Viparita Karani: Steps, Benefits, precautions, and Variations

viparita Karani's steps, benefits, and precautions

Hello friends, welcome to our blog. Today, I will teach you viparita Karani's steps, benefits, and precautions.

Friends, this is an inverted Yoga Pose, inside which you invert your body.

This yoga posture is placed in the asana of the advanced level category.

Today time is so much stress that a person is always under tension.

We all have home stress, business anxiety, job worry, worry about bills, and do not know what to worry about.

Which causes us to live in depression and stress. This disease is considered to be the most terrible of all diseases.

Therefore, we should always use those measures so that our stress is reduced a little bit.

The best therapy to reduce stress is to stay calm and follow Yoga asanas.

You can practice Viparita Karani asana to reduce stress.

Today, I will tell you all the steps through which you can practice this yoga easily.

When you start practicing it you will definitely benefit from it.

Let us now begin the practice of Viparita Karani Yoga.

History Viparita Karani Yoga-

Friends, Viparita Karani Yoga is an advanced-level asana and it comes in the category of the inverted pose.

In this asana, we invert our legs and lie down. inverted means our feet up, and the backrests on the ground.

This asana is formed by combining two words.

Viparita - legs up

Karani - The wall pose

When we combine these two words, the legs up the wall pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi Meaning

Sanskrit meaning - viparita Karani

English Meaning - Legs up the wall pose

Let's do this pose now

How to Do Legs up the wall pose –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Parighasana

2) Bitilasana

3) Sarvangasana

Steps –

1) First of all you have to place Mat near the wall.

2) Now you have to lie back on the ground.

3) You have to attach both hands along the waist.

4) Your face should be facing toward the roof and the body should be perfectly straight.

5) Now you have to breathe in and take the foot parallel to the wall.

6) The posture of your body should look at the right angle.

7) You have to take continuous breaths.

8) Stay in this posture for some time and then slowly leave the asana.

9) After doing this posture for some time, you have to practice this pose without a wall.

10) You have to do this asana at least 2, 3 times a week

Follow up poses –

1) Savasana

2) Chakrasana

3) Balasana

Duration –

1) Beginners stay at least 30 seconds

2) Intermediate stay at least 60 seconds

3) Expert stay at least 120 seconds

Variations –

1 ) Legs Up With Strap

2 ) Reclined Legs Raised Pose Chair Blanket Bolster

3 ) Supine Pelvic Lifts Feet On Wall

Beginners Tip –

Friends, a Beginner does not have to pose without a wall in the beginning. You have to start from the wall of this pose so that your base is strong.

When your base becomes strong then you have to practice without the wall.

Viparita Karani Benefits –

1) This pose is a good asana for your pelvis and thighs.

2) This asana helps in reducing your lower body fat.

3) This asana makes your spine flexible and strong.

4) By doing this asana, there is blood circulation in your body, which causes a glow in your body.

5) This asana helps in reducing your stress level.

6) This posture makes your stomach muscles strong and massages them.

7) This asana helps to cure your stomach's common problems like gas, and constipation.

8) By doing regular exercises, your memory power also improves.

Inverted Pose Precautions –

1) If you have a heart problem, do not do this asana.

2) If you have joint pain like knee pain, do not do this asana.

3) If you have a problem with headaches and migraines then do not do it asana.

4) High blood pressure patients do not have to do this posture.

5) You have to be careful while practicing asana or else you may get injured.

6) If there is pain in the hip and spine, do not do it asana.

7) Pregnant women do not have to do this asana

Questions and answers related to viparita Karani's -

Q1) When should you do viparita Karani?

Ans - If you do this pose in the morning after getting up in the morning, then your body will get more benefits than this.

Q2) Is Viparita Karani safe?

Ans- Yes, it is a safe yoga pose but it should be avoided in certain conditions.

Q3) Does Viparita Karani reduce weight?

Ans - Yes, this yoga pose improves your digestive system, due to which your weight loss starts.

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q5) What should be the ideal duration of doing this pose?

Ans - The average duration of doing this pose should be 30 to 40 seconds.

Q6) Best Time For Viparita Karani Pose ?

Ans - You Can do this pose in the morning, Morning time benefited your body.

Q7) How many minutes should I do Viparita Karani?

Ans - You can practice this pose for 5 to 10 minutes

Final words on viparita Karani steps, benefits, and precautions –

Friends, I hope you liked today's post viparita Karani's steps, benefits, and protection.

Friends, if you are troubled by stress and anxiety, you should definitely do this asana.

Within a few days, its results will be visible to you.

Hope you have learned something new from today's post

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