because your shoulder will be weaker in the middle, which will hurt you more quickly.

Therefore, you should train your shoulders well.

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First Dumbbell Shoulder workout-

My First Exercise name is One Arm Dumbbell Side Lateral.

Simple but very effective exercise, you need a dumbbell and support to do this workout.

Let me teach you to do this workout physically and technically.

First of all, you have to choose a dumbbell according to your capacity. After this, you stand near rigid support.

Now with your left hand, hold that rigid support. Remember that your hand should be up to shoulder height.

Now hold the dumbbell in your right hand, remember that your hand should not be equal to the thigh but should be towards the front of the thigh.

Now lift the dumbbell up to shoulder height and stop it for a millisecond and drop it slowly downwards.

Similarly, practice for second hand.

Make a set of 3 and practice at least 5 times.

Benefits - Friends, this workout trains your front delt, which will give you a power feel in the shoulder.

Precautions -

1) The hand you are taking support from should be at shoulder height.

2) The hand you are lifting dumbbells should not go above shoulder height.

2) Upright Row Shoulder Workout-

Guys, in the second workout we will use 2 dumbbells. This dumbbell exercise will help you train your front and middle delts well.

First of all, you have to stand up straight and choose the dumbbell according to your power.

Now grab the dumbbell in your hands. Both hands should be brought forward and the sides of the dumbbell should be facing each other.

You have to lift the dumbbell up to your chin, remember you have to force your elbow to lift.

When you lift the dumbbell, you have to breathe in and exhale while carrying the dumbbell down.

Perform at least 7 sets. 

Friends, this workout strengthens your middle and front delts.

Precautions - You have to use the elbow for lifting and you have to do lifting up to the chin, not below the chin and above the chin.

3) Dumbbell Push Press Shoulder Workout-

Our third and final exercise is dumbbell push press, this workout makes your rear delt stronger.

Now let's learn to do this, first you grab a dumbbell in your hands.

Fold your knees slightly and place the dumbbell on your shoulders. You have to use the strength of your lower body to push the dumbbell upwards.

Remember coordination is very important in your lower body and upper body, otherwise, you may get hurt.

Now slowly bring the dumbbell back to the shoulder and then push it upwards.

This workout strengthens your posterior delt.

You have to apply at least 5 sets of this workout.

Precautions - You have to use your body power to practice this workout.

When to do Shoulder Workouts –

Friends, like I told you in the introduction, you can do this workout at your home.

If you can get up early in the morning, then that is the best time for the dumbbell exercise.

You only have to take 40 minutes.

There is no problem even if you want to do it at night that too is the best time for workouts.

Final words on 3 best dumbbell shoulder exercises at Home-

Friends, this is the second dumbbell exercise that I told you about before that I told you about the dumbbell exercise for the chest.

I am going to bring lots of dumbbell workouts for all of you so that all of you can do exercise by a stay at home.

Friends, by today's article you will have got to know about many variations. Hope you try this workout at your home.

Today we have learned the 3 best dumbbell shoulder exercises at home.


Q1) What are the best shoulder exercises with dumbbells?

Ans - The best dumbbell exercise is Front Raise, Reverse Cable Crossover, and Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press.

Q2) Are broad shoulders attractive?

Ans - Yes, a broad shoulder is attractive because it increases the freshness and attraction in your personality and look.

Q3) Do pushups work shoulders?

Ans - Yes, the muscles of your Shoulder, Chest, Back, and Biceps grow by doing push-ups.


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