Astavakrasana Benefits and Precautions | How to do Astavakrasana Pose

Astavakrasana Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today I will give you information about Astavakrasana Benefits and Precautions.

Friends, Astavakrasana means 8 Angle Pose, in this Asana our body looks like the Number 8 of Mathematics.

This asana comes in the advanced category of yoga and you have to work very hard to perform it.

In this asana, we balance our bodies with the power of our forearms. The most important thing about this pose is that in this your body becomes strong and rigid.

Your body looks like an athlete's. This posture maintains the balance of both your mind and body.

This asana reduces your lower body fat within a few weeks. This pose is also considered very good for your shoulders and forearms.

Friends, before practicing this yoga, you should pay special attention to some things.

When you start practicing this pose, then you may find it difficult to perform it.

Therefore, you have to maintain the patience to practice this asana, only then you will be able to succeed in doing it.

Let us now practice this asana.

History of Astavakrasana –

Friends, Astavakrasana is known as 8-Angle Pose in English. This is an advanced-level yoga practice.

In this pose, we balance our body on our forehands, and in the final position, our body looks like 8.

This pose is made up of a combination of 2 words.

Astavakra - Eight Angle

Asana - Pose

When we join both words, then Eight Angle Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi Meaning - अस्टावक्रासना 

Sanskrit Meaning - Astavakrasana

English Meaning - Eight-Angle Pose

Let us now perform the eight angle

How to do Astavakrasana –

Preparatory Pose –

1) Matsyasana

2) Camatkarasana

3) Bhujpidasana

Steps –

1) First of all, you have to lie down on your stomach inside the step.

2) Now you have to move your lower body from the hips to the left side.

3) Your upper body should be straight and your palms should touch the floor

4) The final position of your body should look like L.

5) Now you have to lock your ankles in each other.

6) Now you have to bring your hand in the position of pushups, as seen in the picture.

7) You have to pass your left hand through the middle of your thigh.

8) Your face should be parallel to the floor.

9) Now you have to press your palm on the floor and airlift your legs.

10) You should balance your legs with the help of your forearms and elbows.

11) After staying in this state for some time, you have to leave this posture.

Follow up Poses –

1) Urdhva Hastasana

2) Chakrasana

3) Balasana

Duration –

Beginner – 30 to 40 seconds

Intermediate – 40 to 60 seconds

Expert – more than 60 seconds

Beginner Tips –

Friends, it is a bit difficult for a beginner to do this Asana because it is an advanced-level yoga.

You should do enough practice before performing this asana, only then you will be able to be successful in this asana.

Variations –

1) Mountain Climber Pose Flow

2) Jump Through Pose

3) Plank Pose Wall Rope Variation Arms Extended

Astavakrasana Benefits –

1) This yoga makes your shoulders, and forearms flexible and strong.

2) This Asana reduces the extra fat on your hips and makes their shape attractive.

3) This posture reduces your lower body fat.

4) This asana improves your metabolism rate.

5) This asana reduces your stomach problems like gas and constipation.

6) This asana improves the circulation of your blood.

7) This pose tones up your body.

8) This pose improves the glow of your skin.

9) This posture reduces anxiety, stress, and depression.

10) This asana also improves your memory power

Eight-Angle Pose Precautions –

1) You have to be careful while doing this Asana, otherwise, your shoulders and forearms may get hurt.

2) The person who has slipped disc and cervical pain should not do this pose.

3) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

4) Heart Patients should not do this asana.

5) This asana should not be done in case of piles and hip pain.

Question and Answer Related to Eight yoga pose

Q1) How does Astavakrasana increase total body awareness?

Ans - This pose helps in opening up the muscles of your body, which increases the awareness of your body.

Q2) How can I get Astavakrasana?

Ans - With regular practice, you will be able to do this pose.

Q3) What kind of yoga is good before bed?

Ans- Shavasana yoga is Before Bed Pose. it makes you sleep well

Q4) What is the ideal duration of doing this pose?

Ans - You should practice this pose for at least 40 to 50 seconds.

Q5) Should Pregnant Women do this pose?

Ans - No, Pregnant Women do not perform this pose.

Q6) What is the variation of Astavakrasana?

Ans - Doing Astravakrasana in different positions is called variation according to your level

Final words on Astavakrasana Benefits and Precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Astavakrasana Benefits and Precautions very much.

Today I have covered all the points of eight angle pose in detail. In today's article, you will get complete information about this asana.

All you have to do now is add this asana to your daily routine, only then you will be able to get the benefits of this asana.

Hope you got to learn something from today's post.

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