Detail Information on Akarna Dhanurasana Benefits And Precautions

Akarna Dhanurasana Benefits And Precautions

Hello friends, my name is Anup, and welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I will tell you about Akarna Dhanurasana benefits and precautions.

Friends, this yoga is completely different from Dhanurasana and it increases the flexibility of your legs.

Friends, Akarna Dhanurasana is a variation of the main Yoga Dhanurasana.

This pose comes in Intermediate Level Yoga practice. This posture basically trains your legs and abdomen well.

Guys, If You Practice This Posture On Regular Basis Then You Will See Its Positive Result In Few Days.

Let me explain to you some of its positive results.

By doing regular exercise, the flexibility of your legs, thigh, and knee increases.

It makes your knees strong so that you do not complain of knee pain.

Its main advantage is that it controls your lower body fat. Due to this, your weight does not increase.

If the weight is more then it is very helpful in reducing it.

Let us now start this yoga practice.

History of Akarna Dhanurasana –

Friends, Akarna Dhanurasana is a medium-level yoga. In English, it is known as Archers Yoga Pose.

In this yoga, we stretch one of our legs to the ear with the help of our hand, like an arrow is stretched from bow to ear.

This pose is basically made up of three magic words.

Akarna Dhanurasana - Archers Yoga Pose

This Combined Words make up the Archer Yoga Pose.

Meaning -

Hindi Meaning - Akarna Dhanurasana

Sanskrit Meaning - Akarna Dhanurasana

English Meaning - Archers yoga pose

Come on friends, now we practice this yoga.

How to do Archers Yoga Pose –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Balasana

2) Dhanurasana

3) Vajrasana

Steps –

1) Friends, first of all, you have to sit on the mat with your legs stretched forward.

2) Your back should be straight and your face should be facing forward.

3) Now you have to grab the Big Toe of your foot with your hands.

4) Now you have to drag the left toe towards your face with your left hand.

5) During this you have to take a deep breath inside.

6) Now you have to take your hand behind the ear and your toe should touch your ear.

7) The posture of your legs and hand should look like the picture.

8) You should hold the right toe with your right hand and the legs should be absolutely straight.

9) Now you have to remain in this state for some time.

10) Now while breathing out, you have to come back to the previous state.

11) Similarly, you have to practice this pose from the other side.

Follow up poses –

1) Trikonasana

2) Padhastasana

3) Bhujangasana

Durations –

Beginner -   must do for 30 to 35 seconds

Intermediate – Go for more than 60 seconds

Expert -   According to their body capacity

Variations –

1) Staff Pose Blanket

2) Staff Pose Wall

3) Greeting The Earth Pose

Beginner Tips –

Friends, if you have hip pain, piles, fistula, or slip disc then I would strongly recommend you to not do this asana.

Akarna Dhanurasana Benefits –

1) This pose increases the flexibility and strength of your spine and back.

2) This asana reduces extra fat from your thighs and hips.

3) This pose reduces the fat of your lower abdomen and controls weight.

4) By doing this posture, the beauty and shape of your body are attractive.

5) This pose improves the rate of your metabolism.

6) It cures gas, indigestion, and constipation.

7) This pose improves blood circulation and makes the heart-healthy.

8) This asana accelerates your memory power.

9) It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

10) This posture makes your body parts active and strong

Archers Yoga Pose Precautions –

1) Friends, you should take precautions while stretching the legs, otherwise, you may get hurt.

2) If cramps occur, leave this yoga in the same state, otherwise, it can cause injury.

3) Pregnant women should not do this yoga.

4) Patients with high blood pressure should not do this yoga.

5) Cervical and slip disc patients should not do this pose.

Final words on Akarna Dhanurasana benefits and precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post on Akarna Dhanurasana benefits and precautions very much.

Today I have given you detailed information about Archer's yoga pose. Friends, thinking about yoga and learning does not help much.

Asana can bring you benefits only if you practice it regularly.

That's why I would strongly suggest you, you should practice this pose from today itself.

Hope you got to learn something new today.

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