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Matsyasana (Fish Pose) Benefits and Precautions- Step by Step Guide

Matsyasana benefits and precautions

Friends, in today's post we will learn a very beautiful yoga pose, the name of this posture is Fish Pose.

Matsyasana is a back-bending pose, in this pose our head is placed on the ground in such a way, which makes our neck, shoulder, and spine strong.

If you have pain in the neck, shoulder, and spine, then you must do this pose.

In this asana, our stomach also engages a lot, due to which our stomach also starts to lose Extra Fat.

Hence, this asana also helps a lot in reducing your weight.

In this pose, your foot is in the position of Padmasana, due to which also gives you the benefits of Padmasana.

In today's article, we will read in detail, Matsyasana benefits and precautions.

Matsyasana Meaning-

Friends, as I told you above Fish pose is Back Bending Pose. This is considered Advance level yoga.

The Word Matsyasana is made up of two beautiful Sanskrit words.

Matsy    -   Fish

Asana   -    Pose

When we add these two words then it becomes Fish Pose. Fish pose is the English Name of Matsyasana.

Hindi Meaning-         मत्स्यासन

Sanskrit Meaning- Matsyasana

English Meaning-   Fish Pose

Let us now understand in detail how to do Matsyasana.

How to do matsyasana –

First of all, we understand the Preparatory pose.

Preparatory Pose-

1) Bhujangasana

2) Padmasana

3) Navasana

Matsyasana steps-

1) In the first step you have to lie down on the mat. Your hands and feet should be relaxed.

2) Now you have to bring both your feet in the position of padmasana, as shown in the picture.

3) Now you have to lift your entire body with the help of your hand.

4) Put your head on the ground as shown in the picture.

5) You have to grab your leg with both hands, as shown in the picture.

6) Your upper body should be in the form of an arch.

7) In the Final Position your posture should look like a fish.

8) Remember you should inhale and exhale properly.

9) After spending some time you have to release this pose comfortably.

10) Finally you have to return to the padmasana position.

Fish pose Follow pose-

1) Chakrasana

2) Tadasana

3) Virasana


Beginners-           10 to 30 seconds

Intermediate-      30 to 60 seconds

Expert-                   1 to 2 minutes

Beginners Tips-

There is some difficulty in doing this asana in the beginning because when you try to make an arch, your back starts hurting.

So in starting, you should use a pillow under your waist. When you are an expert, you have to remove the pillow below your waist.


1) Ardh Matsyasana

2) Fish pose using Pillow

3) Fish pose using Elbow

Matsyasana benefits-

 1) This pose makes your neck and shoulder strong and flexible.

2) This pose makes your back strong, if there is stiffness in your spine, it helps to overcome it.

3) In this asana, your stomach engages, due to which your weight loss starts.

4) Fish Pose increases your metabolism rate, due to which your weight loss also starts.

5) Matsyasana boosts your immunity power, due to which you do not get the disease quickly.

6) In this pose, your feet are in the padmasana, which is why your knees are strong and flexible.

7) This pose also helps in reducing your thigh fat.

8) In this pose, blood flows towards your head, due to which your memory power gets boosted.

9) Fish pose improves blood circulation in your body, which is the reason why your skin starts glowing.

10) This pose helps you to reduce depression and stress.

Matsyasana contraindications-

1) If you feel a strain in your waist while doing this pose, do not practice this posture.

2) You should be careful while making arches, if you have difficulty in making arches, you can use a cushion.

3) You should not do this asana if you have a head injury, headache, or migraine problem.

4) A person suffering from back pain and slip disc problem should not do this fish pose.

5) Pregnant women and patients with high BP should also not do this pose.

Final words on Matsyasana benefits and precautions-

Friends, in today's article we have understood in detail Matsyasana benefits and precautions.

This pose is one of the 8 poses of asth yoga. It is believed that whichever person poses it never gets sick.

By doing the fish pose, your immunity power also improves which helps you in fighting disease.

Hope you liked today's article Matsyasana.


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