Bhairavasana Steps, Benefits, And Precautions

Bhairavasana Steps, Benefits, And Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to natural health tips, today I will tell you about Bhairavasana steps, benefits, and Precautions.

Bhairavasana is an advanced level yoga, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to this yoga, you will become strong with both mind and body.

This yoga makes your mind strong, through this asana we learn to control our mind.

If you practice this asana on a regular basis, then you do not have to face mental debility.

With mental power, it also strengthens your body. Through this posture your legs are flexible.

This yoga makes your upper body to your lower body flexible and strong.

In direct words, this yoga helps you in getting your whole body workout.

But before practicing this yoga, you must have knowledge of basic yoga.

Basic Yoga develops flexibility in your body, due to which your body gets so much flexibility that you can practice this asana.

Let us now understand the benefits and precautions of bhairavasana in detail.

Bhairavasana meaning-

In English, bhairavasana is also known as a formidable pose. This is a variation of hatha yoga.

This asana is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it falls under the category of Advance Yoga, so it is very important to have knowledge of basic yoga.

Bhairavasana meaning-

Hindi Meaning- भैरवासना

Sanskrit meaning - bhairavasana

English Meaning - Formidable Pose

Inside this pose, you have one leg behind the neck and you balance the whole body with one leg and hand.

This is why this pose comes in the category of advanced yoga.

How to do Bhairavasana-

Preparatory Pose-

1) Pashasana

2) Hanumanasana

3) Sarvangasana


1) First of all, you have to stretch your legs forward above the ground and sit down.

2) Now you have to hold your left leg with your hands and take it behind the neck.

3) You have to place your leg well behind the neck.

4) Now you have to keep your hands above the ground and move your right leg backward

5) Now you have to raise your right hand towards the sky.

6) Your right foot and right hand should be well connected to the ground, the weight of your entire body will be on both of them.

7) You have to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.

8) After this you have to keep your right hand on the ground and bring your right leg forward.

9) Slowly you have to lower your left leg and relax the body for some time.

10) Now you have to repeat the same posture on the other side as well.

Follow up Poses-

1) Gomukhasana

2) Balasana

3) Bhujangasana


Beginners -   30 to 40 seconds

Intermediate-   40 to 1 minute

Expert-              1 to 2 minutes


1) Side Plank Pose Flow.

2) Side Plank Twist

3) Side Plank Pose Variation Leg Flow

Beginner Tips-

Friends, you may have more problems in doing this asana because your body should be absolutely flexible for this posture.

To make the body flexible, you will have to do a lot of practice of basic yoga, only then you will be able to do this posture well.

Bhairavasana benefits-

1) This pose regulates blood circulation in your body, due to which you do not have any blood-related disease.

2) This asana helps in keeping your mind under control.

3) This pose helps to maintain a balance between your body and mind.

4) By doing this asana, anxiety and stress start coming out of the mind.

5) This posture sharpens your brain and improves your concentration power.

6) This pose makes your hip, thigh, and back muscles flexible and strong.

7) By doing this pose, your stomach problem like gas, indigestion and constipation problem is over.

8) This posture increases your metabolism rate which causes your weight loss.

9) This posture helps in beautifying your body texture.

10) Doing this posture never causes pain in your neck and back.

Bhairavasana precautions-

1) Beginner should do this pose after he has completed basic yoga practice.

2) In case of pain in the back, neck, and shoulder, this pose should be avoided.

3) This pose should be avoided even in the problem of slip disc and cervical pain.

4) Pregnant women should not do this pose.

5) You should not do this posture even in high B.P and headache problem.

Important Question and Answer Related to Bhairavasana

Q1) What is the dancing posture of Shiva?

Ans- Natarajasana is known as dancing pose of God Shiva.

Q2) How to Kala Bhairavasana?

Ans- Kala Bhairavasana is the Modification of Bhairavasana and it is more effective than Bhairavasana.

Q3) Important Benefits of Bhairavasana ?

Ans- By doing Bhairavasana your body becomes flexible and strong.

Questions and answers related to Bhairavasana -

Q1) Should Bhairavasana be done in case of Thigh Pain?

Ans- No, you should not do this asana when you have Thigh Pain. You should first consult a doctor.

Q2) Should pregnant women do this yoga?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q3) What are the two main benefits of Bhairavasana?

Ans - By doing Bhairavasana, your thigh and spine become strong and flexible.

Final words on Bhairavasana steps, benefits, and Precautions-

Friends, I hope you liked today's Post Bhairavasana steps, benefits, and precautions.

Friends, this posture helps a lot in increasing the strength and flexibility of your body.

If you want to become an expert in Yoga, then you must learn this pose.

Hope you find today's post informative.

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