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Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf ( Fennel Seeds)

Pros and Cons of Consuming Fennel Seeds -

Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf

Friends, in today's article we will discuss the Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf.

If we want to live a healthy life, then we should learn to use kitchen items.

Do you know that there are so many domestic herbs in your kitchen, all of which can cure all your diseases?

Friends, one of these household ingredients is fennel seeds. This is a very beneficial thing.

If you eat it after eating, then your teeth never decay.

It also treats the smell of your mouth.

Friends, you may have noticed, after eating food in many hotels, sugar and fennel are given.

Have you ever wondered why people do this, because if we eat saunf after eating, then our food gets digested quickly?

Let us now read the advantages and disadvantages of eating saunf.

Science of Fennel Seeds-

Friends, the fennel is one such herb that is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various diseases.

As I told you above, in our country saunf is eaten after eating.

Now let me tell you its science, why should we eat saunf after eating food.

Friends, fennel contains manganese which activates certain enzymes in our stomach.

These enzymes affect the rate of metabolism. It increases our slow metabolism rate.

Due to this, our digestion improves and our food is easily digested.

The saunf contains Estragole, Anethole, and antacid which are very beneficial for our well-being.

Fennel belongs to the carrot family.

If we talk about the nutrition of saunf, then there is a very high amount of fiber and potassium in the root of the fennel.

Fennel seeds are rich in calcium, manganese, and iron.

Copper and zinc are also abundant inside the fennel, which is very beneficial for your body.

Saunf is considered a very cold herb, so it is beneficial in curing Vata, Kapha, and Pita.

Why Fennel Seeds Popular for Weight loss-

Friends, I wrote an article earlier, saunf and jeera water for weight loss.

Today I am going to tell you the whole science about fennel and what happens in it that reduces our weight.

Friends, saunf contains high antioxidants that produce very beneficial acids. These acids help us in reducing our weight.

The quantity of manganese inside it is also high, due to which some special type of enzymes is produced which control the rate of our metabolism.

Your acidity, bloating, and constipation disease also disappear due to manganese.

Eating saunf reduces water retention in your body. It balances your hormones and increases your immunity.

Due to all these things your weight loss starts.

Advantages of saunf seeds-

1) Friends, the fennel maintains our blood pressure. When we chew saunf, potassium comes out of it, which is mixed with our saliva, due to which a special type of fluid is produced, which maintains our blood pressure.

2) By eating saunf, our body retains as much water as it needs. This flushes out excess water, due to which dirty water comes out of our body.

3) It fixes our breathing problem. We have the respiratory disease only when our vata, pita, Kapha are disturbed. Fennel seeds are cold due to which makes all three correct.

4) It sharpens our minds. There are antioxidants inside saunf, due to which it improves our concentration power.

5) It is also very good for our bones. There is a good amount of calcium inside it, due to which we never face joint pain and arthritis in the future.

6) By using this, your skin starts glowing and your hair shines because it contains a good amount of zinc and vitamin c.

7) It improves diabetes. Very good for your eyes. Corrects your cholesterol and maintains liver health.

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Disadvantages of Fennel seeds-

1) If you are pregnant, then you must ask your doctor once if you can consume saunf.

2) If you are on antibiotics, please consult a doctor once.

3) Kidney patients and Bp patients must also consult the doctor before eating fennel.

4) If you have any type of allergy, then consume fennel seeds carefully.

5) Take fennel seeds carefully and do not let them become your habit.

How to consume saunf-

You can also chew the fennel directly. If you consume it with sugar candy, it will be very beneficial for your digestion.

You can make saunf tea and drink it. Fennel powder is also used by many women to reduce weight

You can also drink fennel water, which also helps in weight loss.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf-

Guys, saunf is very inexpensive, and a homely herb found in home kitchens.

This is the best herb, if you consume it regularly then you can never feel teeth, digestion, constipation, and bone disease.

Friends, all herbs have some advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, there is also the Pros and Cons of Eating Saunf.

I hope you liked my article.


Q1) Can fennel seeds cause anemia?

Ans - no, it is rich in iron, due to which there is no lack of iron inside the body. By which it cures anemia.

Q2) What happens if you eat too many fennel seeds?

Ans - By eating more Fennel seeds, girls get breast enlargement and it gives excessive coolness inside the body.

Q3) Is chewing fennel seeds harmful?

Ans - No, eating Fennel seeds increases the sharpness of your jawline, which makes you look good-looking.


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