5 yoga asanas for Badminton Players

5 yoga asanas for Badminton

Friends, if you play or want to play badminton, then you should do some warm-up exercises.

We should warm up because if we do not warm up then we are at risk of getting hurt.

Badminton is a sport in which our whole body is stressed. In this game, we feel the thrust of our arms, legs, thighs, shoulders, and back.

If you are an expert in badminton or a beginner you must do some stretches or yoga postures.

You will get many benefits by doing asanas such as strengthening your leg and hand muscles. In the game of badminton, our muscles should be strong, only then we can last a long time in this game.

The concentration of the player is a must in the game of badminton. Doing yoga increases our focus and concentration.

guys, so we must practice yoga. Because yoga practice will improve very well in our game.

Come on guys, now I will tell you 5 yoga asanas for Badminton Player. Which all badminton players should do.

List of Yoga asanas-

1) Padhastasana –

Friends, in our first yoga practice we will do Padhastasana. Friends, I have written an article about how to do Padhastasana in detail.

If you want to learn very closely then you can read that post. Here, I will tell you what is the basis of this pose.

Guys, this is a forward bend pose. The best benefit of this pose is that it stretches your back, hips, thighs muscles.

Which makes your hips muscles strong. Friends, in the game of badminton, we stretch our legs the most.

Maximum badminton players have a crème in their feet, so the chances of getting a leg injury will be reduced if you practice padhastasana.

This posture also increases your durability, so that you can play for a longer time.

Plank -

Friends, Plank does not come in a yoga practice but I kept it on the list because all badminton players must do this exercise.

The most important benefit of planking is it makes your core muscles, shoulders, and forearms strong.

The badminton player's shoulder and forearms should be strong, only then they can hit good smashes.

The best benefits of the plank are that by plank your stamina increases.

Badminton is a game of complete stamina, if you have the stamina, then you will stay till the last in badminton.

Let us now learn how to plank friends.

First, you lie down on the floor. Now bend both hands with the elbow and keep your forearms close to the floor.

Remember that the distance between your two hands should be equal.

Now connect both your feet with each other. Balance your body on your feet and forearms.

Your face should be in front, and your stomach should be engaged.


Friends, I will Strongly recommend every badminton player to do this yoga pose.

This practice strengthens your mind and body. Friends badminton is a game of hand and mind coordination.

If you can make coordination between your hands and mind then you can become a pro player in this game.

Tadasana is a yoga practice that teaches you how to do the balancing.

Because in this yoga practice you have to balance your entire body on both your feet.

You can balance your body only when there is a good synchronization between your body and mind. Tadasana helps you to achieve this.

Doing Tadasana also strengthens your shoulder and lower abdomen.

Friends, if you want to study Tadasana in detail, then you can go to my Yoga post and read the Tadasana in detail.


Friends, the shoulders, legs, and hips of a badminton player should be strong

Equally, their spine bone should also be strong. Because if your spine is weak then you may get injured due to which you will be far away from the game.

Friends, you should do Chakrasana to strengthen your spine.

Through Chakrasana posture, your spine, stomach, leg, and shoulder will be strengthened.

Friends, Chakrasana is the best warm-up pose. According to me, you must do this pose.

kursiasana -

Friends, kursiasana is a very beneficial pose for a badminton player because this pose gives a lot of benefits to your lower body.

In this pose, you bend your lower body from the knees and stretch both your hands forward.

Friends, when you bend the legs from your knees, your knees become strong.

Your thighs become flexible and the muscles of your hips also become quite flexible.

A badminton player should have strong knees.

Therefore, I would recommend you do this pose.

My view on 5 yoga asanas for Badminton players-

Friends, through today's article I have told you 5 yoga asanas for Badminton.

Friends, if you practice all this yoga daily, then it makes your whole body work out.

Your entire body becomes strong and your muscles become flexible.

Friends, if you want to learn all these poses in detail, then you can go to my yoga post and read them in detail.

Questions and answers related to Yoga For Badminton Players -

Q1) Which asana is good for beginners?

Ans - Friends, Basic Yoga Pose like Savasana, Kursiasana, Balasana, Bhujangasana. You should practice these yoga poses at the beginning.

Q2) What is the easiest yoga?

Ans - These Asana Like Savasana, Bhujangasana and Vajraasana Comes under Easiest Yoga poses.

Q3) Which Yoga is good for back pain?

Ans - According to my Knowledge Chakrasana, Trikonasana, Balasana, and Bhujangasana is Good for back pain.

Q4) Is yoga good for badminton players?

Ans- Yes, doing yoga increases the flexibility of your body and increases your physical strength.

Q5) What are good stretches for badminton?

Ans- Legs, Thigh, Hamstring, and Hips Stretching is good for Badminton players.

Q6) Should badminton players do yoga?

Ans - Yes, badminton players should practice yoga, it increases the flexibility of their body.

Q7) What is the best time to do yoga poses?

Ans - You Can do yoga poses in the morning which is best for your body.

Q8) What stretches to do before badminton?

Ans - You must squat before playing badminton

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