Methi (Fenugreek) Seeds Benefits for Weight loss

methi seeds benefits for weight loss

Hello friends, welcome to our blog. Today I will tell you about methi seeds benefits for weight loss.

Friends, fenugreek is very beneficial for both men and women. It benefits both of them very much.

Its effect is hot, that is why it should be consumed less in summer.

You can also eat methi by grinding it, making fenugreek water, and fenugreek sprout.

Ingredients in methi -

Calcium - 35 g

carbs - 6 g

Fiber- 3g

Fat - 1 g

It contains abundant amounts of vitamin B, Zinc, Potassium, selenium, Folate, and Phosphorus.

Within Ayurveda, it is used to cure vaat and kaaf, but it is not very effective in peet.

 There are fibers inside the fenugreek that help in the growth of good bacteria.

Let us now understand the health benefits of fenugreek weight loss.

How to prepare methi water for weight loss-

1) First of all you have to put 20 g methi in a glass of water to soak overnight.

2) In the morning you have to boil this water for 5, 6 minutes on a low flame.

3) Then you have to filter this water in a glass.

4) You have to drink this water slowly

jeera and methi water for weight loss-

1) You have to keep one glass of cumin seeds and fenugreek in another glass to soak.

2) In the morning you have to boil them separately.

3) Now you have to filter both and mix both the water.

4) Now you have to consume mixed water

How to Make Methi Tea-

1) To make methi tea you will need 3 ingredients.

2) These ingredients are fenugreek seeds, a cup of water, and honey.

3) First of all, you have to boil water in a pan and put a spoonful of methi dana in it.

4) Now you have to boil water for some time

5) Finally you have to filter the water in a glass.

6) Now you have to mix one spoon of honey in it.

7) Finally, your fenugreek tea is made, you can consume it.

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How to Make Methi Powder-

1) First of all you have to take 100g of fenugreek seeds.

2) Now you have to grind these grains.

3) Now you have to fill this powder in a box.

4) In winter, you have to consume one spoon of this powder every morning.

How to Make Methi Sprout-

1) To sprout the fenugreek, you have to first soak the fenugreek for some time.

2) Now you have to wrap the soaked fenugreek in a cloth.

3) If you sprinkle some water on this cloth, it will be much better.

4) Now you have to wrap it for 24 - 36 hours.

5) When you check after 36 hours your sprout will be made

Health benefits of Methi seeds-

1) Fenugreek contains high antioxidants and it improves your metabolism rate due to which your weight loss starts.

2) It controls your blood sugar, hunger, and appetite and also improves your digestion.

3) Methi helps in controlling your diabetes and blood sugar level.

4) It is anti-inflammatory and cures your digestive disorder.

5) It boosts your immunity and removes toxins from your body.

6) It improves the health of your kidney and also improves your mental health.

7) It cures cold, cough, and asthma and protects the nervous system.

8) It cures joint pain and treats insomnia disease.

9) It is good for the skin and helps in your hair growth.

10) If there is a pain in any part of your body, then you have to heat fenugreek seeds and compress them at that place, your pain will go away.

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Side effects of methi seeds-

1) Do not consume methi seeds regularly, you take a gap and consume fenugreek.

2) You should not consume methi by mixing it with milk, curd, and butter.

3) You do not have to consume tea before and after eating fenugreek.

4) Pregnant women should not consume fenugreek because its effect is hot.

5) If you consume fenugreek in summer then if you feel anxiety or headache then you should avoid it

Final words on methi seeds' benefits for weight loss-

Friends, fenugreek is an herb used in Asia. It is used more in food by Indians.

It is believed that if you have a problem with bai or knee pain, then you should take the methi phaki.

This will give you a lot of benefits.

In today's article, I have tried to explain to you about methi seeds' benefits for weight loss.

Apart from this, I have told you many benefits.

Hope you liked today's article.

Question and Answer Related to Fenugreek -

Q1 ) Can fenugreek seeds reduce belly fat?

Ans - Yes, by consuming fenugreek seeds, your metabolism rate improves. Due to this, your weight loss starts and your belly fat is reduced.

Q2 ) Is drinking fenugreek water good for weight loss?

Ans - Yes, because the amount of fiber in Fenugreek water is high, due to which your weight loss starts.

Q3 ) Can we drink fenugreek water daily?

Ans - Yes, you can drink fenugreek water daily, it will not harm you.

Q4) Does fenugreek reduce weight?

Ans- Yes, by consuming Fenugreek your weight starts decreasing.

Q5) What is the best way to take fenugreek for weight loss?

Ans - You should take Methi directly or with water, due to which your weight loss becomes easy.

Q6) How much fenugreek should I take for weight loss?

Ans - For weight loss, you should consume 30 to 40 grams of Fenugreek per day.

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