Krounchasana ( Heron Pose ) steps benefits and precautions

Krounchasana steps benefits and precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will learn Krounchasana steps benefits and precautions.

Friends, Krounchasana is an advanced-level yoga. You should practice this yoga only after practicing basic-level yoga.

Through basic yoga, we make our bodies healthy and muscles flexible.

There comes a time in a regular yoga practitioner's life when he has to push his yoga practice.

At that time he should start practicing yoga at an advanced level. Initially, there is a lot of difficulty in practicing this yoga.

But when you do regular yoga practice, you become a master in advanced-level yoga also.

Today we will practice heron asana. This asana is a modification of many basic yoga poses.

 The most important thing about this asana is that this asana increases the flexibility of your whole body.

This pose is very special for your thigh, abdomen, spine, and inner organs.

It helps in raising the strength and flexibility of all the parts by one level.

Now let us start practicing it.

History of Krounchasana –

Friends, Krounchasana is known as Heron Pose in English. This is an advanced-level yoga practice.

In this yoga practice, we raise one of our legs to 45 degrees and fold the other. Our complete body should be absolutely straight.

This asana is formed by joining two words.

Krouncha - Heron

Asana - Pose

When we join both words, then Heron Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi Meaning - Krounchasana

Sanskrit Meaning - krounchasana

English Meaning - Heron Pose

Let us now practice the yoga of Heron Asana

How to do Heron Pose –

Preparatory pose –

1) Naukasana

2) Monkey pose

3) Vajrasana

Steps –

1) First of all, you have to sit on the mat in the posture of Vajrasana.

2) Your spine and neck should be straight.

3) Now you have to take out the right leg and keep it straight.

4) Your left leg should attach to your hips.

5) Now you have to hold the foot with your hands and raise your leg towards the head.

6) Your leg and hand should be completely straight.

7) Your spine and neck should be straight and your face should be completely straight.

8) Your final position should be like the picture.

9) You have to stay in this posture for some time and then leave the pose.

10) Now you have to repeat the same posture with the other leg.

Follow up poses –

1) Bhujangasana

2) Uttana Shishosana

3) Natarajasana

Duration –

A beginner must do it for 30 to 40 seconds

Intermediate must go  for 60 seconds

Expert at least do for 120 seconds

Beginner Tips – 

If you have pain in the hip and spine, then I would recommend that you consult a doctor first.

After taking advice, you should do this posture very comfortably and smoothly.

Variations –

1) Hero Pose Variation Hands Raised

2) Wide Hero Pose

3) Hero Pose Cow Face Arms

Heron Pose Benefits –

1) This pose reduces your leg and hip muscles and makes them flexible.

2) This asana helps in reducing your lower abdomen fat.

3) This asana also helps in reducing the extra fat of your love handles.

4) By doing this asana, your spine becomes strong and flexible.

5) This asana also helps in straightening your body posture.

6) By doing this asana, your abdominal muscles are massaged.

7) This asana increases the flexibility of your abdominal organs.

8) This posture eliminates stomach problems like gas and constipation from the root.

9) This asana expands your confidence.

10) This posture helps in reducing depression and anxiety.

Krounchasana  Precautions –

1) While doing this posture, you should take care of your spine and neck, otherwise, an injury may occur.

2) If you have hip and back pain, then it should not be done asana.

3) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

4) This posture should not be done if there is a problem with the slip disc.

5) Even if you have cervical and piles, this asana should not be done.

Heron Pose Question and Answer -

Q1) Why is it called the heron pose?

Ans - Where is it known as Heron Pose because it is derived from the Sanskrit word Kruncha which means Heron.

Q2 ) What muscles are used in Heron's pose?

Ans- Lower Back, Core, Hips, Knees, and other parts are used in this pose.

Q3) What is the Ideal Time Duration of this pose?

Ans - Ideal Time Duration of this pose is around 60 Seconds

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q5) What is the best time to do this pose?

Ans - The best time to do this pose is in the morning.

Q6) Does Heron pose to increase the flexibility of the body?

Ans- Yes, if you do this pose, then both the flexibility and strength of your body increase.

Final words on Krounchasana steps benefits and precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post on Krounchasana steps benefits, and precautions very much.

Today I have explained to you all the information related to the heron pose in detail. You have to apply all these points when you practice.

You will not believe that you will get many benefits from this. This posture can give you a lot of benefits in a short time.

So you have to practice this posture carefully and comfortably.

Hope you liked today's post

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