How to do back push up exercise correctly?

How to do back push up exercise correctly

Hello friends, today we will see the answer to a simple question "How to do back push-up exercise correctly?"

Friends, you all do pushups, do you know what is the right way to do pushups.

If you exercise properly then your body is easily formed.

But if you do pushups and your technique is wrong, then it can harm you instead of trying to benefit.

Therefore, you should learn the correct technique for doing pushups.

Friends, if you do regular workouts, initially it will benefit all parts of your body, but there will be a time when it will not have any effect on your body.

In this case, your body's endurance will increase, but your body will not grow.

Now in order to increase the growth of your body, you have to increase your capacity.

In today's article, I will explain to you in detail how you should do pushups and what are its benefits and disadvantages.

Let's start the article.

How to do push-ups for beginners-

Guys, Let's Learn the Perfect way to do Back Pushups.

1) In the first step you have to come to the plank position above the ground.

2) In the next step, the distance between your hands should be slightly out of your shoulder.

3) Remember that your hands should be in the line of the shoulder.

4) Now you have to come down slowly, your chest should be in between your hands.

5) You have to stretch your chest and bring it up slowly.

6) When you bring your chest up, then squeeze it.

7) Remember you have to breathe in while going down and breathe out while going up.

8) You have to perform this exercise by making sets of 10, 10

Correct Posture for Pushups-

While doing this workout you need to keep a few things in mind.

1) The first point is, you do not have to keep your back and glutes upwards.

2) In the second point, you do not have to lower your back and glutes much, meaning your glutes should not make an arch.

3) The distance between your feet in the third point should not be too much or it should not be less.

You have to keep your glutes in a straight line. There should be a distance of 10 to 12 inches between your legs.

What muscles do push-ups work-?

Friends, push-ups mainly train your chest. It strengthens your Pictorial muscles.

Doing regular pushups also strengthens your biceps and triceps.

It basically affects your 3 muscles Chest, Bicep, and tricep.

The best benefits of doing pushups are, it increases your endurance.

Due to high endurance, your strength increases, due to which you do not have difficulty in doing other workouts.

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Push-ups benefits-

1) By doing pushups, your entire body gets stronger. It strengthens your legs, thighs, hips, core, chest, and shoulder.

2) By doing push-ups, your metabolic rate increases, and your weight loss starts due to the improvement of your metabolic rate.

3) By doing pushups the amount of oxygen in your body starts increasing. Which makes your lungs and cardiovascular muscles strong.

4) If you do pushups daily then the amount of Human Growth Hormone and testosterone in your body starts increasing.

5) By doing pushups, your bones get stronger, so you do not have pain in your bones.

6) By doing push-ups your endurance increases, and due to endurance increase, your stamina starts to increase.

7) By doing regular Pushups, your body looks attractive and glows on your face.

Pushups Precautions-

1) While doing this workout you should take special care of the distance between your hands. Your shoulder should be equal to the width of your shoulder width.

2) Your chest should be between your two hands. You have to keep the chest no more forward and not far behind.

3) The distance between your legs should be about 10 to 12 inches. You do not have to move your feet too much nor keep them too close.

4) You should not do this exercise if you have cervical pain, slipped disc, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

5) Even if you have any type of joint pain, you should not do this workout.

How many and for how long should Teenagers do Pushups?

Friends, according to me, Teenagers should do 30 pushups in a set for at least 1 minute.

Due to this, your body is maintained and your body growth is very fast.

What have you learned from How to do back push-up exercises correctly-

Friends, in today's post I have explained to you in detail how to do back push-up exercises correctly.

Let me recap again the key points that I have covered.

Friends, in this article, we have learned which muscles push-ups target most, and what is the right way to do push-ups.

What are the benefits of doing pushups for your body? What precautions should you take while doing this workout?

We have tried to cover lots of queries and their answer.

Hope you liked today's article.

Questions and answers related to pushups -

Q1) How to do back push-up exercises correctly?

Ans- Friends, to do the Back Pushup exercise well, you have to place your body posture in a good way.

Q2 ) How many push-ups a day is good?

Ans- Friends, a Beginner should start with 20 pushups and when you start applying properly then you should do 50 to 100.

Q3 ) How can I improve push-ups in 2 weeks?

Ans- Yes, when you do regular pushups, then both the speed and stamina of your pushups improve.

Q4 ) How should your back be in a push-up?

Ans - Your back should be straight. It should neither be tilted too much nor too upwards.

Q5) Will 50 pushups a day do anything?

Ans - Yes, by doing 50 pushups daily, your core becomes strong and your muscle-building starts.

Q6) Will Pushups Improve Your Strength?

Ans - Yes, Pushups Improve Your Immunity and Strength.

Q7) Can I build back with push-ups?

Ans - Yes, if you do pushups in a proper way, then your back starts to build up.

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