Supta Virasana Benefits and Precautions: How to do Reclining Hero Pose

Supta Virasana Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome to Natural Health Tips. Today we will know Supta Virasana Benefits and Precautions.

Friends, Supta Virasana is a variation of Hero Pose. About Hero Pose, I have already told you in detail.

Hero Pose is very beneficial mainly for your spine and thigh but Supta Virasana is very good for all your Thigh, Spine, Shoulder, and neck.

In Virasana we fold our legs and sit up straight, but in Supta Virasana we fold our legs, we do not sit but lie down on our back.

Friends, I have told you some common differences so that you can understand the difference between these asanas.

Virasana is a moderate-level yoga, when you have to push your body, then you have to go towards the advanced level asana.

In this case, you should practice Supta Virasana because it comes in advanced level yoga practice.

It helps a lot in increasing the limit of your body. This asana mainly increases the flexibility of your body.

Now let us practice this pose.

History of Supta Virasana –

Friends, Supta Virasana is an advanced-level yoga practice. This is a variation of Virasana.

In this pose, we sit with our legs bent at the knee and lie on the ground with our bodies on our backs.

This pose is made up of a combination of 3 words.

Supta - Recline

Vira - Hero

asana - pose

When we combine these three words, the Reclining Hero Pose is formed.

Meaning -

Hindi meaning - dormant inheritance

Sanskrit Meaning - Supta Virasana

English Meaning - Reclining Hero Pose

Now let's start this pose

How to do Supta Virasana – 

Preparatory Pose –

1) Virasana 

2) Vajrasana 

3) Bhujangasana

Steps –

1) First of all, you have to sit on the mat above the ground in the posture of Vajrasana.

2) Your spine should be straight and your face should be facing forward.

3) Now you have to take your feet outwards and keep them equal to the hips.

4) Now you have to take a deep breath inwards and bend your upper body backward.

5) Your back and head should be above the ground and the lower back should be slightly above the ground.

6) Now you have to keep both your hands parallel to the stomach.

7) You have to hold your ankle with your palms.

8) You have to keep taking Breath Continuously.

9) You have to remain in this state for some time.

10) Finally you have to leave this position and come in the posture of Vajrasana.

Follow up poses –

1) Balasana

2) Krounchasana 

3) Naukasana

Duration –

1) Beginner -   30 seconds

2) Intermediate -   60 seconds

3) Expert -    120 seconds 

Beginner Tips –

Friends, this is an advanced-level pose, so you will have a lot of trouble bending your back inside it.

Therefore, now, in the beginning, you can apply Cousins or any soft object under the back.

so that you do not have much strain on the back

Variations –

1) Reclining Hero Pose Aerial

2) One-Legged Reclined Hero Pose

3) Reclined Hero Pose With Blankets

Reclining Hero pose Benefits –

1) This asana increases the flexibility of your spine and thigh.

2) This pose strengthens your spine and thigh.

3) This pose increases the flexibility and strength of your body.

4) By doing this asana, the extra fat starts decreasing from your thigh and stomach.

5) This pose improves your metabolism rate.

6) By doing this pose, you do not have the problem of gas and indigestion.

7) By doing this asana, you do not have the problem of cervical and slipped discs.

8) This asana helps in purifying your blood.

9) This asana is very beneficial in depression. It helps in reducing depression.

10) By doing this asana, stress, and anxiety are also reduced.

Supta Virasana Precautions –

1) Friends, you should be careful while doing this asana, otherwise, you may get injured.

2) You must consult a doctor while doing this asana.

3) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

4) The patient with cervical and slipped disc should not do this asana.

5) High Bp Patient should not do this asana

Final words on Supta Virasana Benefits and Precautions –

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post-Supta Virasana Benefits and Precautions very much.

Today I have told you everything about supta virasana in detail. Now you have to wake up every morning and practice this yoga.

When you practice this yoga daily, you will get very good benefits from it in a few days.

That's why you must add this pose to your daily routine from today itself.

Hope you got to learn something new today.

Questions and answers related to Supta Virasana -

Q1) Who should not do Supta Vajrasana?

Ans - Those people who have pain in their hips and back should not do this pose.

Q2 ) Is Supta Virasana a backbend?

Ans - Yes, this yoga is a backbend asana.

Q3 ) What are the benefits of Supta Virasana?

Ans- This asana improves your digestion and stomach problems.

Q4) How long is Supta Vajrasana?

Ans - You should do this yoga pose for at least 50 seconds.

Q5) Is reclining the hero pose hard?

Ans - By doing regular practice this pose becomes an asana.

Q6) Should pregnant women do this pose?

Ans - No, pregnant women should avoid this pose.

Q7) Is Supta Virasana Increase Your Body Flexibility?

Ans - Yes, This pose increases your body flexibility.

Q8) Is virasana good for the knees?

Ans - Yes, by doing Virasana, the problem related to your knee ends.

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