How to do Tulasana- Steps Benefits and side effects

Tolasana steps benefits and precautions

Hello Friends, My name is Anoop, and today I will give you complete information about Tolasana steps benefits and precautions.

Tolasana is an Advance level yoga in which you have to lift your body in the air.

For Air Lifting, you must first learn Balancing because in this posture you lift the body with the help of your hand.

Friends, the biggest difference between basic yoga and advanced yoga is that in basic yoga, you learn to breathe and balance your mind.

But advanced yoga affects both your mental and physical things.

It makes your mind strong as well as your body.

Tulasana is also an Advanced Level Yoga in which you have to balance your body.

When you learn to do this balancing, your mental strength starts increasing.

You learn to sit between the mind and body. Both your concentration and memory power improve.

Muscles of your hand also grow because of lifting the body in the air.

This posture helps a lot in increasing your stamina.

Let us now understand tolasana in detail.

Tulasana Meaning-

Friends, inside Tulasana we lift our bodies with the help of our hands. To lift the body, you have to balance between mind and body.

This pose is also known as the Scale pose in English.

Tulasana is a combination of two words.

Tula - scale

Asana - pose

Scale pose is formed when we combine both words.

Tolasana Meaning -

Hindi Meaning - तुलसाना 

English Meaning - Scale Pose

Sanskrit Meaning – Tolasana

How to Do Tolasana-

Preparatory pose-

1) Bhujangasana

2) Balasana

3) Shalabhasana


1) First of all you have to sit in a padmasana state above the mat.

2) Your waist should be straight and your face should be straight.

3) You have to take some deep breaths first.

4) Now you have to pass your hands between your thigh and legs.

5) You have to keep your palm well above the ground.

6) Now you have to press your palm above the ground and using the power of your hand, lift your body up.

7) You have to balance your body weight so that your hand does not get stressed too much.

8) Your body should be straight.

9) You have to take a normal breath and lift the body for a few seconds.

10) After some time, you have to slowly bring your body back down.

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Follow up Poses-

1) Vajrasana

2) Pashasana

3) Muktasana


1) Beginners - 20 to 30 seconds

2) Intermediate -   30 to 40 seconds

3) Expert -   40 seconds to 1 minute

Variations –

1) Ardha tolasana

2) Tolasana Using blocks

3) Tulasana Using Walls

Beginner Tips –

Friends, this is an advanced level yoga, in this, you will have a lot of problems in lifting your body in the air.

Therefore, you should use the wall first. You should lift your body through the wall.

When you will be taught to lift your body from the wall, then you have to learn to lift your body without the wall.

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Tolasana Benefits –

1) This posture teaches you to balance your body and mind.

2) By doing this posture, your mental power increases. Students have memory and concentration power improvement.

3) This pose makes your body joint strong.

4) This pose makes your shoulder and hand muscles flexible and strong.

5) By doing this pose, your body gets flexibility.

6) This asana helps in reducing your body fat.

7) This asana speeds up your metabolism rate which causes your weight loss.

8) This pose eliminates your constipation problem at the root.

9) This posture improves blood circulation in your body.

10) This posture cures common issues like bloating, gas, and indigestion.

Tolasana Precautions –

1) You should be very careful while doing body lifting so that you do not get hurt.

2) You should be very careful while doing this posture, otherwise, you may get hurt.

3) Pregnant women should not pose.

4) Patients with cervical and slipped disks should not do this pose.

5) High bp and migraine patients should not posture

Final words on Tolasana steps benefits and precautions-

Hope you have liked today's post on Tolasana's steps benefits and precautions very much.

Friends, advanced-level yogas help a lot in building your body.

If you also want an attractive body, you must practice yoga.

Tolasana is the best yoga for your hand muscles, so you must practice this pose.

Hope you have learned something new from today's post.

Questions and answers related to Tulasana -

Q1) What are the benefits of Tulasana?

Ans- By doing Tulasana, your forearms, and shoulders are strengthened.

Q2) For how long should I do Tulasana?

Ans- You should practice Tulasana for 60 to 70 seconds.

Q3) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not practice this yoga.

Q4) What are the disadvantages of Tulasana?

Ans - If you have pain in the Back or Hip then do not do this pose.

Q5) Should children do this pose?

Ans - Yes, children can do this pose under the supervision of a Yoga Instructor.

Q6) What is the ideal duration of this pose?

Ans - You can do this pose for 30 seconds to 120 seconds per day.

Q7) If You Have Neck Pain should you do this?

Ans - if you have neck and back pain you must avoid this pose.

Q8) What is Tolasana also known as?

Ans - Tolasana is also known as Utthita Padmasana.

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