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How to Make Ajwain Water for Weight loss

how to make ajwain water for weight loss

Hello friends, welcome to our health blog, today we will learn how to make ajwain water for weight loss.

ajwain which we also know as carom seeds is a spice. These are the spices used in Asia.

In India, carom is used in many ways. It is used to enhance the taste of food.

It is believed that if you have pain in your knee, then you take ajwain and your pain will go away.

Consumption of carom in spite of burning sensation in the chest, burning sensation disappears.

Inside Ayurveda, ajwain is used as a medicine. According to Ayurveda, ajwain is a beneficial herb for the last 100 years or earlier.

It is believed that if you consume water made from carom seeds, then your weight also decreases rapidly.

Let us now learn how to make ajwain water.

Nutrients of Carom seeds-

Carom seeds are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which greatly benefit our bodies.

There is a compound named thymol inside ajwain which helps you to eliminate all your digestive problems from the root.

The effect of carom seeds is hot and it is dry. Therefore, it is useful to use in winter.

Ajwain Water for Weight loss-

To make ajwain water, I will tell you some steps, which you should understand carefully.

1) In the first step you have to boil a cup of water for 2 minutes.

2) Now you have to add a spoon carom seed inside it.

3) Now you have to boil this mixture for at least 5 minutes.

4) After boiling well, you have to filter this mixture inside a cup.

5) Now you have to add a spoon of honey inside it.

6) When the water cools down, you have to drink the water sip by sip.

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Ajwain and saunf water for weight loss-

To prepare this mixture you have to take carom seeds, fennel, and honey.

1) You have to soak fennel seeds and carom seeds in a cup filled with water overnight.

2) Now you have to boil this water for at least 5 minutes in the morning.

3) After boil you have to sieve this water in a cup.

4) Now add one spoon of honey to this water.

5) Mix honey well and drink water after cooling it.

Benefits of Ajwain water for weight loss-

1) The fiber inside carom seeds is high and it balances the secretion of the digestive enzyme in your body, as a result of which your digestive system improves.

2) It helps us a lot with our heartburn, acidity, and bloating problems.

3) It helps a lot in managing cholesterol, B.P, and sugar levels.

4) Carom seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, due to which you do not have inflammation problems.

5) It is very beneficial for your body in cold and cough problems.

6) If you consume it regularly then there is no problem with kidney stones and it is very beneficial in reducing kidney stone problems.

7) It helps in reducing ear pain and toothache.

8) It helps in reducing the problem of getting acne and white hair.

9) Asthma problem, headache problem, or breathing problem, it is very beneficial for you.

10) Carom seeds are the best herb to increase the beauty and glowness of the skin.

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Side effects of carom seeds-

1) Its effect is warm, so you should use it more in winter.

2) Pregnant women should not consume carom seeds and carom water.

3) You should not consume it continuously, you can consume it by taking breaks in between.

4) It is hot, so children should not consume more than half a teaspoon, because it can harm them.

5) It is hot, so we should not consume it much because that is why it dilutes your blood and starts bleeding.

Final words on how to make ajwain water for weight loss-

Friends, how did you like today's post on how to make ajwain water for weight loss, please tell me in the comment.

As I told you earlier, all the spices used in India also work as medicine.

Both Ayurveda and science have described Indian spices as medicine of a good level.

Many nutrients are found inside ajwain which improves your metabolism rate, due to which you get a lot of help in weight loss.

Therefore you should use carom seeds. Because this herb alone is equivalent to a lot of medicines.

Hope you liked today's article.


Q1) How much weight can I lose with ajwain?

Ans - If you consume Ajwain daily, then you can reduce about two to two and a half kg.

Q2) Does drinking ajwain water help in weight loss?

Ans - There is a thymol substance inside Ajwain, this substance helps you in weight loss.

Q3) Can we drink ajwain water daily?

Ans - Yes, you can consume ajwain water daily. This does not harm you in any way.

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