Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I will tell you about Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions.

Friends, Ananda Balasana means Happy Baby Pose. This asana got its name because of its posture.

In this asana, our body looks like a newborn baby. This pose is a variation of Balasana.

Balasana is a sitting pose while Happy Baby Pose is a sleeping pose.

The most important thing about Ananda Balasana is that you get multiple benefits by doing this pose.

I will give you information about some benefits now and will tell you the rest in the article.

Friends, the most important thing about this asana is that it reduces the weight of your lower body very quickly.

The main reason for reducing your lower body fat is that your whole body's stress is on your abdomen.

Due to this, your body starts losing weight very quickly.

This pose also reduces the weight of your hip and thigh. By doing regular exercises, the shape of your hip and thigh appears attractive.

Let us now start today's post.

History of Ananda Balasana –

Friends, Ananda Balasana is known as Happy Baby Pose in English. In this pose, we look like a baby.

This is an advanced-level yoga practice. This asana is made up of a combination of 3 words.

Ananda - Happy

Balasana - Baby Pose

When we add these words, then Happy Baby Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi Meaning -  अनंदा बालसाना

English Meaning - Happy Baby Pose

Sanskrit Meaning - Ananda Balasana

Let us now start practicing Happy Baby Pose.

How to do Happy Baby Pose –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Shavasana

2) Balasana

3) Halasana

Steps –

1) In the first step you have to lie on the mat.

2) Your back should be straight, and the face should be towards the roof.

3) Now you have to bend your legs towards your face.

4) You will bend your body from the hipline to the back.

5) You have to touch your knee above the chest and the foot should be towards the roof.

6) To support your legs, you have to hold your outer foot with your hand.

7) Your face should be towards the roof and there should be a smile on the face.

8) You have to keep breathing continuously.

9) Now you have to remain in this state for some time.

10) Finally you have to leave this pose.

Follow up poses –

1) Plank 

2) Tadasana

3) Dandasana

Duration –

Beginner - Must do for 30 seconds

Intermediate – Must do for 50 seconds

Expert - Must do for 120 seconds

Beginner Tips –

Friends, this is advanced-level yoga. While doing this yoga, you may have problems in the thigh, back, and knee.

That's why you should first do your warm-up poses so that you don't get injured in the thigh and back.

Ananda Balasana variation –

1) Happy Baby Pose Block Strap At Chest

2) Happy Baby Pose Aerial

3) Happy Baby Pose Variation

Ananda Balasana Benefits –

1) This asana makes your thigh flexible and strong.

2) By doing this pose, the fat of your lower body is reduced.

3) This Asana is also helpful in your cervical and slip disc.

4) This Asana also eliminates your stomach problem from the root.

5) This asana is very beneficial for constipation and gas.

6) By doing this asana, your abdominal muscles are massaged.

7) This asana improves the circulation of blood in your body.

8) By doing this asana, a glow comes on your face.

9) This asana also reduces stress and anxiety.

10) This pose improves your memory power

Ananda Balasana Precautions –

1) You should be careful while doing this asana, otherwise, you may get injured.

2) Pregnant women should not do this pose.

3) Blood pressure patients should not do this asana.

4) If there is a cervical and slip disc problem, then this yoga should not be done.

5) This pose should not be done if there is hip pain or hip operation.

Question and Answer Related to Ananda Balasana

Q1) Which posture is called Ananda Balasana in Sanskrit?

Ans - Happy Baby Pose is known as Ananda Balasana In Sanskrit.

Q2) What are the hips doing in Happy Baby Pose?

Ans - The Hips are open up and support this posture.

Q3) What is the Sanskrit term for Happy Baby Pose?

Ans - In Sanskrit, Happy Baby Pose is Known as Ananda Balasana.

Q4) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans - No, pregnant women should avoid this pose. This is not right for them and the child.

Q5) What should be the ideal duration of Happy Baby Pose?

Ans - You can do this pose 2 to 3 times a day. You should do this pose for an average duration of 30 to 40 seconds.

Q6) Is the happy baby Pose Increase your body flexibility?

Ans - Yes, If you are Practicing this pose then it will increase your body flexibility.

Q7) What precautions should be taken during Happy Baby Pose?

Ans - If you have Neck and Knee Injuries then you should avoid this pose

Final words on Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post Ananda Balasana Steps Benefits and Precautions very much.

Today I have given you complete information about Happy Baby Pose. Today we have to know in detail about the steps, benefits, and harms of Ananda Balasana.

Friends, you should do this yoga daily because you will get many benefits from doing this yoga.

That's why you should add this pose to your daily routine.

Hope you got to learn something new today.

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