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Virasana Yoga Steps Benefits and Precautions ( Hero Pose)

Virasana Yoga Steps Benefits and Precautions

Friends, in today's time, everyone, whether children or the elderly, suffer from knee pain.

 If the youngster sits down with the quartet for even half an hour, he complains of knee pain.

Knee pain has become a common problem, so we need to find a cure for it.

Friends, though there are 2 remedies, one is ayurvedic and the other is yoga.

In today's article, we will try to learn how to reduce your knee pain with yoga.

In this post we will read, virasana yoga steps benefits and precautions.

Friends, Virasana is a Sitted pose, in this pose you have to sit on the mat for a long time.

In this pose, the position of our feet is somewhat like this, due to which the problem of our knee pain starts to end gradually.

Let us now read virasana in detail.

What is Virasana?

Virasana, also known as hero pose in English. Vir means hero and asana mean pose.

For this reason, it is also called the hero pose.

This pose is called the hero pose because inside it we sit with a Wide chest like a hero.

Hindi Meaning-           विरासना

Sanskrit Meaning-   Virasana

English Meaning-     Hero Pose

In this pose, we sit with knees bent and our chest is towards the outside.

How to do Hero Pose-

Now let's learn how we can do the hero pose.

Preparatory Pose-

1) Malasana

2) Navasana

3) Bhujangasana

Virasana Steps-

1) In the first step you have to sit in the position of Vajrasana.

2) Your stomach should be like inside and your hip should be in the waistline.

3) You have to keep your hands on your knee.

4) Now you have to slowly pull out the right leg and similarly the left leg.

5) Your hip should touch the ground. Your feet should touch the ground and your heels should be upwards.

6) Your hands should be on your knees.

7) Close your eyes and full concentration should be on your breath.

8) You should remain in this position for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.

9) Now you slowly come back to the position of Vajrasana.

10) Finally leave this position

Follow up Pose-

1) Vajrasana

2) Bakasana

3) Kagasana


Beginners-       30 seconds to 1 Minute

Intermediate-   1 to 2 minutes

Expert-             up to 5 Minutes

Beginners Tips-

The beginner may have problems in doing this asana because your most emphasis is on your knees.

Therefore you should practice bending the knees slowly. According to me, you should practice Vajrasana too much first, only then you should practice getting your feet out.


1) Supta Virasana

2) Ardha supta Virasana

Virasana vs Vajrasana-

Friends, there is not much difference between virasana and Vajrasana.

According to me, Virasana is the variation of Vajrasana. In Vajrasana we sit with the knees bent, our hips are above our heel.

In contrast, in virasana, we take our ankles out of the way and touch our hip ground.

In both postures, our seating position remains the same.

Virasana benefits-

1) This pose is great for your thighs, hips, ankles, and knees. It makes your knees strong and makes them flexible as well.

2) This pose helps a lot in reducing extra fat from your thighs and hips.

3) There is swelling in the legs of the women during pregnancy, it is very beneficial in reducing inflammation.

4) This pose corrects the texture of your body. If your body starts bending, it helps you to fix it

5) This pose keeps your mind calm. If your mind is disturbed, then this asana practice will calm your mind.

6) This pose helps to increase your concentration level.

7) If you have anxiety or stress problems, then its practice will give you great benefits.

Virasana precautions-

1) You should be very careful while taking your leg out because if you pull the leg out of the wrong place, your knee may get hurt.

2) If your knee is hurt you should not do this pose.

3) You should not do this pose even if you have a cervical problem.

4) Patients with hip pain, neck pain should not do virasana

5) Patients with High B.P and Migraine should also not do Hero pose.

Conclusion on virasana yoga steps benefits and precautions-

Friends, virasana is an advanced-level pose. This pose helps you in getting rid of all diseases.

Along with its physical benefits, there are also mental benefits about which we have read in the detail above.

This asana reduces your weight and also gives you an attractive look.

Hope you liked virasana yoga steps benefits and precautions


Q1) What are the benefits of Virasana?

Ans - The biggest advantage of Virasana yoga is that it makes your knee and thigh flexible and strong.

Q2 ) Who should not do Virasana?

Ans - Those people who have piles disease or who have had hip operation should not do this yoga.

Q3 ) Is the Hero pose bad for knees?

Ans - No, it is very good for your hips. It Increases Their Flexibility

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