Ardha Padmasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Ardha Padmasana Steps Benefits and Precautions

Hello friends, welcome again to Natural Health Tips. Today I am going to tell you about Ardha Padmasana Steps Benefits and Precautions.
Friends, you must have heard about Padmasana Yoga. Ardha Padmasana Yoga is a variation of this yoga.
The position of both the yogas remains the same but there is a slight difference in the posture.
In Padmasana Yoga, we put our feet on the top of the thigh. Whereas in Ardha Padmasana we keep one foot above the thigh.
Beginner should practice Ardha Padmasana, it opens your thighs.
When your Thighs is well open, after that you should practice the entire Padmasana.
There are many benefits of Ardha Padmasana, out of which I will tell you some of the benefits.
Ardha Padmasana helps you to learn meditation. If you are willing to learn meditation then you can start with Ardha Padmasana.
Apart from this, it makes your legs strong and increases the flexibility of your thigh.
Accelerates your digestion power and eliminates the problem related to your stomach from the root.
Now let us start today's yoga.

What is Ardha Padmasana –

Friends, Ardha Padmasana is a beginner level yoga. This posture is known in English as Half Lotus Pose.
In this yoga, the position of our body is similar to Padmasana, the difference is that one of our legs is mounted on top of the thigh.
This yoga is made up of the combination of three words.
Ardha- Half
Padma - Lotus
Asana - Pose
When we combine these three words, then Half Lotus Pose yoga is formed.
Meaning -
Hindi Meaning - Ardha Padmasana
Sanskrit Meaning - Ardha Padmasana
English Meaning - Half Lotus Pose
Now let's start this yoga.

Ardha Padmasana Benefits –

1) This yoga is considered very good for learning meditation.
2) By doing this pose you get peace of mind.
3) This posture increases your memory power.
4) By doing this Asana, you do not have Anxiety and Stress.
5) This posture makes your neck and shoulders flexible and strong.
6) This yoga accelerates your digestion power and cures diseases related to stomach.
7) This pose improves the metabolism rate, which makes it easier to lose weight.
8) This Posture helps in reducing your Lower Body Fat.
9) By doing regular exercise, the extra fat accumulated on the thigh is reduced.
10) This yoga improves the circulation of blood in your body.

Ardha Padmasana Precautions –

1) Beginner should do this yoga carefully.
2) Do not do this yoga in case of piles or fissures.
3) Do not do this pose if there is a problem of cervical or slip disc.
4) Do not do this posture if you have Migraine or Headache.
5) Do not do this posture if there is pain or operation in the hip

How to do Ardha Padmasana –

Preparatory Pose –

2) Vajrasana
3) Supta Vajrasana

Steps –

1) To do Padmasana, first you have to sit on top of the Mat.
2) You have to sit with Legs Folded and your back should be straight.
3) Now you have to straighten your face.
4) Now you have to take Deep Breath and place your left leg on top of Right Thigh.
5) Your Right leg should be below your Left Thigh as shown in the picture.
6) Now you have to keep your hands on the knee.
7) You have to close your eyes and go into Deep Meditation.
8) After some time you have to leave this position.
9) Now you have to repeat this position with Right Leg.
10) You have to keep taking Breath continuously.

Follow Up Poses –

1) Kursiasana
3) Trikonasana

Durations –

Beginner must do for 60 seconds
Intermediate should do for 90 seconds
Expert should do for 120 seconds

Beginner Tips –

Ardha Padmasana is quite easy to do but some care should be taken while doing it, otherwise you may get Cramps or Injury in the Hip.

Variations –

1) Blossoming Lotus Pose
2) Bound Lotus Pose
3) Elevated Lotus Pose

Final words on Ardha Padmasana Steps Benefits and Precautions-

Friends, I hope you have liked today's post Ardha Padmasana Steps Benefits and Precautions very much.
Today I have given you all the information about Ardha Padmasana in detail. Through today's post, you can learn this posture very well.
You learn this pose and apply it in your daily life. You will benefit a lot from this.
Hope you got to learn something new from today's post.

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