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Face exercise regular basis is good or bad?

Face exercise regular basis is good or bad

Friends, how many of you think that face exercises are only for women.

Do you know that face workouts are beneficial for women as well as for men?

The only difference is that men's skin is slightly rough, so a man has to exercise at high frequency.

Friends, our today topic is, face exercise regular basis is good or bad.

We should understand this thing in detail because all things have some advantages, so there are also some disadvantages.

For example, if we do something on a daily basis, it can give us benefits as well as losses.

Therefore it is very important to understand how much and when we should do face exercise.

Let us now try to understand this topic in detail.

Is facial exercise good or bad?-

Friends, we will now try to understand this by some facts and examples.

Do really face exercises is good or bad.

Let's try to understand now.

Friends, I will try to explain you this fact from the example of a workout in the gym.

Suppose you are exercising biceps from today to the next 30 days.

So you tell me will your biceps change. Surely your biceps will change.

But I have a simple question, will you be able to do biceps workouts for 30 days.

My answer is no because doing the same workout continuously will increase your chances of getting hurt your biceps or you will hurt.

Its main scientific reason is not getting Rest because our muscles grow when they get Proper rest.

If you do not give them rest, then they will lose their elasticity and you will get a sudden injury.

The same concept is also with your face, if you do the same type of workout every day, then you have chances of losing elasticity from the face and you become old very soon.

Why Bodybuilder or Athletes looks old before time-

Friends, you know the person who does a full-time gym or who is athlete.

Their faces become loose or old before time. Why so

I will tell you the reason for this, there are 2 main reasons for this.

The first reason is that athletes burn too many calories because they do athletic practice from morning to night, due to which their high amount of calories is burnt.

This is the reason that their facial skin starts to lose and those people start looking old.

The second main reason is when bodybuilders and runners exercise, then they do heavy weight or heavy workout so that they do more repeated expressions on their faces.

Repeated expression causes permanent wrinkles and loose skin.

How to do Face Exercises- 

Now let me tell you how and at what time and which workout you should do.

Friends, as much as you guys take the gym seriously, you should also take face exercise as well.

Guys, I will tell you my complete workout routine, I hope you get an idea and you will be able to create your own routine.

Which face workouts do I do the most?

Among friends, I do jawline on Monday, double Chin on Tuesday, lips on Wednesday, eyes on Thursday, forehead for Friday, and neck on Saturday.

On Sunday I relax my all face muscles. Now friends, what is the use of this, all this gives me a huge benefit, all my Facial muscles are trained.

In second, doing different exercises every day gives my other face muscles a better rest and they do not lose her elasticity.

While doing face exercise, we should concentrate more on training our muscles and giving them proper rest.

We should not practice repeated exercises for a long time.

Disadvantages of facial exercises-

1) The first disadvantage is that if you target a single muscle for a long time and exercise, then there are chances of getting tired of that muscle, that muscle leaves its shape. Which makes us look old.

2) Your face muscles get used to the same exercise every day, due to which the effect of exercise on your face starts to decrease later.

3) Your face skin starts to loosen gradually as repeated action eliminates its elasticity.

4) Your face texture also changes

5) You start to look old before your age.

Advantages of facial exercises-

If you target face muscles through planning and a fixed routine, you also get a lot of benefits.

1) It helps you to create a perfect jawline, which makes you look beautiful and attractive.

2) It helps in removing extra fat from your face which we also call double chin.

3) It also helps to remove unnecessary and premature wrinkles from your face.

4) It also erases the frown line between your eyes and forehead.

5) Face exercise also removes your neck wrinkles.

Final words on Face exercise regular basis is good or bad-

Friends, I hope you liked my article Face exercise regular basis is good or bad.

Friends my final opinion on is face workout is good or bad is this If you do a different workout every day and targeting different muscles then you will get lots of benefits.

But if you do the same exercise every day, then your face muscles will get old quickly.


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