Health Benefits and Side effects of Dhaniya (Coriander) Water

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Dhaniya Water

Friends, do you also want to lose weight through home remedies.

Nowadays we are all so busy that we do not have time to do some yoga exercises.

As a result, our weight has increased a lot. Keeping this in mind, I have brought a herb for all of you whose intake will reduce your weight rapidly.

The name of this herb is dhaniya, which we also know as coriander.

In today's article, we will learn the Health Benefits and Side Effects of Dhaniya Water.

dhaniya is the most commonly used herb in Asia. People in India use it to increase the taste of their food.

Its Aroma improves the taste of food. Dhaniya is used in all households in India.

Friends, do you know that your memory is also increased by consuming coriander.

Coriander is used as a medicine in Ayurveda.

Let us now understand in detail about coriander.

How to Make Dhaniya Water-

1) First of all you have to boil a glass of water in an empty pan.

2) Now you have to put a spoon of coriander seeds inside it.

3) You have to boil this mixture on a low flame for 2 to 3 minutes.

4) You have to boil the mixture till the color of the water changes.

5) Now filter this mixture in a glass.

6) You have to drink this water daily on an empty stomach in the morning.

7) After a few weeks you will see the effect.

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How to Make Dhaniya Powder for Weight Loss-

1) To make coriander powder, you have to put 100 gm of coriander seeds in a pan.

2) Now you have to roast dhaniya seeds till their color changes.

3) In the next step you have to cool them and put them in a mixture.

4) You have to grind these seeds till it turns into powder.

5) You have to take one spoonful of coriander powder in the morning and evening.

6) You will start losing weight in a few weeks.

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Health Benefits of Dhaniya Water-

1) The amount of fiber inside coriander seeds is high, which improves your digestion and your weight loss starts.

2) If you have constipation or you have problems with indigestion, then eat some dhaniya seeds, you will get quick benefits.

3) Coriander is a good source of phosphorus, calcium, and fiber, due to this property, it helps in controlling diabetes.

4) Coriander is rich in minerals and vitamins, due to which is good for your skin and hair.

5) For people who have knee pain or arthritis problems, it helps a lot to reduce their problems.

6) The person who has to swell in hands and feet. Excess water is the main cause of inflammation, it flushes out excess water from the body.

7) It improves immunity in your body as the oxidants of immunity booster is found inside it.

8) It helps reduce your thyroid problem.

9) It helps in eliminating your gas, bloating, and other stomach-related problems.

10) Its regular intake improves your memory because relevant oxidants are found inside it.

Side Effects of Dhaniya water-

1) If your blood sugar is low, then you should not consume it because it helps in reducing blood sugar.

2) If you are allergic to dhaniya seeds then you should stay away from it

3) You should not consume it in large amounts because it flushes out Excess Fluid from your body, and excess intake of it can cause dehydration.

4) Pregnant women should consume it only after consulting a doctor.

5) You should not intake it regularly because it can make you a habit of consuming dhaniya.

6) Eating more dhaniya causes liver problems

7) Eating too much coriander can cause dizziness, bloating, and breathing problems.

What you learned from Health Benefits and Side Effects of Dhaniya Water-

Friends, in today's post I have told you about the many benefits and precautions of coriander.

I have explained to you in detail how you can make powder and water from coriander, which causes your weight loss.

Friends, this is a herb that is found in every home, so you must take it.

Now, friends, it comes to how soon this Remedy can give you benefits.

Friends, it takes some time for any recipe to come into practice and the other depends on how much healthy food you eat.

How is your exercise routine, if you make your routine right, then you will get quick benefits?

Hope you liked what you learned from the Health Benefits and Side Effects of Dhaniya Water.

Questions and answers related to Dhaniya -

Q1 ) Is it safe to drink coriander water every day?

Ans- Yes, you can take Coriander water daily, it does not have any major side effects.

Q 2 ) Is coriander seed water good for health?

Ans - Yes friends, Coriander water is healthy for your body, it helps a lot in reducing your weight.

Q3 ) Is coriander good for the kidneys?

Ans - There is a such property inside the Coriander, due to which the functionality of your kidney improves.

Q4) Is it good to drink coriander water?

Ans - Yes, by drinking Coriander water, the toxins present in your body start getting eliminated.

Q5) Is Dhania water good for the thyroid?

Ans- Yes, coriander water is good for your thyroid. It eliminates the thyroid from the root

Q6) Does drinking coriander water cause weight loss?

Ans- Yes, there are such minerals in coriander water, drinking it helps in reducing weight.

Q7) Does coriander water have any side effects?

Ans - Yes, If you are allergic to Coriander Water then you can have side effects.

Q8) Is coriander water hot or cold?

Ans- Coriander water is cold, it provides coolness to your body.

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