Uttana Shishosana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Uttana Shishosana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will learn about Uttana Shishosana Steps Benefits and Precautions.

Friends, in this posture our body looks like a puppy. When a puppy wakes up from sleep, he stretches his body forward.

In this pose, the position of our body is also the same. That's why this posture is also called Extended Puppy Pose.

This posture is very beneficial for your Hip and Stomach. It stretches your hip and stomach muscles.

As a result, the extra fat from your hip is reduced and the hip becomes flexible and strong.

This asana is very easy to do so you should definitely do this asana.

This posture is more beneficial for those people who are currently practicing basic yoga.

Because it comes in intermediate-level yoga practice. The person who becomes an expert at the basic level will not have much problem in doing this posture.

That's why you should focus more on the basics of yoga.

Let us now start practicing yoga today.

History of extended puppy pose-

Friends, we also know Uttana Shishosana as an Extended Puppy Pose.

This is an intermediate-level yoga asana. In this asana, our palms are on the floor and the butts extend toward the roof.

This asana is formed by combining two words.

Uttana - Extended

Shishosana - Puppy Pose

When we combine these words, then Extended Puppy Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi Meaning - उत्ताना शिशुसन

Sanskrit Meaning - Uttana Shishosana

English Meaning - Extended Puppy Pose

Let us now start the Extended Puppy Pose.

How to do Uttana Shishosana –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Balasana

2) Vajrasana

3) Trikonasana

Steps –

1) First of all, lie down on your stomach on the mat.

2) Your hands should be extended beyond the head and should be sticking above the floor.

3) Your face should be towards the floor and it should be between both hands.

4) Now you have to fold your legs from the knees and come on the knees.

5) Your hands should be stretched, knees should be folded.

6) Now you have to breathe in and stretch your hips towards the roof.

7) At the same time you have to stretch your hands forward.

8) Remained in this position for some time.

9) Now you have to breathe out slowly and relax the hips.

10) You can repeat this posture 2 to 3 times.

Follow up poses –

1) Dvapada Dhanurasana

2) Halasana

3) Yoganidrasana

Duration –

A beginner should do it for 30 seconds

Intermediate will go for 60 seconds

The expert will go for 120 seconds

Beginner tips –

Friends, if you have a problem with your hip like you have piles or have had a hip operation, then you must consult a doctor once.

Otherwise, you may have swelling or pain in your hip.

Variations –

1) Parivrtta Uttana Shishosana

2) Anahatasana On Elbows

3) Rabbit Pose

Extended Puppy Pose Benefits –

1) This posture improves the shape of your hip.

2) This asana increases the flexibility of your hips and makes them strong.

3) This asana improves your metabolism rate.

4) This asana removes all the diseases related to your stomach like -constipation and indigestion.

5) This asana massages your abdominal muscles.

6) By doing this posture, blood flows toward the mind, which increases memory power.

7) This posture improves the pumping power of your heart.

8) This pose helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

9) This asana makes your spine flexible and strong.

10) Depression is reduced by doing this asana.

Uttana Shishosana Precautions –

1) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

2) This asana should not be done even if there are Piles or hip injuries.

3) Patients with high blood pressure should not do this asana.

4) It should not be done even if there is knee pain or injury.

5) Care should be taken while doing this pose

Questions and answers related to uttanasana -

Q 1) How can I improve my puppy's pose?

Ans - Puppy Pose Improvement starts due to Consistency and Regular Practicing.

Q2) What are the Precautions of Uttana Shishosana?

Ans- This pose should be avoided if there is Back Pain, Cervical, and Piles.

Q3) What is the Ideal Duration of Uttana Shishosana?

Ans- Uttana Shishosana you should do at least 1 minute

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans- No, pregnant women should not do this pose.

Q5) How long should I hold the puppy pose?

Ans - Friends, you can practice this pose daily for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Q6) What are the benefits of the sphinx pose?

Ans - By doing this pose, the strength of your spine increases and your butt comes in shape.

Final words on Uttana Shishosana Steps Benefits and Precautions-

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Uttana Shishosana Steps Benefits and Precautions very much.

Today we have tried to cover all the important points of Extended Puppy Pose.

It has been my endeavor you get all the things inside a single post so that you do not have to read different posts for different information.

After reading this post today, you will get all the basic knowledge related to this posture.

Hope you got to learn something new today 

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