Marjariasana Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

marjariasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Hello friends, welcome to our yoga blog, today I will tell you about marjariasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Friends, as our age increases, the flexibility of our bodies decreases.

Therefore you should practice exercise or yoga on regular basis.

Through today's post, we will learn a yoga pose that will increase our body's flexibility.

The name of this yoga pose is marjariasana. It is an easy and top-level yoga pose.

This pose makes all parts of your body tone and flexibility. While doing this posture, all the parts of your body engage, making your muscles stronger.

This asana strengthens all the organs from your body to your mind.

Let us now read in detail about marjariasana.

Marjariasana meaning-

Friends, marjariasana is also known as Birlasana. This is the yoga practice of the Advance level.

With regular practice, your body becomes flexible and strong.

Bidalasana is also known as a cat pose. It is made up of a combination of 2 words.

Bidala - cat

asana - pose

For this reason, it is also known as a cat pose.

Marjariasana meaning-

Hindi Meaning

English Meaning - Cat Pose

Sanskrit meaning - Marjariasana

During this posture, our body looks like a cat. With this posture our spine becomes flexible.

Which increases the flexibility of our body.

How to do Marjariasana-

Preparatory Pose-

1) Bhairavasana

2) Pasasana

3) Simhasana


1) First of all you have to sit in the posture of Vajrasana.

2) You must bend forward and keep both hands firmly on the ground.

3) There should be a shoulder-level gap in the middle of your hand. There should be a decent distance between your knees as well.

4) You should be in the table pose in the final position. Remember that your hands should be at shoulder height.

5) Now you have to pull your stomach inward and stretch the waist upwards. Your face should be directed downward.

6) You have to stay in this position for some time.

7) Now you have to stretch your waist down and same time your face should be directed upward.

8) You have to do this posture for at least 30 seconds.

9) For this posture you have to do at least 5 Reps.

10) Finally you have to come in the pose of Balasana and leave this posture.

Follow Up Poses-

1) Vajrasana

2) Balasana

3) Naukasana


Beginner -    30 to 40 seconds

Intermediate-   40 to 1 minute

Expert -   1 to 2 minutes

Beginner Tips-

Friends, this is a straightforward yoga pose, there are some things to keep in mind while doing this pose.

You have to open your hands up to shoulder level. The beginner should stretch his waist according to his strength while practicing this pose.

You first have to stretch the body as much as your body can bear, as the strength increases, so you keep increasing your body stretch.

marjariasana variations-

1) Rocket Cat Pose

2) Kneeling Cat Swan Flow

3) Cat-Cow Pose One-Leg Aerial

Marjariasana benefits-

1) This posture gives you great relief from cervical and shoulder pain.

2) This pose makes your spine, shoulder, and hips flexible.

3) This posture helps a lot in reducing your belly fat.

4) By doing this posture, your metabolism rate improves, due to which you also lose weight.

5) This posture helps to eliminate your stomach problems like indigestion, gas, and constipation from the root.

6) By doing this posture, your stomach muscles become strong and flexible.

7) This asana transmits blood in your body so that you do not have a skin-related problem.

8) By doing this pose, your skin starts glowing.

9) This pose makes all parts of your body strong and flexible.

10) This pose reduces stress from your mind and improves your concentration power.

marjariasana contraindications-

1) Do not practice this pose if you have cervical and shoulder pain.

2) Even a person suffering from a slipped disc should not practice this asana.

3) Patients with high BP and migraines should also not practice this pose.

4) Pregnant women should not practice this pose.

5) A person struggling with knee pain should not practice this pose.

Questions and answers related to Marjariasana -

Q1) Who should not do Marjariasana?

Ans- Those people who have the problem of spine pain and slipped discs should not do this pose. 

Q2 ) What are the benefits of Marjariasana?

Ans- By doing Marjariasana, your spine, and hip become flexible and strong.

Q3) Name of Marjariasana in English ?

Ans - Marjariasana is known as Cat Pose in English.

Q4) What precautions should we take while doing Marjariasana?

Ans- Friends, while doing this pose, you have to pay attention to the fact that there should be no pain in your hip and back.

Q5) What is the Average Duration of Marjariasana?

Ans- Average Duration of Marjariasana is 30 to 40 seconds

Q6) Should Children do Marjariasana every day?

Ans-  Children will do this pose every day But under the supervision of a Yoga Trainer.

Q7) What are the benefits of cow cat pose?

Ans - This pose improves your posture and balance and increases strength, flexibility

Q8) What are the precautions for the cat-cow pose?

Ans - If you have a neck problem or injury then you should avoid this pose.

Final words on marjariasana steps, benefits, and precautions-

Friends, today we have learned marjariasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Cat pose is a very simple pose, practicing it reduces many of your diseases.

So I advise you that you should add this posture to your daily yoga practice.

This pose makes your body flexible as well as improves your body's flexibility.

Therefore, I will advise you that you should definitely add this pose to your daily life.

Hope you liked today's post.

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